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10 minute Twisted Fate (AS) how-to

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About this guide
Want to play Twisted Fate in a pick-up-group (with randoms) and are you somewhere between lvl 1 and 25 than this guide might be for you. This is a quick and dirty guide on how to play Twisted Fate and be an asset to your team. This guide is meant purely for Summoners Rift (5v5). I won't suggest running Twisted Treeline as Twisted Fate with randoms.

Also this is my first guide ever.

Play style explanation
I play Twisted Fate not purely as a glass cannon, you want your opponents to think you're not only a mad dps but also one though nut to crack. In a pick-up-group you'll need at least some survivability. It's psychology. If you're supersquishy they will focus on you every single time.

Twisted Fate's role in this game is simple yet delicate. You are a topnotch ganker. Noone is safe from you. People will fear to push solo or go for neutral buffs. You're everywhere and you're a mad axe murderer. Nothing short of a 3-man gank can stop you. While they set up the 3-man gank you WILL gank the other 2. It's your Destiny (yea, that's a pun).

Twisted Fate lives and dies by his ultimate.

Early game
1: Get that first blood using gold card, your damage at lvl 1 with a longsword is good. You can beat most champions one on one.
2-5: Harass with red cards (not gold, red slows champions and kills minions at the same time) whenever you can. Try to hit as much champions and minions with each red card. Lvl Pick-a-Card and Stacked Deck, forget about Wild Cards. You should be able to get a gank with a good laning partner, Twisted Fate is by far the most succesful lvl 1, 2 and 3 ganker.

Mid Game
6-9: You will gank.

Mid to late game
10-17: You will support your team by being there for every single teamfight, also you will use your ult to kill runners, solo-pushers and smartass who are trying to flank you.

Late game
18: Push whenever you can, but do NOT use your ultimate to hop to the lane. Walk to the lane and keep your ultimate ready to help the team as soon as a teambattle initiates. You can push lanes and turrets incredible fast with your movespeed, attack speed and high damage combination. Gate to your friends when they need you or when things get sticky.

Skillfully throwing Aces and Kings (kings are good)
Every skill you have is great. Except Wild Cards. This you'll save for last (but use it once you got it, it has incredible range and adds some dmg / utility to you). I start the game by taking Pick-a-Card, this'll enable you to get/help get first blood. Lvl 2 introduces Stacked Deck and helps your dps on its way.

Skill priority after level 2: R > E > W > Q

Your ultimate is important and you want it as ofen as you can get it. Stacked Deck is your main dps skill and Pick a Card enables you to slow, clear minions fast, stun incredible often and regenerate mana. Don't be afraid to use blue card sometimes, it's really good. Also 9 times out of 10 a red card can give better results than the overly popular gold one. You can slow 2 or 3 champions with one well-timed red card!

Hammers, swords and other tools of the trade
To make sure your enemies think you're not only a mad dps but also quite a sturdy cardmaster I always get a Phage early in the game. The slow combined with the added hitpoints work wonders for you. My most used item build goes as follows:

  • Longsword + healing potion (if the opposing team is really ranged dps heavy I sometimes start with Doran's Shield or the health gem)
  • Beserkers greaves (yea, really)
  • Longsword > Phage
  • Zeal (get Dagger first if you can't afford it at once)
  • Zeal > Phantom Dancer
  • Vampiric Scepter
  • B.F. Sword
  • Vampiric Scepter & B.F. Sword > Bloodthirster
  • B.F. Sword
  • Phage > Frozen Mallet
  • Try finishing Infinity Edge

If the game isn't over start building a 2nd Phantom Dancer or Bloodthirster depending on how the game is going.

This is a simple, short introduction into the realm of Twisted Fate. It's not a revolutionary build, it's probably not optimal either. But it's great for using Twisted Fate to good effect in public games with people you don't know. Constructive critizism is certainly welcome, but keep it polite please.

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I like it, but there is an ap build that can be successful too.

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Can be, rarely is. A hybrid's potent but AS on average is superior post-TF remake, because AP simply has more initial burst and no real damage output after the fact.

Also, nice guide, but I'd go for a Doran at the beginning over a Long Sword. 'Serker greaves are only good to go if you aren't facing any heavy CC teams, and now you have to consider Ghostblade.

Also, note that Gold Card early game has very bad base damage, sometimes a Stacked Deck Blue Card will finish a low HP champ better than a Gold Card will. I know you emphasized the point, but it needs emphasized further: Gold is for stun, nothing else. You don't always want to stun.

Blue takes down neutrals better and hurts towers more as well as deals most base damage and replenishes your mana pool, red as you stated is great for harassing, farming, and team-play; gold is for either clutch get-aways, saving teammates, downing neutrals when they're dealing more damage than you can reasonably take, or finally - the kill.

All three cards at this stage are very effective in the right circumstances. It's not "gold gold gold," or even "gold red gold," all three have their effective uses.

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Haelstrom: I tried to bring that point across, I really like red and blue cards and I see a lot of Twisted Fates only using gold ones. Which is a shame and is not your full potential.

Doomsaber: Yea AP can work, I've (ofcourse) also build AP a few times. It's just not as good in a public game as AS. The sheer soloing potential and great groupfight prescence of AS Twisted Fate is just too good, playing AP is fun though.

Should I put '[guide]' in the title to get more views?