Hey everyone,

We recently restricted Team Builder to Level 25 after collecting some data on the low level player experience in Team Builder. We're now ready to try a new experiment in Team Builder, specifically for improving the low level experience.

When you're a gamer trying out a MOBA for the first time, there's usually an overwhelming amount of information that you have to pick up; for example, a player might wonder what champion they'd like to play or what abilities a champion has. Some players may want to try mastering one champion before moving on to another. Team Builder helps players accomplish all of these things (without any time pressure!) while making it much easier to play with friends. We believe this is a great way for veteran players to introduce their friends to League of Legends, and allows them to play League the way they want, every time.

In light of this data and the overwhelming feedback that low level players love Team Builder, we're going to change when queues unlock at the low level ranges.

This experiment will run for 3 weeks, and will change when queues are unlocked in League of Legends.

  • Level 1: Tutorials, Battle Training and Co-op vs AI will be available
  • Level 3: Team Builder will unlock
  • Level 5: Howling Abyss will unlock
  • Level 10: Dominion (Blind Pick and Draft), Twisted Treeline (Blind Pick and Draft), and Summoner's Rift (Blind Pick and Draft) will unlock
  • Level 30: Summoner's Rift (Ranked) will unlock

Like the other experiments we've run, we'll assess the data after 3 weeks and determine next steps. We'd love to hear your feedback about how friends who are brand new to League enjoy the new leveling experience.

See you in Team Builder,


EDIT 21st of May 2014: The experiment on Team Builder for low level experience is now over. We have returned Team Builder's availability to it's original state. Thank you for participating!