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Ko Hakoo

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Hey look. It's your shadow champ!

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Oh hello,

I recently came up with three ideas for themes/base kits on champions, would you mind taking a quick look at them and giving some feedback of some sort? (Don't worry, they're rough outlines, as they're you know, concepts. It also leaves a lot of room to change)

I'd appreciate it.
Idea One:

Some sort of swarm of magical insects.

Passive: Receives 20% less damage from single target attacks, and 10% more from AoE attacks.
Q- A lightly damaging poison that does a light slow with a light blind chance.
W- "Infests" target, upon use the targeted enemy takes continuous damage per second until the Swarm or whatever champion runs out of mana or the target reaches the break range. If the infested target dies while infested two random targets are immediately targeted as well. (Can only normally be applied to one target, more come only from kills)
E- Creates a ring of insects or whatever around the swarm that causes a major slow and damage if touched, travels with the swarm. The ring lasts like 3 seconds.
R- Permanently increases all spell damage by a small flat amount upon each use.

Idea Two:

Some sort of inflatable ball with tiny stubby legs and arms.

Passive: Gains MS for the amount of nearby enemy champions.
Q- Spins into target, immediately bounces to a nearby target, increasing in speed and damage upon every bounce, stops when there is nothing in range to bounce to.
W- Inflates self (after a channel) to float above an area, becomes stealthed. Upon hitting W again the champion crashes to the ground dealing AoE damage with a knock-up.
E- Gives an Armor/Magic Resistance boost. (Deals AoE damage upon each bounce of Q)
R- Spikes protrude out of said inflatable ball as the champion spins into target, who is then stuck to said ball and carried a short distance. (You can control your movement upon the grab, but only for a short time (max 2 seconds) you cannot cast spells or attack while carrying an enemy champion)

Idea Three:

Some form of humanoid made of solidified Mana.

Passive: Upon taking damage that would be fatal, the champion's passive procs, they lose 60% of their MS for 6 seconds but gain something like 300/500/700 health. (Procs instantly, 5-6 minute cooldown, doesn't cleanse)
Q- Fires a large, slow ball at target area dealing light AoE damage, which then launches out 3 smaller balls that deal medium damage in a line (Think Ashe's Volley, with 3 arrows, but line AoE)
W- Costs a heavy amount of mana to place a marker where the champion stands, W can be cast again within 6 seconds to teleport back to the marker's position (refunding half the mana)
E- Fires a line AoE of lightly damaging spikes that cause a knock-up upon hitting targets. (Think the Lurker's attacks from Starcraft: Brood War)
R- Begins channeling dealing damage in a cone every second of the channel with the mana cost increasing by 50% each second, and damage by 20% each second.

So basically I had three ideas, but didn't want to do in depth on lore because I'm not good at it, and I didn't want to have huge specifics to leave room to work on it.

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Ez, I miss youuuuu T~T

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Yo EZ!

Just saw the annoucement for Nocturne's skillset.
Man,I wanna see your brain.I bet it's as big as a watermelon.

What I don't like about Nocturne is...he will give me 1 heartattack after another.
Seriously.Paranoia is an awesome skill but I will scream,everytime I lose vision.Because I know,I will die.Same like with other skills.
Here a lil' list of what gives me a heartattack (and makes me die inside).

#5 Eve popping out of stealth when I have less than 50% HP / Poppy chasing me
#4 Veigar gank (never survived one)
#3 Crowstorm
#2 Enchanted Crystal Arrow (as soon as I get hit,I scream.Really.I mean it.)
#1 Paranoia (this will top everything)

Well at least you made sure that I won't get bored.
Your my favorite designer <3

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Responses to Pages 215-216.

Originally Posted by Obaby Its Unreal View Post
lichbane on ap ezreal, yes or no

Originally Posted by Yorgie View Post
Hey Ez, do you think the ogre archtype (big, dumb brute) is currently represented well in champs like Mundo and Trundle?

I ask because I was looking through the DnD Monster Manual and realized you guys have done a good job of covering most of it, most recently adding a troll, a lamia and a lizardman to LoL. I suppose with Renekton's (awesome) release it could be a while before we see any new tanky deeps, but is there an ogrey champ in the pipeline for us simple folk?
I think it is well enough represented that we do not achieve enough differentiation by making one. Though there are ways we could reinvigorate it by say adding a head, or making him small and having two of him, etc.

