Urf Memorial Contest

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Originally Posted by Yamikun View Post
Its supposed to be more realistic. People don't use mana in real life . Thats why i used the term energy instead ^^
realistic.......... its a wolf on two legs vs a manatee named urf

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Originally Posted by CaptClassyPants View Post
Urf lives!

Epitaph:"I'll be back"

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Under the Ocean

Under the Ocean far below
The mourners heave, to and fro
A hero's life; not yet afire
though extinguished, he did aspire
Remembrance has been set aglow

His life was stolen; short days ago
He swam, had life, he fought the foe,
Dreamt, and had dreams, and now lies
under the Ocean

Poseidon's gaze will never show
where ominisplash could ever flow
but he has thrown his desire
his fish, his spatula we acquire
Never forget the great hero
Under the Ocean

*Incase you're wondering, it takes the rough form of a French Rondeau.

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This video is for Urf the manatee the greatest one person ever. My friend.


I love you Urf you will be missed forever.

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Urf Bold Manatee
Great cow from beneath the sea
hardly we knew thee

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There are those who feel Urf was but a joke,
they scream U R Fooled,
Where were you when you learned his fate,

I was merely sipping a coke,
in no time the tears pooled,
How could Riot make him bait,

These few can't understand,
the place he has in our heart,
He flopped his way there,
and made his home,

Now we must demand,
that Warrick must depart,
For if he does not care,
I shall read from this tome,

The league strictly prohibits,
the true destruction of another member,
Having torn Urf bits,
We must al remember,

He has broken the charter,
So Warwick we must Rebuke,
I suggest as a starter,
the delicate use of a tactical Nuke.

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Battle Ode:
Farewell Urf,
goodbye my friend,
your beginning was short,
met with a quick end,

the wolf was fast,
the wolf stalked with a grin,
wishing to eat you,
to tear apart your skin,

you fought well,
with your spatula and fish,
but your time had come,
an uncooked dish,

the wolf hacked,
and the wolf slashed,
your spatula he bent,
your fish he smashed,

the battle was even,
the hits were rough,
but you held in there,
so very, very tough,

weakness is the enemy,
you knew this quite well,
wishing to take him with you,
and send him to hell,

you knew of the innocents,
he would continue to kill,
never to stop,
until he had his fill,

for hours you fought,
but you were beginning to weaken,
you blinked at one moment,
allowing the wolf to sneak in,

he slashed at your chest,
he tore up your fin,
you suddenly knew,
that you would not win,

when he hit you away,
you decided on one last trick,
to pull out your minigun,
to fire it quick,

the wolf was injured,
quite badly indeed,
and you were so weak,
you continued to bleed,

he crawled on over,
but you could not move,
he took a bite of your flesh,
to heal and soothe,

he gripped your neck,
in his bloody jaw,
his beady red eyes,
were the last thing you saw,

he watched the light disappear,
he made sure you were dead,
his claws sliced your body,
as he shred and shred,

he peeled off your skin,
and patched it up to wear quite well,
from either honor or mocking,
one could not tell,

may where you are be peaceful,
at your grave we bow,
a prayer for you,
to watch over all the sea cow,

so goodbye my friend,
I wish you farewell,
I see the wolf now,
time to continue the battle in which you fell.

Personal Ode:
When I first noticed you,
I was intrigued and interested,
a manatee with a minigun,
your life was but jested,

this was quite disappointing,
not even a full 3-D champion you were,
your life they have ended,
to their wolf they decided to lure,

your suit for Warwick,
is fancy indeed,
but now he looks like a Mirelurk,
from Fallout 3 I agreed,

a graceful sea cow,
very powerful I see,
that minigun and peaceful expression,
I will surely miss thee,

your skin seems so smooth,
your beady eyes they do glisten,
some might disagree,
but I will not listen,

whether where you are,
is peace or battle,
good luck my friend,
prove that you're more than sea cattle,

I would have liked play as you,
to at least give a try,
but they ended your existence,
for this I must cry,

maybe you'll return one day,
so we all can happily sigh,
but for the moment you will be missed,
and I must say goodbye.

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I made rap song about the tragedy of Urf.

May he live forever in these lyrics, his soul immortalized by rhymes.

Link -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uVz95xkxvQ

Sometimes I try things and sometimes they don't work. So...yeah.