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This bug's been around since I started playing.

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Fark Oush

Junior Member


So, as I'm sure happens to many people (I've looked this up before), League of Legends crashes for me about 50% of the time after a match completes. The scoreboard isn't displayed, and attempting to do anything within the lobby will crash the client. Essentially, when the scoreboard doesn't pop up, I know I've got to restart my client. From the research I've done, this is because of a bug that opens the game client without closing the PVP.net lobby. Seems like a pretty straightforward problem, but I'm not a programmer.

It's not very inconvenient, I just ask the friends I'm LoLing with to wait a minute while I restart my client. Some loading and a quick login, and I'm ready to go. Missing out on the post-game scoreboard is sometimes a bummer, but there's always match history to look at.

What is hugely inconvenient is when I've got to restart my client and then there is a login queue (a 53 minute queue just now). I've been playing and loving this game for many moons, and nothing is so disheartening as missing out on LoLing with a buddy because of this bug. Riot, if the coding is too complex to fix the bug that crashes the client, at least set up your servers to allow players that were just online to bypass the queue.

I don't mean to QQ or diminish the quality of the game -- but I have seen patch after patch; characters released and redesigned and reskinned, yet I have not seen a fix for the greatest impediment to my enjoyment of this game.

Thanks for reading, and for working to fix this,
Captain Fark J. Oush