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Add more damage splash itens!

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He wants Mjoliner from DotA instead of Battlefury, thats all.

I never played DotA, that's all. :P

I was just thinking that the primary complaint about Tiamat is that the radius is too small to ever reliably be worth the cost. Since increasing the radius could easily make it TOO powerful (especially if you stacked them), then I figured if you implement a way in which the damage is regulated/normalized, but is far more likely to apply, would be very nice.

To clarify, I like your idea, I just am not sure how far it can go, because by its nature, splash (read: AOE damage) is very hard to balance, and will tend to either be inferior to a higher single target damage, or will be -the- way to burn down enemy teams.

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Recipe : 400 gp
Tiamat +philosophers stone + pickaxe = [ti'amtum](+60 damage, 40 health regen, 15 mana regen)

[ti'amtum] working title for item, basically the older version of the name of the goddess, "tiamat's fury" or "tiamat's wrath" would also be very adequate!!!"

My item concept is all about the battle fury from DOTA. Tiamat at this present form is like a half arsed attempt at battle fury, it's about half of battle fury in every way, the battle fury stats are extremely similar to the suggested stats I have been proposing.

I have no idea about the price balancing of it, except to say that :

philosophers stone + tiamat + pickaxe = BattleFury ("Ti'amtum's wrath&quot

off of the top of my head Battlefury had (+60 attack, 10hp/1sec, +100% mana regen)

simply add up the values of those recipe items plus original tiamat, come up with a good price and bonus from the recipe, and we are talking about a nice little addition to Lol

it would be around the same value in power as the battlefury in defense of the ancients.

it has about the same stats as the battlefury from dota with this combination of items
IT was never truly considered an Inbalanced item in anyway from what I can remember.
( i could be wrong)

As far as the splash raduis goes, I never had much of a problem with it, but it would stand to reason that a more expensive tiamat aka "Ti'amtums wrath" , could have an increased splash raduis.