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Hello, anyone home?

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Bump! I think we can all agree a response from a red would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you. ^-^

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Just noticed something during this crazy Evil Geniuses/XDG LCS game...

Shyvana needs a severe splash upgrade, especially when seen on that big screen on the stage.

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Please please please replace Divine Soraka's current splash art with its Chinese splash. Her Dryad skin splash art got redone; but not this one which kinda doesn't even make sense since Divine Soraka costs 975 while Dryad only costs 520. I like the Divine Soraka skin in game; but I really dislike the current splash art for it. Also, if you could change the red vest on her model so it matches the cloak in the splash art, that would be awesome.

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Frost MadLife

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Silver, please just swap the Sorceress Lux splash with the Chinese one. This overdue and the Chinese splash is unbelievably good.

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Silver why you do dis ?

PS: i think its clear that every single lux fan wants her to be chinese o.o

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Silver, we're waiting...

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Originally Posted by HikaruDiAngelo View Post
Silver, take a look on Ahri Popstar skin please, her leg is two times bigger than her torso!

Attachment 879902

Attachment 879903

Her splash art is beautiful, but it's very nasty to see that giant leg x.x

Make her leg something like this:

Attachment 879905
A thousands times this, looking at her torso and legs is actually painful, The art itself would look so much better with the edited suggestion. I have a similar issue with Officer Vi where her legs look like something out of a Looney Toons episode, but it isn't as blatant as with Popstar Ahri's.

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Sorry about the delay. I'm going to answer all of the questions I can and that the team is ready to answer. Feel free to continue posting feedback or questions. I will do my best to get back in here as often as I can to update.


Any word on old splash art for skins? eg: Nidalee and Master Yi.

For context. A while back around the time we reworked the Morgana/Miss Fortune/Tryndamere splashes, the splash team at riot reevaluated what our goals should be with all future splashes. We decided that if we were going to work on creating higher quality splashes, one of the things we would need to do is to start spending more time per splash. What used to be under two weeks (and in some cases, a day or two) has become 4 solid weeks of work per splash and while our team has grown to about 8 artists, this is still very limiting in the resources we have to make splashes. Because of this, we've had to prioritize what we are able to work on at any given time. Right now, our first and foremost priority as a team is to rework all of the base champion splashes that don't meet our standards along with new content. The main reason for this is that the base champions are both IP defining and also what the majority of our players see when they play the game. Once those are done we will prioritize skin reworks for the champions who have been relaunched where the skin splashes no longer accurately represent the in game model (champions like Trundle, Karma, and Nidalee) and after that we will work on the rest of the skin splashes but do not currently have a priority list defined for those. We are working on setting up a pipeline for working very closely with some of our trusted partners to begin working sooner on those relaunched skin splashes. No guarantees at this point, but we are constantly looking for ways to improve our process and get updated splashes for all of your and our favorite champions/skins as soon as possible. We've also been looking very hard to find artists (and passionate gamers) that are capable of hitting both the league of legends style and quality bar so that we can increase the rate at which we can achieve these goals.

Do you guys plan to replace the Chinese art you were putting in the game at one stage?

Yes this is an idea that was brought up a while ago and again very recently. We want to avoid communicating the idea that the splashes from the Tencent client, which we would theoretically substitute, would be a final solution for the current live clients in most other territories. This is because a lot of the older splashes created for the Tencent client no longer match the style of our new target. That being said, as a team we do agree there are probably splashes in our current client where the benefit of replacement might greatly outweigh the difference from our visual style. It's something we will explore.

Question regarding Pantheon's splash. In the Facebook page, as well as during the shifting portraits in the LCS, he uses a unique splash image that looks quite well. The one currently used is the one from the Chinese client years ago. What is the status on that splash, and what reasons were made for not using it in the game?

This splash was made a while back but we felt that it didn't accurately represent pantheon as a champion and what he is able to do in game. I would say however that the quality and personality of the splash overall is higher than the one currently live in game. We may revisit this one as a temporary replacement, since it is already done, until we can get to creating Pantheons actual reworked splash. I will talk to the team about it.

How much time is spent making ONE splash art?

For one person, 3-4 weeks depending on the artist.

How do you determine the position the champion will be in?

Our normal process is to make 3-5 quick black and white sketches exploring different compositions for the splash. We talk to writers, modelers and enthusiasts of the champion to find what we feel is the best version, pose and story for the splash. After we pick a direction we do a few color explorations and start to draw/render the final.

Is a splash art being "created" by one artist, or multiple?

Yes and no. Splashes are worked on primarily by one artist but we do regularly help each other to complete splashes based on each artists strengths and also to accommodate deadlines. On some cases, we have a large number of artists jump on one splash. (Elise's base splash was made in just under 4 days with 5 people working on it simultaneously.)

People point to Dragonblade Riven, the new Lux splash, the new Sivir splash, and others as being "humanly impossible to recreate". While I do see this and recognize the disjointed look that these art pieces give, I personally view these with a more open-mind because I give benefit of the doubt that there must have been some visual basis for these poses. If that is not the case, how did you decide on such postures?

You're right. I'm not sure if the team has previously highlighted our goals for the current target on splash art and if not, then that is probably my fault. We have a bunch of things that we want to aim for when creating new splashes and illustrations. For this question in particular, I'll talk a bit about character poses. The world of league of legends is a fantasy world where things and characters outside the realm of possibilities in the normal world exist. Furthermore, the game and stories are focused primarily on the champions, the super human characters of that world. Our champions have very exaggerated proportions, some can shoot fire from their hands, and some can jump 30 feet in the air. To be able to fully convey the force and impact of these moments, we employ a lot of the same principles used in comic books. We purposefully break anatomy to enhance the gesture of the pose and push characters into extreme perspective. The idea here is to communicate something that is not possible by a normal human. I will take some time in the near future to make a post where I deep dive into what we feel is our splash style. Right now the high level goals are: exaggerated comic book style character proportions and poses, high polish, but still hand painted rendering, limited color palettes with powerful accents, and dramatic lighting.

Are you guys responsible for splash-based animated login screens as well? if so how do you do it?

The illustration/splash team makes the 2d assets, separated out into Photoshop layers that the motion graphics team animates in programs like After Effects.

How do you guys feel about posting videos of the splash art creation process?

Unfortunately, around the same time that we reevaluated our splash style and timeline, we had to stop making process videos. Due to the larger file sizes, lag that's caused by the recording process, and the fact that we regularly collaborate on splashes, we found it unrealistic to continue to record the process. We are exploring new ways of opening the doors to our art process though. I'm not sure when things will be solidified, but its something regularly talked about at Riot HQ.

What other software are you familiar with for working on art? Which is your favorite? Do you use different software for different things?

Splash artists at Riot use Photoshop in tandem with other programs like Maya to create environment/prop models for reference, and a few internal tools. Photoshop is the medium that I've learned how to control the best, but Ive seen people make amazing works of art with MS Paint and Gimp. It all comes down to decision making rather than tools.

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Amy Khal

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Hey, nice hearing from you again and answering our questions ! I was really sad when I noticed that you guys didn't record your drawing process anymore. You said that were looking for a way to open the doors of your art process, do you have any more infos about that or is it just an idea for a project that's not in the near future ? I've also seen several threads on the forums about Akali's splash, can we expect something new about her soon ?

About the recent splashes' anatomy, your answer is in total contradiction with another rioter (can't remember who) who said that you were aiming for a more realistic game (when they changed Garen's ult). The fact that Runeterra isn't a real world doesn't justify the anatomy, they look and act like us if we exclude their powers. On top of that wrong anatomy looks... Wrong. It's not appealing or pleasant to look at.