Originally Posted by Mr smuggles View Post
Hey ezreal, I got a question i've been pondering for awhile. Do you guys balance the game around 5v5 more than you do 3v3, or just one or the other? I understand it must be pretty frustrating to do that because some champions do better on one map than the other.
We generally use Summoners Rift as our central balancing point, though we always observe edge case OP/UP behavior on Twisted Treeline.

Originally Posted by Clearest View Post
Ezreal, a question about Sona.

In retrospect, do you still believe her kit was a good idea?

Zileas mentions auras as one of his anti-patterns and I would agree that with Sona it is hard to really see the effect that they are having due to the small numbers.

Also, due to how minor these auras are and the simplistic nature of her abilities, it is very tempting just to mash qwe when cooldowns are down.

While the nerf made this harder; she still takes very little skill to play adequately and isn't very fun to use either due to it being very difficult to see whether you are using her 'optimally' (which further encourages spam).

Do you ever forsee the auras being removed and being replaced with a more interesting, active mechanic that rewards well timed usage and skilled play?
Yes, I still think Sona was a good idea, though in retrospect she was too easy to play in her original incarnation. As such we are looking into ways to make her more interesting / increase player choice on her kit. I guess you'll see those veryyyyy soon.

No, I don't see her aura's every being removed, though I do see that more active portion of your comment coming to pass.

Originally Posted by ServantOfThe99 View Post
thank you again for the great reply.

yea i can see a long term slow being very annoying to play with (nunu's 4s slow is annoying enough...i can't even imagine how a 20s+ slow would be like).

would you be able to tell what type of champ is the gravity champ? mage, ranged dps, melee etc? or is that a closely guarded secret right now? (if you tell the name, i might die from overload of excitement)

I would spend the IP, but every time i want to invest in a champ, there's rumors of nerfs on that champ so i end up playing the waiting game. Plus the champions you design are just so unique and fun to play with that i really wouldn't mind waiting. I just want to have enough IP to immediately get what you designed.

are there going to be any champs with a blink ability (not dashes) like kassadin (or ezreal) or are they the only ones?

**kassadin's force pulse sometimes seems to be knocking out banshees veil by the way (happened twice in a game while i was in a completely safe place. the moment the force pulse comes up it took out the banshees. not sure if its a bug but just thought you ought to know.

thank you for your hard work and dedication to designing the most awesome champions!
The gravity champion is still heavily in the works. I have actually had less time to work on making new champions lately due to the number that I've been releasing as of late. What I can say is that I fully intend for him/her to be a ranged dps caster with a side of support.

Hmm, I was about to say we don't have any true blinks coming out in the near future...but I wouldn't want to eat my words.

As for the kassadin bug, I'll look into it.

High Five!

Originally Posted by Josh de Tonreau View Post
how do u design champions? What generally do u make in terms of like male and female?, it seems like a lot of male humanoids and creatures while there are no female creatures
Each of the designers has their own design style, as well as their own style of champion creation. I'm afraid I don't have enough time right now to go in depth about my design style. But I can say a few high level goals that I always try to accomplish. 1) Easy to pick up, difficult to master. 2) Make the player feel powerful. 3) Offer multiple builds and item paths for the player to choose. 4) Above all else make sure Q and R are always fun.

As for Male / Female, that really gets decided early and doesn't have a large impact on champion style. And for female creatures, what about Cryophoenix or Kog'Maw? (kidding about Kog'Maw, no one knows what he is).

Originally Posted by HiyaShaya View Post
Hey Ezreal,

About Caitlyn.
In my opinion last patch she wasn't that bad, she had a strong early game, a very very mediocre middle game but a feasibly very strong late game. In comparison to many other carries, it's a great dynamic (I often find that team comps should be more than just the basic character archetypes but also consider game phases [i.e. you want good early game characters, mid game characters and late game characters]).

Anyway, that wasn't the main point.
The main thing I have an issue with is the power creep that has been instantly added to the game by having a character with 650 range carry throughout the laning phase (Trist isn't that high early levels, kog is only temporary, twitch is only temporary [at level 6], etc). Through this one stat, you've instantly made a ton of characters absolutely fail against her who aren't getting outplayed, they just do not have the options to over come her.

