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Rads error

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Can anyone help me with my RADS ERROR. I see so many threads about this yet RIOT hasn't addressed this problem yet, what are you doing with your lives? Anyways, here are my logs. I also run Windows XP SP3 and I've tried changing the TCP/IP addresses, that didn't seem to help. I don't have my firewall on and I am not running any anti-viruses.

( USER)[18:24:06.906] RADS::UserKernel::Application::Run: Riot Application Distribution System (c) 2010 Riot Games (version
( ERROR)[18:24:10.812] RADS::UserKernel::Application::SelfUpdate: This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.
( ERROR)[18:24:10.812] RADS::UserKernel::Application::SelfUpdate: CreateProcess failed.
( ERROR)[18:24:10.812] RADS::UserKernel::Application::Run: SelfUpdate failed.
( USER)[18:24:10.812] WinMain: Unspecified error occurred. Please check the logs for more information.