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Hey Ezreal,
I have noticed a problem with Pantheons ult. Usually it will show that warnng ring thing that is either green or red, however i have found that some people cannot see it (myself included). I was wondering if this has something to do with te actuall game or just the way we have our graphics set?


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How about skin like this one for Caitlyn Because purple is high-colored and it isn't so good for sniper champ. I dont like standart skin color for Irelia, because Red is so agressive and i took much focus on me xD
Can we hope that Blind Monk will be released? I still love him I love his Art and we need Monk in game And we have some thread for him like this 94% want to play him ^) Why RIOT floats on community with his Lore in JoJ, its wrong when u give us hope on his release and dont do it real (((
Oh, and tooltip on Irelia's ult doesnt work. It doesn't show bonus from ad.
High five!

Edit: here is some suggestion for Caithlyn:
Q: Awesome skill. Thx u for it. I just dont understand, why it doesnt work with sheen (on hit effect like Mystic shot Ezreal)? Skill is preety good, but why animations is longer then cast? It must be quickly like Mystic shot. So i want t suggest minimum cast time for 5lvl skill, beacuse in late game, this skill is some useless, autoattack >
W: Nice trap, but only 2, it must be 3-5, how about 2 on 1lvl, 3 on 2 lvl, 4 lvl on 3, 5 on 4 lvl, 5 om lvl 5 but+ bonus dmg and chance to ult target in anydistance or 2 tarps on 1 lvl, 3 on 3 lvl, 4 on 5 lvl, Caithlyn can ult target in trap in anydistance.
E: awesome idea, many ways to use it. Thx. But i see it with penetration like 1-st skill.
R: Needs in longer range, because this range is too small and doesnt give enaugh dps + chance be cancelled by stun Caithlyn + chance to beintercepted by another enemy and fog of war. So we have 3 "-" and 1 plus (idea is good). So i see her Ult in long range, because Lux's ult is more usefull and do more dps in aoe...
I dont understand why Caithlyns ult can be intercepted and cancelled, doesnt do good damage and has rediculus small range. It would be good idea, if ult has such AWESOME DPS and was too strond, but can be intercepted or cancelled. But ult havent this awesome dps. It would be good idea, if ult has very long range and good dps, but can be intercepted and cancelled. But ult hasnt this long range... It would be good idea, if ult hasnt long range and just do some dps, but was momentualy and cant be intercepted and cancelled, like Veigar Ult.
Choose something one. I look in longe range ult and less CD (like Lux's CD, Lux has more Damage from ULT and AOE + longer range), because Caithlyn Ult has less dmg then Lux, but Lux has AOE Dmg and much more, without cancelling and intercepting), without other changes, because i like idea with intercepting.
Ult cooldown is to big (Just look at Lux Ult, 24 sec CD (40% CD reduction) - good farming by Ult, chance to steal Baron Nashor, good AOE dmg, which is more then Caithlyn ULt by 1 target. How about give Caithlyn ult Truedmg (ofcouse reduce rate from AD).
But now her Ult look the worst. Just look at the Ult of Lux or Karthus, which are more usefull. Need in some rework, long range or little CD.
Also, her skills have too much cast or she has too low mana, she need little more basic mana or mp/reg. For ezmaple On 9 - 2 skill are half of my mana... (q+r need in hafl mana)
For her Ult.
" it is heavily bugged and not working as intended*.
*Apparently if your target enters fog of war... this skill fails
*Apparently if your target simply walks into a bush... this skill fails
*Activating Stealth (1.5 second charge time verses 3-4 seconds)...this skill fails
*Apparently this skill crits sometimes, dealing even less damage then intended" (c.Tarnace, plz read this post)
She is pritty good now, but need some fixes, not buff or nerf. So, how do u plan to fux her? (I believe that she will be awesome, HIGH FIVE!)

About Irelia. I didnt think, that she was underpowered. Fixes in this patch was usefull, but Irelia was nerfed with removing "Innervating locket", without this item she isnt so mcuh strong and carry. how she was before removing, but she is still viable.