She isn't too bad in solo lanes, because yes, she has a lot less DPS than other carries early on, just very nice harassment and pretty much always the ability to last hit. But I think its almost obnoxious when played in a duo lane. As a melee character, I can be sitting next to a turret and not be able to last hit MELEE MINIONS AT THE TURRET without her being able to freely auto attack without getting tower aggro. If she pushes someone with range to their tower, the standard 550 can't auto attack range creeps without being in her auto attack range either. Most characters don't have gap closers, most characters who do don't reach 650 range with them. This is amplified with her [now] high damage q being able to be shot towards creeps with low health, denying your ability to last hit them without getting hit...

Do you really think this sniper champion will ever be able to be fairly balanced with such a large upgrade to the standards? Annie has 625 range, I know, but she doesn't scale with AD at all, doesn't carry armor penetration, doesn't have an aoe ad scaling skill shot at twice her range to supplement harass, etc etc.

No I don't think Cait is OP; hell she may still be a bit UP, I just think you're going down a very dangerous path of making a large majority of older characters unviable unless they're bunked up to be able to handle this new standard.

Ashe's 600 range is still very strong in duo lanes, but a lot of characters have skills that are 600 range. She also has a very weak auto attack early on and her volley isn't a high damage harass skill.
Also why is there an inconsistency in game definitions when considering moves that apply on hit effects (Ezreal's mystic shot, MF's double up).
They will be blocked by Veil's passive/Sivir's spell shield, yet won't apply Rylai's Crystal Sceptre or spell vamp.
While the latter is a bit iffy, was there really a fully intended decision in RCS? Both are still 'spells' dealing 'spell damage'. And For ezreal specifically, having a defensive item that actually synchronises well with him would really make AP Ez a lot more viable in my opinion (it's his only form of cc, and getting RCS isn't really great for just 1 'aoe' spell when Arcane isn't consistent nor safe to use).
Also with this upcoming patch [110] it's being clarified that Ezreal's passive is 10% per stack instead of 15%. I've gone through all patch notes and this nerf was never ever stated... For ez, that's one extra attack every 3 seconds instead of 2, a pretty big late game nerf... Is this intended?
While I understand you citing power creep on range, I would like to assure you that you shouldn't worry about that. Caitlyn is our 'Sniper' champion, it's not like we will release a sniperier champion in the future. I honestly don't see us increasing the range again, or at least not for a very long time (I could see an artillery based character, but to me that was Kog'Maw).

For the consistancy on attack spells breaking spell shields, that's a great point, we need to get a closer eye on it. At the end of the day we had to do what was best for gameplay. In fact, Caitlyn's Piltover Peacemaker used to apply on hit effects and get blocked by Veil. However, this was overpowered when she got the Lizard buff. And I'm sure you can come up with other areas where this might be too good (Lifesteal).

Yes, that was an intended nerf a long time ago, it looked like a live designer missed adding it to the patch notes a long time ago. Unfortunately sometimes mistakes like these can make there way into the game, though we do our best to minimize them whenever possible.

Originally Posted by Gentlemane View Post
Bottom line: its about his healing skill (his Q). It sucks compared to all the other champion's healings. Phreak showed us a way better Cull the Meek in the Champion Spotlight that could actually make Renekton more playable by increasing his survival as a true melee DPS

There, saved you from reading through two walls of text and a lot of data that pretty much says "please remove his hard cap on Q".
I disagree, while his healing is generally slightly worse than other healing abilities, it is placed on a much more offensive based champion. Keep entire kits in mind. If we put a blink with the exact same stats on Annie and Ashe, they would incur different power levels.

Originally Posted by SupaPowers View Post
Hey Ezreal

Few questions about champions - I recently started playing Akali (used to be terribad with her, now I'm a pretty solid Akali player ), and I was wondering if there was any plans for Akali love/buffs for her in the future?

Also, what's Riots current stance on Trundle? I heard something about buffs for him, but I feel like Trundle is already extremely solid (probably my best champion ATM) so I was kind of hesitant to believe these claims.

