Three friends playing one of us (randomly) keeps dropping before game starts.

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  • One of us (doesn't matter who) makes an arranged team game.
  • He invites others in.
  • Sometimes at this point someone might get rejected from the room and sometimes one of us doesn't get the invitation.
  • When all get in and someone starts game sometimes one of us gets stuck in the arranged team window and others have to cancel
  • Sometimes we all get to character select but one of us can't choose a character and we all have to close the game and relog in.
  • Sometimes after an hour of trying we get into a game but one of us randomly drops out and has to reconnect. If it was the host the game gets cancelled.
  • After game surrender game always says for two of us "Game Crashed" for one of us it doesn't.
According to bug report guide these are the files that should be attached, but I'll add this Maestro-game_client.log text too, because it may be relevant.

INFO: maestro [game_client] initializing...
INFO: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

WARNING: Failed to read from socket buffer (this may indicate that the other side of the connection has closed).
p.s. Also not quite sure which is the relevant error log, because to me it seems the timestamps on the error logs are PST not my comp time. Not sure though they show wrong time compared to my timezone.

- This game needs even more sauerkraut!

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Thanks for reporting this spedox. Are you guys all playing on the same connection?

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Two of us are playing under same ISP I'm playing on different one. We all live in same town, but not in same apartment building. Two of us have shared internet connection via their router box with their roommates,

And while I am at it I'm reporting that after this latest patch my mouse cursor gets messed up often during game. It becomes a big block or an array of cursors I will post dxdiag logs when this happens again. I have to reboot computer to fix it. Temporary fix is to add a mouse trail, but that makes the mouse pointer blink in-game. I removed and renewed ati drivers but the problem persisted.