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Originally Posted by BigiSmalls View Post
One for all on the Howling Abyss map please!!
was so much fun when it was playable in custom games for a few days
we're eventually getting that

i think

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Mind Flux

Two queues; one for Summoners Rift, one for Howling Abyss. Standard blind pick/random (depending on which map). After selecting champions and runes/masteries, there is an additional 30 seconds before game start where you may inspect your allies' selected runes and masteries.

Game rules are normal... however, at a regular interval with 30 second warning (8 minutes for SR starting at 10 minutes into the game, 4 minutes for ARAM), champion controllers are shuffled at random (within teams), and the game is paused for 20 seconds. Players use the paused time to examine their new champion's ablities and items. XP and IP rewards are doubled for this game type (as you are forced to adapt to a variety of roles and playstyles, as well as champions you may have never played before, particularly in Summoners Rift).

The random seed is such that you will not play the same champion twice until you have played each allied champion at least once.

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Reverse vision: Entire map is illuminated. Green wards darken an area of the map for the other team. Pinks provide true sight as usual. You can place as many wards as you want.

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Reverse draft

Like a regular draft, but you draft the champions the opposing team will play. Ideally, you'd ban the worst champions in the game so you won't have to play as them.

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Originally Posted by CrippledPimp View Post
Reverse draft

Like a regular draft, but you draft the champions the opposing team will play. Ideally, you'd ban the worst champions in the game so you won't have to play as them.

Got Urgot?

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A fight inside an arena where both team must focus on killing neutral camps and champion in order to drop a set amount of ticket.

The game mode would focus on:

-Securing kill for all team.
-Farming neutral camp that would be spread around the map.
-Killing random spawn boss to gain gold and drop enemy team ticket count.
-Fight some more.

The idea is to make a game that isn't focus on objectives but that is focused on killing stuff.
This mode wouldn't be mindless as it sound with the exsistence of neutral camp giving various buff to champion and various amount of gold.


Team 1 and 2 have 1000 ticket

Both team spawn at their base, their base let them regain health and mana. They can back to this base at any time to buy and regen.

killing a Minor neutral monster drop the enemy team ticket count by 1
killing a Major neutral monster drop the enemy team ticket by count 3
killing an enemy champion drop the enemy team ticket count by 10
killing a neutral boss drop the enemy team ticket count by 50

The maps would be interesting if it was a huge circle, with a jungle in the outer ring and a huge arena in the middle. Neutral minor camp would be further away from the enemy base while buff camp would be closer to the arena. Boss would be spawning in the middle of the arena making them an highly contested objective.

This would mode would be awesome for the following reason:

-New map
-No laning phase
-New team build
-Team based on jungling speed and team fighting

I am quite sure this would be an easy map to design with minor balancing to do. The addition of a few boss and camp would be everything needed.

Comment if you like or hate the idea!

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Everyone here



Occasionally during matches, I would see some players who would give up on the match halfway and start going on ‘fountain runs’: traversing the map in an effort to avoid getting killed by champions and get executed from the fountain turret. Noticing how the community had turned this into a sort of game, I thought of trying to make a game mode out of this.


OBJECTIVE – Commit Suicide via Enemy Fountain Laser to blow up the Opposing Team's Nexus

MAP – Howling Abyss


  • Champion select can be done in these styles in this game mode: normal, drafted, all-for-one, or All Random.
  • The usual suspects (Karthus & Teemo) will be auto-banned if champion select is in All for One style
  • Starting Gold, Starting Level, Gold Income, and Champion Respawn Timers, behave exactly like ARAM
  • Win Condition: The match ends when a team member destroys the opposing nexus by committing suicide via fountain Turret or when the opposing nexus is destroyed from taking too much damage from minions.
  • The Fountain Turret in this game mode will fire the standard turret projectiles instead of the usual laser of death.
  • Nexuses and Inhibitors are immune to champions. They are however, vulnerable to minions.
  • Managing to commit suicide via the opposing team’s fountain turret will automatically destroy the outermost Friendly structure from the Nexus (it won't count if the finishing blow is from something other than the fountain turret). Inhibitors will still be able to regenerate health and respawn after a certain amount of time.
  • Fountain turret will have the same firing range as before. However, it will have true vision that reveals any hidden champions up to a range of 1000 units.
  • Enhanced Recall is available in this game mode. However, like ARAM, you can't access the shop unless you're already dead, or still at the fountain after spawning.
  • Turrets will deal a set amount of true damage to champions by percentage of their total health (i.e. outer turret hit you for 33% of your total health, the inner turret hits you for 50% of your total health, the fountain turret One-hit-kills)

What do you think?