Thx u and high five! And sry for my the worst english(((

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Originally Posted by strativaski View Post
can you specify what " in the pipeline" is for malzahar?
is it in very close future, or will it be a while untill we see it ( in other words: soon(tm) )

how come the sniper champ isen't a male? I'm just curious, I was pretty convinced he was going to be a rough male, because in Dota, he was a man too

kind regards
I think it was because in DoTA, they had to use the skins of warcraft III and the dwarven ranged units, already had rifles, therefore they became the sniper of DoTA, just a guess as to why he is a male.

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Originally Posted by Cyath View Post
Have you considered releasing a custom map editor? If so, how many skins do I need to buy to make that happen?
That would be quite the endeavor. It is definitely something that the design team has always dreamed of, however, we all understand the cost of building such a system. Unfortunately we have no plans to make one right now. Perhaps some day in the future.

Originally Posted by Apollo Justice View Post
Or how about a plant king called Gavid and a spider queen called Priscilla?

Just imagine the cheering masses.
Haha, we still have no plans for those champions.

Originally Posted by Seiuchi View Post
But if you think she's got the same problem Ezreal had and you think buffing her will make her OP, why buff her so quickly after she came out?
You should check out Morello's upcoming video to find out why.

Originally Posted by strativaski View Post
can you specify what " in the pipeline" is for malzahar?
is it in very close future, or will it be a while untill we see it ( in other words: soon(tm) )

how come the sniper champ isen't a male? I'm just curious, I was pretty convinced he was going to be a rough male, because in Dota, he was a man too

kind regards
Malzahar's change is still in flux, we'll try it out soon, though it may not work out.

As for the sniper, we thought it would be cooler to make a non traditional sniper.

Originally Posted by Sylph1 View Post
Thank you for taking the time to answer some of the fan messages. Please keep up the great work up there and Happy Holidays to everyone.
High Five!

Originally Posted by ImpGuard View Post
I'm really sad to hear that Caitlyn lost her Bush Trap, simply because it seemed like the coolest utility concept made in a while.

Unfortunately you already gave out her ultimate, but I was hoping if you could tell me if she has any utility in her spells besides damage. I'm hoping she doesn't end up similar to MF in that most of her spells are just damage and becomes overpowering or underpowering purely depending on how much damage she can put out. (Similar to the AP Ezreal case). The Bush Trap seemed to be really cool, but now that it's been removed, has she received any other cool utility spells or has it been switched to something more simplistic and not as cool?
Yea, I was really sad about it too. I was so happy the day that I came up with that ability. Though it led to a number of problems in playtests. First off, it leads to a very annoying to play against early game (long range and I'm constantly becoming invisible in brush). It also lacked a real trap feeling ... not to mention how much it screwed with melee champions. Additionally, it caused server issues that I cannot disclose. But yea, trust me, no one was saddened by it removal more than me =-(.

It looks like her other abilities have now been released so I'll skip this part.

Originally Posted by altambo View Post
Hey Ez
Can u guys increase the AP ratio for Alpha Strike?

Originally Posted by EigenFace View Post
Dang, bush trap sounds like exactly the kind of creativity more champions need. That's really sad it got removed. I hope you guys considered every change possible to it before doing so.
We really did, but it still didn't work out.

Originally Posted by Malurth View Post
Would it be possible to split AP ratios on a single skill? I ask this because I think it would be a good choice for Teemo's Toxic Shot; the initial applied hit still has the same terrible AP ratio as the over-time poison (0.14 wrrrryyy). Physical DPS is the direction you were moving away from with Teemo last I knew and so the AP ratio of toxic shot being so bad is baffling. It's fine for the over-time poison effect, as it ticks four times, giving it effectively a 0.56 AP ratio, but the on-hit effect is just a flat +15 magic damage which in the long run is really quite minor. As it stands AD is over seven times more effective on hit, per point, than AP. Granted AD is generally a bit harder to raise, but I think for the on-hit poison the ratio could be safely doubled or so. Well, specific numbers are up to you guys, but yeah.

