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How To Run *Properly*

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@ Testiclies: Of course basing your run off of the health of the other team is key. If my health is equal or near your health there is just as much reason to fear me and i fear you. In that case you shouldn't run, just play with care and wait for them to get greedy then punish them.

When i say run, i am taking in account that you are in a no win situation.

And take note as well when you are dealing with a large area Ult like Annie, Kenny, or fiddles which can wipe out a whole team on low HP... Its better if one person live to help defend.

But don't take me wrong, never abandon your team!!!! And depending on who is my carry i will sacrifice my char so they will be able to live. This is even more so if they are on a winning streak and the other team will be able to cash in on their death.