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I was thinking a Game mode that was just straight zany:
everyone starts at lvl 18
lvl up DElvls you 1 lvl, taking an obj(Drag, tower, baron) gives your whole team back a level.
When you delvl, you have to delvl a skill
each player is only allowed to build one build path for an item (so if you take a giants belt, then a chain vest, your only allowed giant's belts, chain vests, and sunfire capes) Boots are exempt.
Items passives are stack able
Instead of inhibs creating super minions, destroying an inhib allows players on the benefitting team to recruit minions by hitting enemy minions (hitting a purple minion turns them blue.) inhib respawn time lowered a bit though
I justthink that making the rules of the game weird will make for some hilarious moments.

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Standoff. Three players, Free for all.

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Since lore seems pretty neglected to me by most of the players, have lore based teams. Yordels vs Void, Demacia vs Noxus etc.

Also, I hate "Ultra Rapid Fire." It's totally unimaginative and absurd and I would go on complaining more but that isn't what this thread is for. Either way, I hate it enough to actually post something which is a miracle.

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A Hunger Games version of league!! Like normal play/ranked play. There will be cooldown reduction, increased health regen and only a stock of 5 lives. the last one standing is the winner.
The map would be like the dominion map but alot larger and with jungle camps.

As a champion moves for extended periods of time, he starts slowing down to up to 75% of his max speed.
There is no fountain healing. and everyone starts in a circle in the middle. In the middle are relics which give you items upon hitting them(they are color coded, 1-5 hits between green to red. the green ones break in one hit but give simple things the red ones break into better things. NO LEGENDARY ITEMS HERE)

The shop can be accessed from anywhere and relics can be found throughout the map. depending on the servers of riot, there can be between 10 and 20 people playing.

There will be AI gamemakers, setting random rogue monsters to attack targets who are getting too far ahead and also causing random gifts to players who are falling too far behind. note. the rogue monsters will not give gold to the champ which kills them so they wont end up getting further ahead.(lol)

There are some flaws in this plan but and i am open to feedback!!!
I posted this on Reddit and i got lots of positive feedback and i hope you like it!!!

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That is really funny.... Finally my Bloodthirster Nunu build will get the respect it deserves

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Lore wars. Going to be unbalanced as hell, but 5v5 map where nations compete to settle political disputes, using only the champions in their faction. So Noxus vs Demecia, Void vs Ionia, etc. Every now and then champions like Sivir will be like, sivir working for Demecia cause they offered more gold and such. #lorethings.

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The title would be:
One for Rapid Hexakill

SOOOOO basically, As you can tell it is U.R.F., Hexakill and One for all, all in one gamemode. A new map would be made for 4 teams and Riot needs to get their stuff together before making this gamemode because the lag would be awe inspiring. EUW would crash many times over and the amount of champions that need to be exhausted would be substantial but it would be so cool for the 3 minutes the servers would be able to handle.

Another idea is:


So money comes in at 20 per sec and you can have infinite items as well as all passives stack even things like infinity edge 250% on crit to 500% on crit so on. But the catch is, you only get xp from kils so you have to kill to level up. (minions count) and also there is no death times. die then come back. I think 100 warmogs would be awesome.


Custom Custom

Make your own gamemode for a custom. You get a set variable perimeters that you can alter to make whatever you like. An input for coders would be allowed so that they can make their own game modes that go beyond the perimeters. Though I think if they make these games too complex they would crash the server so maybe only allowed over lan would be fine. perimeters like changing flash range and changing cooldowns, making ranged people melee but still shoot at a distance. item limits. New items you have coded.


Nerf Irelia


It will be titled:


So in this game mode you go into que blah blah then you get put with a random champ with random spells and a random masteries and random runes. (dont have to be your runes) then you start the game and you may start with some of the other team in your base. and turrets will target people at random. This is a game of luck. Also you may or may not be placed with challenger leveled players. regardless if you are.


It's a 1v1 but you are the commander of all and you don't play as a champ you just control minions (randomly spawned supers) also you can grant turrets, movement speed for a while and they will think for themselves. you just let the move.



Start with 20,000 HP then it's a single death thing. once you lose all of your health you stay out but your income of money is diverted to the remaining players.



This takes a game similar to URF and makes it so that randomly walls will shoot up and cliffs will appear. Fall damage is a thing now and 0-gravity occurs at 20 minutes. Where you are stuck in your place and can only walk if certain (new) items are build that add propulsion


This is really a modification not a gamemode

Wear your build

#10 (last one, don't worry)

Creeper's Hood

So in this you all play as a team (5) person but there is no real opponent just a bunch of randomly spawning creeps. That includes Dragons, Barons, Wolves, Wraiths, Golems, Lizards and of course to make things fair everyone has smite as a 3rd spell. This is a team of Junglers.

Anyways I love the ideas but they would be so broken.

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All the players in a match place IP bets. THe winning team splits all the IP for the other team evenly. The higher the level of gameplay the higher the entry for the matches would be. This way if someone wants to earn quick they have to carry their team. And its a big risk.

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6-8 player free for all on dominion map.