Friends List full, can't remove offline friends anymore

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I have been at the friend cap of 300 for at least 2 years now. The only way I am able to add new friends is by looking through my offline friends and removing people that I know haven't logged on in a while. As of a fairly recent patch, you can no longer view offline friends (if this isn't true, i'm dumb, please help). This creates a problem where I can no longer manage my friend list.

Can we finally get a bigger friend list? The ignore list is longer. It is assumed that we'll meet more people that we want to ignore than we want to be friends with? If my pleas for the friend list to be expanded won't be heard, then could we at least put back the only feature that allowed me to control what few friend spaces I do have.

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Yea I lost my offline friends as well I would too like them put back so I can clean up my friends list.

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Riot Mixtli

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As of 4.9 Patch:

The Settings menu to the right of the "Friend List" bar has been expanded to include the following functionality:

Status message editing
Sort Friends options
Show Offline Friends

Friend Groups now list offline members when "Show Offline Friends" is enabled and the "Offline" Friend Group has been removed.

Players who haven't yet accepted your friend request will now appear as grayed out and offline under the General group when "Show Offline Friends" is enabled.

This should actually make it easier for you to remove Offline Friends and players that never accepted your request.

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Kizoku Takeshi

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Thank god someone else had this problem, it's been annoying me so much cause I had the same issue as OP, thanks for the help Mixtli :3