The whole buff to make it tick immediately and do more damage on that tick was a (successful) attempt to make sustained auto-attacking more powerful with Toxic Shot, but I feel without an initial-tick AP ratio buff it's basically incomplete. It can be hard to justify pumping AP and attack speed on him, and I'm a big fan of the Nashtor's Tooth + Malady + various AP items build.
Yes it is possible to do split AP ratios, and honestly I don't know why we don't do it more (other than lack of cases and simplicity). We'll keep it in mind the next time we buff Teemo.

Originally Posted by Thomphoolery View Post
Is Lee Sin deconfirmed?

Originally Posted by Earthly View Post
>.> Plant Queen? I swear if this is true I'd be a very VERY happy person.
Would she be one of the support champions coming out in 4-5 champions?

Support is my favorite type. =]
We don't have a solid kit defined for her yet so I can't say. Though I personally see her as a support disabler (closer to a fiddlesticks archetype).

Originally Posted by Dirmaid View Post
So let's talk Heimerdinger. I've heard a few people say that he's getting a buff, but even though hearsay is here to stay I'd like to know if this is in the works. Right now I play Tankerdinger roughly 3 out of 5 games, and his major issues are that his turrets sometimes do not attack at all, they don't prioritize champions, and his ultimate being somewhat underpowered. A fix to AI and an updated ult would greatly help the Revered Inventor. Maybe a permanent buff to a single turret at a time, but when that turret is killed the buff doesn't carry over or include a passive component that makes his turrets explode when destroyed. I agree that 3 turrets was ridiculous, but a rework of turret AI and his ult would make him a viable champion again.

Also, I don't think that Morde is overpowered. I think that if his role in a team were more fleshed out (if he really did have synergy with AP, for example) then people would stop being upset if he did damage. Because he is not a tank, though most people don't realize this. They think that he's a tank and then rage when he does damage, when he is, in fact, a soak with slight burst.

I do wish that Caitlyn still had that bush ability. It would make my 'Defend Our Home' team (Heimer, Shaco, Teemo, Nidalee, and then Caitlyn) complete.
We are indeed working on Heimerdinger's turret AI, you should let me know how it is in the next patch. He's also getting a fantasic buff to turrets that I've been clamoring for for quite some time.

Morde isn't terribly OP, he's just slightly too hard to harass early on (burning through the shield).

Haha, I like your team name.

Originally Posted by Seiuchi View Post
So are you pro-flash or anti-flash?
I don't care much for either side any more =-P. Though I am worried about the after effects if we end up removing it.

Originally Posted by Bryden7 View Post
I know you answered earlier in this thread that you have 4-5 champions on the internal test server at a time. Has this number changed? Running out of ideas?

Thanks again
Let me think, we have 7 playable champs in internal playtests right now. And we have yet to have a time where we felt that we were running out of ideas. There are still far too many archetypes to consider before getting stumped.

Originally Posted by Unicus View Post
How many skill shots will Caitlyn have? And will she have some spammable ability?
Two true skill shots, and her ult will have a 'skill' element in it. Also, her Q is fairly spammable later in the game.

Originally Posted by ServantOfThe99 View Post
firstly i'd like to thank you again on behalf of everyone for keeping up with all the questions and answering them. secondly, you mentioned the gravity champ is it for ability reasons or just delayed for some other reason? (he's my most awaited champ since you mentioned he's going to have an anti tank ability).

is stealth going to remain in the game or will you guys be doing something about it? i heard before that you guys don't like stealth and there's a chance of it being removed?

is there any other champion in the pipeline with a 'flash' like ability on a low cd (like kass (or without low cd like ezreal or shaco))?

would you be able to tell us the color scheme and/or one ability name for the next champion?

and lastly...are there any void related champs in the near future?

happy holidays and merry christmas (and if you reply this by new years...happy new years)!!!!
The gravity champ is still in pre production (needs to be concepted). Recently I decided to start slowing down on champion creation so I stopped pushing on him as hard. Though he is still one of the top two champs that I want to see in the future (him and a void creature caster).