And, finally, are there any plans in the near future to fix Nasus's Wither/Merc Treads problem? I know I was playing Trundle a couple games ago and a Nasus Withered me while I was on my Contaminate and it only lasted like a second. I felt kind of bad for the guy
No plans for Akali love/buffs in the near future, she is still one of the best burst champions in our game and is one of our few hyper carries.

We considered Trundle buffs, but then when we started playing him he started rolling us in internal tests. I believe he is just underutilized and thus people don't appreciate his power.

Gah, I really want to get that Nasus fix in. I'm going to go look into that right after I post this!

Originally Posted by Harmlesser View Post
Hey Ez,

I made a thread on the EU forums regarding Shaco and his recent state - - and I was hoping you could take the time to look at it, and then maybe give me some hope for the future? I'd hate to not be able to play my second favorite character (after Kassadin) in the game, but at the moment he's just such a hit-or-miss that I rarely dare play him.

If not, at least his JitB needs to be looked at, as they're completely unreliable, yet Shaco is completely reliant on them working to be able to jungle.

He also feels somewhat weak compared to other assassins, especially Akali...

Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you.
Shaco unfortunately has the power to be incredibly aggravating to play against, so he likely received a few extra nerfs. That being said, he still is employed by a number of super high tier teams.

Though on a side note, what is the JitB issues that you are encountering, sounds like bugs.

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Pre Production Champion Designer

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Replies to pages 217-219.

Originally Posted by Harmlesser View Post
Is there any sort of "puppet master" type champion on the drawing board? I think that would be an awesome concept to work from.
We have considered a few different versions of a puppet champion, so perhaps someday, though nothing is planned right now.

Originally Posted by Chantal View Post
I may be wrong, but I believe in the original design of the game, ability power wasn't a "mage stat" but it was a stat for simply making your abilities do more, no matter who you were. They have since added abilities that scale with AD over AP and such, but originally, even physical abilities flavorally scaled with AP and did magic damage.

That's why all of Alistar's moves are physical in nature (especially Headbutt and Pulverize), but do magic damage.

Someone at Riot can feel free to correct me if I'm wrong :P
You hit it on the nose.

Our game is evolving over time, though I have to admit I love that a few of the older champions now have interesting builds based on AP (Look at Sion, we never originally expected him to become a burst AP character, though we're more than happy about it now).

Originally Posted by iEzreal View Post
Hey Ezreal how are you? A while back I asked you if it would be possible to revert the Ezreal nerfs up to patch but you didn't reply. So I assumed it an impossibility and strained my brain thinking up possible changes for you (the Champion ) Maybe you could take a look at them and comment if it would be a viable option:

I really did my best here since I tried to support my all time favorite Champion (and designer :-D ) I just can't stand to see Ezreal in his current state totally receiving no love lately even though he deserves it in my opinion.

Anyway hope you read this and maybe you can give us a slight glimpse on whats waiting for Ezreal in the near future

BTW High Five on Caitlyn, really love that Champion
Thanks for the amazing post iEzreal, it had a lot of great insights.

Personally I don't think we need to give Ezreal back all of his previous buffs, if anything, I would rather do something interesting. Personally I like your idea of Rising Spell Force, though I'm hesitant to rework an ability which I already like. Instead I am leaning towards giving W a passive which converts AP to AD (which will accomplish the same end goal). That being said, simply adding AD scaling on his ultimate has helped out his AD build dramatically.

Anyway, thanks for the support, and great ideas!

Originally Posted by Taigongwang View Post
thx for answering my questions earlier ez
are there any plans for soraka changes cause she seems out of place being in the middle of a fight to get off any dmg when other supports like lux and morgana can stay safely out of range and deal dmg at the same time
EDIT: removed second question cause it got answered
I believe we've made some changes in between now and when you posted this, so no more changes for now.

Originally Posted by Necrosis627 View Post
I love you for making Caitlyn Ezreal.
you made a ranged dps I can play! (besides corki/ezreal)
Thanks for the support =-D.

Originally Posted by frunmasterx View Post
Yo ezreal, I just wanted to make a suggestion for Kassadin's W

How about making it so that Kass gets a switch from his melee attack to a short ranged attack that when toggled costs 5 mana on the first hit, 10 on the next, 15 on the next and so on. And when it is toggled off, a cooldown is activated.

