Stuck in Loading screen while game is actually occuring

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Just got out of a game where I ran into a very unusual bug, though it may have been an exploit for all I know since the person exhibiting odd behavior during load up never actually showed up in game.

Started up the game as normal, went to loading screen, and most of the players loading the game as usual. Our tryn did not show up as being connected to the game, which was odd, but everyone else loaded the game fine. Except for the opposing Yi, who loading to 56% and then disconnected. Oddly enough, he reconnected about 10 seconds later, but did not move past the 56% loaded mark on my screen and stuck there for about 3 minutes. After getting frustrated, I went to see if logging back in might fix this problem, so I was forced to use task manager to exit LoL, since there is no way to exit from the loading screen, and re-loaded the game in the span of a minute.

Imagine my surprise when I connect to the game only to find out that it had been going on for roughly 5 minutes now, meaning that the entire time my computer was showing the loading screen with yi at 56%, the rest of my team was playing the game wondering where the hell I was. The tryn that showed as disconnected was also in the game, but the Yi was not.

No idea whether this was a bug in the loading screen experienced by me or a malicious exploit used by the Yi on their team, but its worth looking into regardless.

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ive had this happen a few random times b4 the most recent patch, people would be stuck at certain %'s in the load screen, yet the game actually has begun and or ended up being well in to it by the time i actually got in