We are looking into updating the stealth system to something more modern. This would be a system rework (not removal).

Nope, though we do have a neat champion coming out soon that has a conditional double dash.

I believe I answered your void creature question a bit earlier =-D.

Originally Posted by Falleth View Post
Veigar - tremendous mana costs, esp Q when you HAVE to use it to get some AP... But you can't, because you are oom all the time.

Please reconsider/consider small tweaks?
Good idea, we should do that some time.

Originally Posted by Schanner View Post
im really exicet about irelia E scaling with atackspeed
would make it even more unique
I agree, though it is slightly odd (and her burst is actually pretty good right now). If her next series of buffs don't help her enough then this will be on the top of my to do list.

Originally Posted by CodeN49 View Post
Hey Ez, Merry Christmass.

When you're done celebrating, I'd love to hear your thoughts on a kit I came up with.

Concept: Stance character like Udyr, however adjusting to what stage the battle is in rather than the current situation.
Uses multiple stances that have a long(enough to be unavailable during a teamfight once deactivated, about 40-50 seconds) base cooldown.

Stats: A low range(375?) ranged all rounder, no stat is extra high, but none is lacking.

Passive: When none of his other stances is active, his attacks restore mana.
("I'm not fighting now, so I'll get ready")
Using any stance or running out of mana puts the current active stance on cooldown.
(stances on cooldown are marked by "null effect" debuffs that cannot be removed)

Basic 1: Melee Stance: Toggle: Basic attacks lose range and gain melee attribute, attack speed is increased and a small amount of armor penetration is granted. Uses mana per attack.

Basic 2: Range Stance: Attacks gain range and deal bonus magic damage scaling with AP based on enemy armor rating(ex.: if armor removes 30% physical damage, 30% AP is dealt on top of the base value).
Uses mana per attack.

Basic 3: Shield Stance: All incoming damage is reduced by a small static amount(4-5 points per level) prior to any other reduction effects.
Attacking enemies recieve a Recoil stack and are stunned for a short duration upon reaching a certain number of stacks.
Uses mana per second and per hit taken.

Ultimate: Depending on stance active, it has a different effect.
None: Resets cooldowns of all stances(this skill is set on a lower cooldown as well).
Melee: Dashes at the enemy and deals damage(chase/gap closer/finisher).
Ranged: Line AoE, damaging and reducing armor(offense support or a set up for going melee).
Shield: All enemies with Recoil stacks are stunned and take damage, based on the number of stacks they have and AP(requires proper timing, but gives a way to stun enemies on demand, or stun casters which only attack occasionally).
I rarely answer kit questions but I'll give you a few notes:
Avoid having super long cooldowns on basic abilities (super not fun to play as you have very few decision points).
Unfortunately this kit is too segmented (you would choose to only build him one way or another, you would either get AP and go ranged, or AD and go melee). In both cases you would have a dead spell slot.
The ultimate is interesting, but has targeting issues (based on what stance you are in, you have a different targeting choice: single target, instant, etc). Try to think of a different way of doing this style of ability.

Originally Posted by Sheikaih View Post
What's your opinion on revival stacking, specifically in the case of Anivia and GA + Zilean Ulti. Maybe a debuff after being revived to prevent having 2 to 3 extra lives?

Especially with Anivia, it's very brutal to have to kill such a high priority target three (or even 4) times.

On a related note, how accessible will the invulnerability effect be after you split Zhonya's? Do you feel casters will be less inclined to grab it? I think of Vladimir and his pool - zhonya's - pool combo...
Actually, I dislike that change as it could lead to one of the spells/passives not proccing (which would feel buggy / unintuitive). Personally I would rather keep the number of revives in our game to a bare minimum. As for Zhonya's, this next patch will see it changed a bit. We want it to be less optimal for all caster champions, and more of a choice to buy.

