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3's team comp.

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I wanted to see if you guys could think of any counters for the team comp:

Udyr, Gangplank, and Kennen.

I can't think of one and want to be aware of anything that could mess us up.


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Senior Member


Mordekaiser, Vayne, and Leona. This is my friend's and I's matchup and we haven't lost a game yet. (On a 20 or so win streak)

GP goes top with absurd crit I assume? Well I just build up my shield as morde and keep healing and wiping out minion waves, no problem. As soon as Vayne gets beefy enough Leona and I initiate and she mops up the team with a trip kill. This can essentially be done witha variety of teams. You basically need:

Good initiating tank, strong casty character, ranged carry.

I've fought teams with Udyr and Gangplank and theyre not bad a tall. Focus GP first, always, and he'll go down fast. Kill the next squishiest and save Udyr for last. 1v1 he's a beast, but 1v2 he'll die like anyone else, or run away like a pro. Either way you've won your teamfight.

Good luck against this evil matchup!

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Such Grace

Junior Member


To Lothi - For a strong 3's team, it would be more effective if you had some sort of tank. Youre team will go down easy in team fights against beefier teams. Ganking for you should be a breeze though.

To Dubledox - You act like getting aces with a beefy vayne is simple. Ahahahaha, pretty vague strategy. Your team doesnt really match your own ideal team comp anyway.