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Tanking Garen, drawing out the full Might of Demacia - "Fear not, I'm coming"

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Captain Shin

Senior Member


Your posts seem very long-winded even when you try to keep them succinct, but you are very much correct on the 'people don't want to read walls of text' notion.

In your example, Garen goes to tank a turret for his team. Now, the enemy team can't have that. A good tank would have some form of effective CC to prevent that team from getting to your squishy DPS, such as Alistar's punting skills or Blitzcrank's grab + powerfist.
What can Garen do? Silence, for a whole 2.5 seconds.
Every seven seconds, about the time it takes for the entire team fight to be decided.
Also, as Garen would not have any noticeable damage, the enemy team can in fact ignore him completely as he attacks the turret with a plastic sword and move onto destroying the very players he is trying to 'tank' for, him unable to intervene.

Your example actually serves to underscore the point some, including myself, are trying to make in this thread: Garen is not a tank, and if built as one, will serve as nothing but a punching bag.

This guide may work in low-elo games where people think "New champion? OMG SCARY", but in ones where people know what the hell they're doing, play a real tank.

Well to be perfectly honest - I try to play every character either AS an outright tank, or with Tanky overtone. I have litterally tried to build every champ out there as tank. Except maybe Jax. Need to try that soon.
Ahum, anyway, the bottom line is, even though i talk of high ELO, i really don't expect people to play Garen in Competitive games - Twitch/Corki have better team damaging DPS, and Tank-wise, I'll be the first to admit that Garen's primary merit is his immense tower diving potential, not so much his ability to initiate. The fact that he doesn't have AP, or Mana, also limits his Item Range pretty severely, so overall, I'd say that Garren is probably Mid-Tier-Upper Mid-Tier, at best.
My builds are mostly about trying to keep Garen relevant through all game phazes, rather than putting all your money on the early game.