Originally Posted by CovertGhoul View Post
Can you guys change 1 thing? Like when you cast a stun, say Pantheon's Aegis, RIGHT after Malzahar cast his ultimate. The beam will not stop panthoen mid air, instead he just stuns Malzahar. It seems lame that a normal move can own an ultimate EVEN when you are faster than the other person. And since Pantheon only needs like 3-4 spells to own you at lvl 5, it makes that MU really hard. Other spells have this issue as well, I think WW has similar issues.

Quote from my friend who plays him religiously, "i still get stunned, because first part is channel damage, 2nd part is stun its really annoying,*if it didnt use up my ulti it wouldn't be as bad, but i get less than 1 second of ulti, like .25 seconds or less,**its really stupid,one of malz's biggest problems"

Also, with Pantheon can you change Aegis to scale off of bonus AD instead of total AD? Just make it like 55-60% instead of 40 and remove his base damage from the formula. This way Pantheon has to actually try in lane versus squishies.
I'm afraid that is an innate part of channeling spells, if you get stunned they get stopped. We could consider refunding part of the c/d based on the successful duration of the channeling spell, but that sounds like over complication. As for the pantheon idea, it's solid, I'll pass it on.

Originally Posted by Youou View Post
Is the next champ Aeon? (i mean after sniper) or at least say what kind of champ is it (melee dps, ranged dps, low hp dps with high damage, mage, tank, support).
Tempus (Aeon) is still a longgggg way out. And I'm not ready to saw what the next champion is yet, wait a week or two.

Originally Posted by Danadin View Post
Merry Christmas Ezreal
Happy holidays to you as well.

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holy **** you're still replying to this thread? Poor *******.

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Would you consider changing Alpha Strike (Master Yi) from AP and magic dmg to AD and physical dmg?
Would you consider changing shaco's JitB and Clone from magic to physical as well? he would become epic (like brolaf)

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Originally Posted by ZippyTheSquirrel View Post
Queen of Thorns?

Leads into my real question... Demigod is the obvious red-headed step child runt of the DotA litter, but in my experience, brings a lot of really cool mechanics to the table. Have you or anyone else at Riot brought up "Hey, these guys do this thing pretty darn cool, maybe we should try something like that?"
I've been meaning to check them out for awhile, I'll put it on my to do list. Though it would help me out if you could tell me the 5 coolest ideas.

Originally Posted by AJUS View Post
Ezreal, what do you think about adding a spell like Phoenix's Graviton Beam in Starcraft 2 to the game as a Summoner Spell/Champion Spell? I'll think it could add more interesting gameplay to the game.
We actually tried it on Swain a while back, and it ended up not feeling good at all (standing still to channel for a long period of time rarely feels good). And when it did work, it led to wtf feeling moments for the opposing player.

Originally Posted by xShinryuu View Post
While I was chatting with a friend about designing a new tank character (since we need more!) he suggested some sort of damage siphon ability/ultimate that makes a % of damage that an ally (or multiple allies?) takes to be inflicted on himself instead. What do you think about this? I personally find it a really good and unique idea.

Edit: Also, Burden of Knowledge can easily be avoided with good use of visual effects.
We tried it on an upcoming champion, and opted to go with a similar idea that you will see in the future on a support champion.

Originally Posted by Ginormous Noob View Post
Why does it take Riot so long to give players their prizes that they win from tournaments?
Dunno, though I'm sure we're working on it =-P.

Originally Posted by POverwhelming View Post
Is it possible , to make champion attack target , that was hit by spell before autoattack. Like when blitz grabs , it will start autoattacking champ that u grabbed , instead of randmoly attacking nearby creep.
Hmmm, I thought it was working like that, I'll look into it.

Originally Posted by ChUmp3r View Post
Just want to say congratz on being the most unique champion designer at Riot. All the champs you make I cant seem to stay away from. My question was can you give us an idea as to Caitlyn's auto-attack range/speed?
Haha thanks dude but be careful at feeding a designer's ego =-P. Her attack range is 650 (25 longer than Annie), while her speed is 305.

