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A suggestion for Begginer help.

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I know this may not be the right place to put it, but as I had my point. They should make a money system called MP for Mentor Points. And champions and runes and everything should be sold for a high amount of Mentor Points. I think there should be a forum where level 30's request for people to help. And a forum where level 1-10 people can request a mentor. A admin will randomly assign a mentor to a random begginer so no one can troll to help out friends. For every game the beginner does positive in a solo queue for the win of the day the mentor gets the point. The mentor CAN NOT go on the other persons account and ask for information which the statistics should be trolled to show no new weird game play or any type of HUGE score differences. The points aren't distributed until the beginner is level 10 and he has to select a choice on the poll if the mentor helped or not. The mentor will be trolled in his discussion with the player so the staff knows if he has cheated or not and they cannot say talk in other services or the Mentor Points will not be distributed. The mentor should only get 1 point if the person disagrees that they helped. They will get a full 10 points of they have successfully hit level 10 and liked their advice with decent scores. Although, if the win of the day is still a bad score, as long as they do positive for that day 1 point will be added. If the mentor misses a day of being online for help he doesn't receive the point if the beginner still gets the good score. The Mentor Points for that day will only be received if the win of the day was done on the same Internet Protocol as the day before starting on day 1. No other connections can be accessed to this account.

Mentor Points Pricing:
Tier 1 Runes: 5-30 MP each based on the ip and rune.
Tier 2 Runes: 50-100 MP each based on the ip and rune.
Tier 3 Runes: 150-300 MP each based on the ip and rune.
Tier 1 Champions: 200 MP each.
Tier 2 Champions: 500 MP each.
Tier 3 Champions: 1000 MP each.

I hope this would improve game play of beginners and make the game more creative for better players and hope to make more interesting tournaments and game events. I hope you guys consider this idea for helping the ones in need.

Sincerely, Kuscythen