The reason why I'd love to see this is because Kassadin is a great champ but has a terrible terrible early game and it is extremely boring early on. He can get harassed so easily during this time and it is very hard to last hits against a lot of champs out there. How about giving Kass a small help in that area?
Hmmm, I want to change up Kassadin's W to something that works with auto attacks (though it will likely be AP related), however, I would likely avoid adding range. Kassadin's blink gives him an amazing range of control, I don't really think he needs more.

Originally Posted by agPikachu View Post
I would pay $15 for a gunslinging legendary Ez skin. No lie.
I'll pitch it next time, though there's another Ezreal skin which I'm heavily pushing right now.

Originally Posted by Apollo Justice View Post
I knew Moakai is your champ.That masterpiece was just too awesome to be made by someone else.

You won't because you know you want them,that's why you answer me all the time.
Talking about blasts of the past,how about you guys start working on Annie´s Grandmother or future Annie? I really wonder if she will just light up the battlefield and wins...

Oh btw...Do you think of Guinsoo as a rival? I mean...both of you have created a lot of champs (alone and together) but isn't there a lil' competition between you two? Now with Moakai and Jarvan,you're kinda some steps ahead of him...
Actually Maokai was one of our new designer Volty's first champion (he's kind of a badass).

Haha, we've considered future or teen annie a number of times, though there are no plans to change her right now.

Hahaha, naw, I've never seen Guinsoo as a rival. He's an awesome dude and we always help eachother out with design. Check out a number of the earlier heroes and you'll notice that they were mostly group projects (there was a list of champions / designers earlier, I wish I knew which page it was on...).

Originally Posted by ShadyTrader View Post
Your thoughts on frozen mallet and Ryalis? I believe it reduces the usefulness of some champions such as ashe or nasus. It seems to me that there are more viable options then ashe as anyone can just grab a frozen mallet, etc.
I actually disagree, I think these items allow Ashe's slow to be as powerful as it is. additionally, Ashe's slow stacks with Frozen Mallet and Lizard (it makes you ultra slow). These items also give a good amount of viability to champions who lack this stickiness.

Originally Posted by UberMan1 View Post

do you feel you could fix him if you removed dodge

i know jax player might qq

but like sports fans

peoples memory is short if changes are sucessful
I believe it is possible though unnecessary. ...actually, I think I'll go play some Jax this weekend to make sure he is in a good place. Thanks for the heads up.

Originally Posted by Doctor Swole View Post
Could you buff Kayles farming ability. as of right now kayle is farm early to mid game while giving up the ability to harass solidly (since reckoning drains and is kept a level 1) and become stronger late game. She effectively creates a 4v5 until she is farmed up.

Secondly one CC effect cancels out intervention. Just one and kayles ult ends. Her heal has a rather bad AP ratio and is more of a speed buff imo, than anything else.

She doesn't fail completely as a support, but her supporting abilities aren't very noticeable. Her hard carry heavy farm doesn't help much either because she doesn't hard carry very well. If you're going to spend all game farming then you better be able to carry; hard. She doesn't carry like a farmed Olaf. Or Trynd. However she is more of a support than those 2.

A support is supposed to be there for early team fights as they arent that gold reliant and often bring useful skills to the table. Kayle however just farms solo top.

Once Kayle farms up she is strong but part of me wonders why you aren't just jungling with Olaf, or playing trynd. Kayle brings more utility as a secondary DPS but since she is always constantly farming she doesn't help her team when they need it and essentially is a tryndamere with a bit less of a lategame, and punished more by CC. (can't ult in CC, and one CC cancels out her ult duration verse trynd who needs 2 or 3)
I tend to agree, the nerfs to her ultimate made her feel a bit flat, the scaling on her heal/haste feels lackluster, and she doesn't have a lot of fun things to do. She is still powerful, and I think that has caused us to overlook her too much. Thanks for the info.

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Originally Posted by Ezreal View Post
We considered Trundle buffs, but then when we started playing him he started rolling us in internal tests. I believe he is just underutilized and thus people don't appreciate his power.
It's true, I'm at 1600 Elo and I often still run across people that dislike the idea of me playing Trundle. I have 200~ish games as him and I've only come across a handful of people that understand his full potential. I mean, he has 3 steroids/2 debuffs and his pillar, the amount of utility he brings to the team is enormous. Not to mention that since he's one of the most mobile champs in the game, his ability to seal map control is INSANE.