Originally Posted by SpooK View Post
Hey Ez,

Not to bog you down more, but was hoping you could glance over and critique the potential for the following champ design:

Appearance: Old man with a huge robe/cowl and wearing a large backpack. He holds a large glowing staff with a demon skull mounted to the top. Similar to the Warlock from DOTA (in appearance only)

Class: Bruiser, melee attack

Passive: From Hero's backpack emerges shadow mites to assist him in his auto attacks. One shadow mite is generated every one second of auto attacking, and will leap from Hero's backpack onto the enemy target. Shadow mite does X damage per second and will last six seconds before evaporating. (Similar to a stacking dot, except not based on attack speed)

Skill 1: Hero slams his staff, creating a fissure in the ground, zig zagging forward in a linear fashion. From the fissure emerge shadows, shackling all enemies units standing on the fissure. Length of shackle, length of fissure and damage increase per level

Skill 2: Passve: shadow mite damage is increased and every 5th/4th/3rd/2nd/1st mite will return hp/mana to Hero upon evaporating. Active: mites attacking a target explode in a burst of shadow, doing damage per mite and slowing the target.

Skill 3: Hero creates 1/1/2/2/3 shadows of himself to assist in attacking. Shadows are untargetable and non-controllable - simply follow the actions of Hero. Shadows have greatly increased attack speed, but reduced attack damage. If Hero dies, shadows disappear. Last X seconds.

Ultimate: Hero raises his staff into the air, shining a bright light in an AOE around him. All enemies in the AOE of the light will have a stationary shadow of themselves created, lasting for X seconds. As enemies move away from the shadow, they are weakened, losing movement speed, attack damage, ability power and resistances/armor.

Cheers! Merry Christmas!
The visuals seem counter to him being a melee bruiser.
Passive: Neat, though visually spammy. How do they scale (at all?), seems like less gameplay than if they were to stack with attack speed.
Q: Zig Zags are interesting, though I ultimately don't like them. They end up just being meaningless rng. As for the shadows, do they do damage, or does the fissure? Seems solid albeit very powerful.
W: Ah, this is how they scale. I like both parts, though you should note that they are counter synergistic within the same ability (the passive refunds life only if they expire, while the active forcibly removes the dot and the life refund).
E: How does the spell get better at level 2 and 4? Also, this character now has a slow, an immobilize, and clones. It may be too confusign to play against.
R: Interesting, I don't entirely know how that would play, but it seems neat. Cool idea.


Originally Posted by AetherAlchemyst View Post
Hey Ezreal, I'm just wondering, are there any plans at all for Taric as of late such as a new skin or maybe some buffs in the process? His heal to me seems absolutely useless unless you're building straight up AP late game and I've had problems some games where i have shatter but it doesn't double the armor it gives to me.
Haha, we still believe his heals are pretty fantastic, and his sustain is bordering on overpowered (especially with his sheer amount of damage mitigation). As for skins, I'll have to look into that.

Originally Posted by xWisNia View Post
Hey Ezreal, I'm a huge fan of your characters and I'm maining Ezreal. I was checking your thread often and I see many people talking about possible Ezreal's buffs, so as an advanced player I would like to talk a bit about you (I mean him... erm, whatever).

I'm not going to talk that he's UP, because he's definitelly not. The only problem which already most advanced Ezreal's players noticed is his lack of late game power. In my opinion he needs a little bit weaker early game for making him better at late game.
Take a look at my suggestion:

* Mystic Shot
o AD ratio changed to 90%/95%/100%/105%/110% from 100% at all levels
o Range increased to 1100 from 1000

- Change at AD ratio at his Mystic Shot would provide Ezreal a better late game damage output, so he won't be falling at long games. That would be good especially on EU, where 50 minutes games are something usual.
- Increasing the Mystic Shot's range to old one comes from the fact that Ezreal got hit hard after Lizard's nerf. Increasing his range by 100 would help him a bit.

