Xin Build.

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Hey guys, I'm a level 22 Xin Zhao main. Not saying I'm pro, but in good days I'll do pretty good. But a few times, I get owned like no tomorrow. I've been wondering if it's my build, or just me. Can you guys hear me out on my build and perhaps help me?

Doran's Shield + hp pot
Ninja Tabi or Mercury Threads
Sword of Occot
Banshee Veil
IE or Bloodrazor

Usually, when I finish my Banshee, the game will be almost over and if my team needs extra offense, I throw in an IE. I get Brutilizer and Occot ASAP so i can build stacks fast, and then if I needed to, I would make the Phage into a Frozen for more "tanking".


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Generally on Xin Zhao, due to his W, you want to get 40% CDR as fast as possible.

I suggest something like this:

Heart of Gold ---> Avarice Blade ---> Brutalizer ---> Ghostblade ----> Brutalizer ---> Randuin's Omen.

Gives you another massive amount of armor pen for his attacks and his ult, 40% CDR, a good chunk of attack damage and crit chance, and another slow if you mess up your combo.

R>E>W>Q, of course. One point in everything by 4.

Building Frozen Mallet on Xin Zhao is like building Frozen Mallet on Olaf or Ashe, no real reason.