For months now, some players have been using DDoS style attacks to take down individual games, players and servers to avoid losing games. Whilst this affects a small percentage of total games, it has impacted a lot of players, and it's something we'd like to minimize as much as possible.

Our team has identified many individuals behind such attacks, and we have begun taking actions to limit their access to League of Legends through suspensions and permanent bans.

In some cases, an individual player might be targeted - meaning your home internet service was DDoSed, not the League of Legends servers. This can only happen if your home IP address is somehow discoverable. The good news is that there are steps you can take to protect yourself. First, if you use Skype, make sure to download the latest version. If you think you've been compromised, talk to your ISP and ask for an IP address change. Read this knowledge-base article for a more in-depth explanation.

A large majority of reports we've investigated were likely caused by more ordinary sources of lag and disconnect, such as ISP issues and game server hiccups. But if you have evidence that a player is DDosing, please share it with us through contacting player support. Please include the following information:

  • Title on the support ticket: DDoS/Drophack report
  • Time stamp of the game
  • Screenshots of game errors
  • Screenshots that list out the players in your game
  • Any time when a player is threatening to disrupt a game
  • The game appeared in your match history

Although we may not be able to share with you further details of the reports you've made (e.g. whether someone ended up being banned or not), this data will help us in our investigations and ultimately it helps you, our players.

This is a challenge for us to tackle and we're working hard to make things better. Thank you for your patience in this and please join us in this effort by taking steps to be safe and reporting suspicious behaviors that you see!