Now let's move to thing that many people already suggested:

* Arcane Shift
o Now prioritize enemy champions

I know that Ezreal is skillshot based and this would conctradict with this fact, but it really needs to prioritize champions, because that's awful people are running away with 100hp because it hit minions. In addition, tips says "Use Arcane Shift to line up your other skill shots" and the fact it mostly hit minions instead of champions contradict with this statement.

And last thing which is just my personal suggestion:

* Trueshot Barrage

o Now deals 30% decreased damage to minions and full damage to champions

This would improve Ezreal's ulti while not allowing people to "clear 3 minion waves by single ulti shot" - like you said long time ago.

I hope you'll take a look at this and think about those changes. Oh men I so love playing Ezreal, I made an Riot NA account just to post to you

Keep up the awesome work, because I love your champions!
High five!!
The Q change would be the next one I do (unless I do something fancier like giving W a passive component). As for arcane shift, you stated the reason I won't do it, it stops it from being a skill shot. Sorry =-P.

As for the ultimate, yes I agree that would work, but to me that just makes the ability less interesting / has less counter gameplay. I would rather see him buffed in other ways.

Originally Posted by Earthly View Post
So I have a question I have the UFO Corki skin and Corki really isn't my favorite champion
But I have a friend who started playing after the skin was gave away free would it be possible to give him my UFO Corki skin?

I'm only asking because Corki is his favorite Champ and his favorite skin the the UFO Corki skin but he can't get it >.>
I'm afraid that's a question for customer support, I have no idea.

Originally Posted by Castieel View Post
How long will it still take for caitlyn to be released.. Its taking you guys so long and Also may i know anything about the next champion ^^? im still thinking should i save ip or just buy Caitlyn at least a name or is it a tank ? mage? dps? I'd really appreciate it
We opted to push the patch back due to the holidays (I hope you don't mind =-D). But she will be coming out soon. I'm afraid I can't talk about the next champion yet. But I can say that I love playing Caitlyn more than any other ranged dps currently.

Originally Posted by GANGSTAPLANK View Post
Ezreal, do you agree that Nottingham Ezreal is the best skin ever? If you, why don't you change your forum avatar to it? If not, why not? Green Jackets win games.
Haha, I'm afraid not, I play as frosted Ezreal every time. Though I'm looking forward to doing a new skin for him some day.

Originally Posted by Vecuu View Post
What's up with Udyr's Tiger Stance? It was widely considered to be Udyr's worst stance, and it gets nerfed heavily.

Instead of:

300% of your AD on your next attack


50% of your AD and a .6ap ratio on your next attack while in Tiger Stance.

I don't typically complain about nerfs, but to call a nerf a buff, and then LIE about about the ratio change in the patch notes (claimed 150% of your AD and no mention of AP ratio addition) with ZERO comments by reds is kind of upsetting (

Also, why remove the DoT after a stance change? The only real thing Tiger Stance had going for it was being able to pre-charge the DoT, run in with Bear stance, and reapply the DoT relatively shortly after.

I just wish I would get an answer. =/
Honestly I don't know much about the Udyr changes, though I do know that we are changing it again in the next patch, so hopefully it will be better soon.

Originally Posted by havocfett View Post
Why do you use =-P so much?
Dunno, it's always felt right =-P.

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Originally Posted by Ezreal
Haha, we still have no plans for those champions.
Hire me and you will.

Originally Posted by Ezreal
Haha thanks dude but be careful at feeding a designer's ego =-P. Her attack range is 650 (25 longer than Annie), while her speed is 305.
Finally a champ for me to harrass that ****ing Ashe in mid.I think...Caitlyn has the highest base range on Lv.1 right? Only Kog'Maw and Tristana can top it mid-late game.

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Ez, I believe Morello said something about Aeon/Tempus being a girl, can you confirm if said character has gotten a gender switch?

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Ez, I believe Morello said something about Aeon/Tempus being a girl, can you confirm if said character has gotten a gender switch?
If thatīs true,the team of "The fabolous dreamteam of fabolousness" now has itīs 4th member.