Originally Posted by Ezreal View Post
Gah, I really want to get that Nasus fix in. I'm going to go look into that right after I post this!.
OMG I love you. I discontinued playing Nasus because of this problem =/

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Pre Production Champion Designer

110 of 320 Riot Posts

Replies for pages 220-222.

Originally Posted by Doctor Swole View Post
kayle needs to itemize too much to be effective. First she needs 40% cooldown reduction if she wants to stay ranged. Then she also needs AP, AD, AS. Other options are crit, arpen, mpen.

I feel like Kayle could do with a cdr buff to her E so that when you level it CDR increases. Maybe giving 3% per rank in E for 15%. It would make it so that Nashors Tooth is not so necessary on her.

Kayle scales with every stat you can think of. And she scales well with every stat too. The problem with Kayle however is that, she's useless when she doesn't have those stats. Kayle only scales, she has no base to build off of early. A skyscraper needs a solid foundation. Sure Kayle has the proper supports and materials needed to be built nice and tall (good scaling), I feel like her foundation is too weak and is sort of like building a skyscraper on a patch of bad land. For all you know it could get flooded and it causes delays on the skyscraper. And if it floods often enough, the skyscraper never gets built up.
When we look at Kayle in the future one of the primary concerns will be the sheer number of stats she seems to want to itemize towards. Good feedback =-D.

Originally Posted by Vulking View Post
Ezreal, I see you are planning new Yordles to join the LoL ranks, can I ask if they are gonna be any other color than female blues and male whites? (and furry's).

If I remember correctly in the lore it say that Yordles come in a wide variety of colors, you think it will be possible to get a Female Red Yordle?or a Purple Male one? you know, to spice things up.
Yes, and he is awesome, I'm working with one of our new designers on a potentially super awesome Yordle!

Hmmmm, I don't actually know what color he is going to be...yea, dunno, it could be anything.

Originally Posted by Falleth View Post
Hey boss!

So how went bringing up Veigar's mana costs issue?
Because now with nerfed mana regen runes... :x His Q is not Nasus' Siphoning Strike, so it only costs 20 mp, so you are free to spam it, nor are other spells.
Great idea, I'll bring it up now.

Originally Posted by Doctor Swole View Post
Hey Ezreal whats up. I just bought unmasked Kayle on sale and this thought came to my mind. Would you please change portraits of champs to match their skins

It takes about two minutes to change the portrait seeing as you've already got art for you each skin. Just a little cropping and each champion has a new portrait.

This would make unmasked kayle lovers like me a lot happier since the unmaskedness is not as noticeable as I'd like. More like you see the top of her hair and the rest is exactly the same.
Solid idea, though it will take a lot of time. However, we have not done this in the past since it affects minimap icons (making it much more difficult to know who is coming at you).

Originally Posted by CovertGhoul View Post
I personally think the clarity rune nerf and the doran nerf really mess up Ezreal. I never found myself needing a manamune, but now it feels like I might. Also, no dagger/potion early on for ezreal sucks, I guess I could go longsword/2potions but that means I might get to mid late. What do you think about all of this in regards to Ezreal?
I haven't really minded it in any of the builds. Doran's Blade works well for AD Ezreal, manamune does as well. AP Ezreal is hit a bit harder, but can get away with getting a chalice.

Originally Posted by Ultimaetus View Post
Is it just me or does it seem like every other melee dps that isn't trynd or yi is only good at fighting other melee dps? trynd and yi are the exceptions in that they walk in and cleave squishies into bits and walk out.
Hmmm, I tend to disagree, I actually think melee dps are in a very good place right now. In fact, they are replacing ranged dps on a number of high tier teams (take for example Irelia and Renekton).

Originally Posted by aaFen View Post
Two champion releases back to back means you made Moakai and Jarvan? Can you give us any info about either, no matter how little? If I could make a request for an information tidbit, what type of attack are Moakai's acorns? Traps? AoE skillshots?

Edit: We just got the Maokai sneak peek that features his concept art. In the bottom right, it says "May/10". Has he really been in the pipeline for 9 months?
Nope, I'm doing Jarvan and Nocturne. Volty did Maokai, and yea, Maokai has been in the pipeline for a longgggg time.

Originally Posted by FinalShade View Post
What's up with Ezreal's passive? Wasn't it always supposed to be +75% AS, and not +50%? So shouldn't the bug have been the amount it was giving, rather than the tool tip?
It was originally made to be +75%, but was changed to +50% a few months after his release. It was missed on the changelog.

Originally Posted by Chantal View Post

I take back everything I said before about champ design. Renekton and Karma are both awesome :Q

These new chars are very very impressive. Keep it up!
I'm glad, we'll have to keep it up then =-D.

Originally Posted by Alyrianna View Post
Random Thumbs up to you for all your good work Ezreal!

I used to play DotA and my friend tipped me off to Lol over christmas, so I just started playing a few weeks ago. I bought Irelia out of sheer hope for a good tanky-style burst character, as my boyfriend did with Ezreal for a good hard-hit mage. Since then, Ive only played two games that were not wither her, and he hasn't missed a game with Ezreal. Excellent design work with those two! Thnank you so much for you work you do with League of Ledgends, character design and simply taking the tiem to check this thread every once in a while to listen to all of us who have some good ideas and tons of questions.

Kudos to you Ezreal! =D
Thanks a ton Alyrianna, it's posts like this which keep me coming back to answer as many questions as possible. High Five!

Originally Posted by RinValak View Post
Ezreal: regarding Kayle and your previous comments on her:

Please don't make her E a toggle and call it good. I keep hearing talk of this idea and think it sucks.

Kayle seems strong enough, but I think her problem is not fitting into a clear role.

If you build pure support you can only do so much, and end up wishing you had picked a different champion to support with who can do the job better. Similar feelings when you try to make AP caster or AD damage dealer.

Really her main strength and interest is being this weird middle-of-the-road support/AD/AP champion. Most people don't want that. They want the BEST champion at dealing melee damage, or spell damage, or tanking, or supporting. Hence she isn't played much. A healthy amount of patch note changes might renew interest.

A few things that would help her viability and make her more interesting:
-Exchange the speed boost on her heal with a short-lived and weak shield. Either damage absorb or resistance bonuses. Buff the base heal and lengthen the cooldown.
-Make her ultimate last 3 seconds at all levels, and add spell blocking ala morgana's shield (or CC blocking/reduction). Shorten the range somewhat. 100 mana at all levels.
-Improve her base health, and her armor-per-level. 500-ish hp, 4 armor per level (similar to shen's hp and armor-per-level).
-Mana cost changes to be lower in early levels but higher later on. Maybe 10 less early, 10 more late-game.

Still interesting and complex, keeps her odd hybrid role, etc.

Personally I love her and my only complaint is she's stressful to play. In a battle you are 1) trying to kill squishes, 2) healing/speed buffing wounded, 3) waiting carefully for the right moment and person to ultimate, 4) managing your mana, 5) everything else you have to pay attention normally. Compare that to a champ like tryndamere who is #1 focusing on killing soft and/or dangerous targets + timing his ultimate. No mana, no allies to heal or save, you're always melee and you have a solid escape tool.

I love complexity but its not often I want to have my fingers tied in knots. Similar impression of Cassiopeia honestly.
I think you hit it on the nose. She has a number of roles which she tries to play at the same time. Take for example Irelia, she can be built as an AD carry, an AP burst, or a lifesteal tank; but she only chooses to be one at a time. Kayle needs to concentrate on being all at once. This is one of the two main concerns we will try to address when we eventually get around to working on Kayle again.

Originally Posted by Chantal View Post
Kayle's main problem in my opinion isn't that she doesn't fit into a clear role (she does, she's a carry with some support aspects), but it's that she takes so long to become viable. You don't just build Youmuu's and do well like a melee carry, and you don't just build a BF sword and do well like a ranged carry. Hybrid options are extremely limited, and for someone who needs AD, AP, and attack speed, it's really hard to build for that. Black Cleaver seems like a good choice, though I haven't tried it yet.

I definitely agree that she has mana issues and could use a bit of help there. But overall I just feel like her early game is too weak for the amount of farm she needs to be on the same level as other carries.
Ah, same as above.

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Ezreal is back!!!