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2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2...... 5 teams of two players each.

First team to 20 kills wins. That should be long enough to bring it to late game.

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10 v 1.

All 10 versus the yonkey. I'm serious.

He can move at 600 move speed, is immune to slows, can stealth for 0.75 seconds, and has a complicated array of abilities which chain together in specific ways, like a WOW raidboss.

It takes coordination to bring the yonkey down.

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Welp, you asked for it RiotForScience, so i'm reposting the relevant contents of my larger thread here. An important thing to note about this suggestion: It would be a great undertaking, as it involves a new map, dialogue, etc. and would require a concerted effort of not just programmers, but artists and balance specialists as well.


This mode, unlike most here, will give actively give Riot more bang for your work hours the more you put into it and has the potential to -revolutionize League of Legends as we know it.-
No other Moba has anything like this, and if this is implemented correctly, League will be miles ahead of the pack in lore through gameplay, not just esports!

Additionally, some of the infrastructure to create this unique mode already exists, as the matchmaking engine required for a faction based game would be similar if not identical to the Team Builder engine already in development!

My post was written to 'sell' the idea (much like Riot's announcement posts of new modes, skins, etc.) and I have much more that I could add to this.

~What is Conquest Mode?~

Conquest is a 5v5 game mode that seeks to marry the exciting combat of the Fields of Justice more tightly with the lore behind it, creating a fun, clan-based noncompetitive mode for those among us who love the lore behind the game. Players interested in this game mode are ones who enjoy living out the 'endgame fantasy' of their characters in an intensive, lore-based map with fun, immediately satisfying combat. Clan-wars based on factions could be simulated with battle data (such as total faction wins/losses, kills, etc.) that could create a stronger connection between the players and the factions of their choice.

~Who will YOU fight for?~

Will you fight for the honor of Demacia? For the strength of Noxus? Do you fight to protect your homeland, as the Ionians do, or to unite the warring Frelijordi clans under one banner?

In Conquest mode, players get to choose from a variety of factions, such as: Demacia, Noxus, Bandle City, Piltover, Zaun, The Void, Shurima, Frelijord, Kummugu, The Shadow Isles and more.

Essentially a variation on 'Themed Battle Nights', players who ascribe to a faction get to choose from that faction's 'Champion pool', a list of champions that unite under the faction's banner. Players are matched with other players from the same faction, and are pitted against players of another faction, for rewards, honor and glory!

~Unique Faction Abilities further enhance game-play~

Once the players of a faction have selected their champions and roles, the players vote on one of three unique 'Faction Passives' that can be used to further bolster your team composition's play-style.


(Noxian Abilities)

"Blood for Noxus!": Upon killing an enemy champion, all friendly champions in the immediate area gain 10% movement speed for two seconds.

"Diplomacy is for the Weak": Basic attacks and abilities deal +5/+30 damage to shields, scales with level.

(The Shadow Isles Abilities)

"Death is but an Inconvenience...": The Shadow Isles team's re spawn timers are reduced by 1 second, maxing at 10 seconds at level 18.

"Fear is for the weak... and the Living...": All slows, fears, taunts and stuns against the Shadow Isles members are reduced by 5%. Stacks with tenacity.

(Will update list upon request)

Abilities like these will help flesh out a roster, and lend some lore-inspired customization to team builds. They will also be used as balancing tools, as certain factions are naturally geared towards specific strategies.

~But what about the Odd Ones Out?~

Unfortunately, there are some factions that simply do not have enough champions to be competitive in this game mode. (Bilgewater, for example, contains only Gangplank and Miss Fortune.)

'Trans-Dimensional beings' such as Taric, Morgana and Kayle can be lumped into their own faction for the purposes of this mode, however that does not solve the over-arching issue of the factions that cannot be reliably viable. (Few though they are.)

A possible solution would be to do what the Emperor: Battle for Dune RTS did, which involved having 'Main Factions' that could enlist the help of smaller, 'Fringe Factions' in combat as hired mercenaries. As of now, this remains the only difficult conceptual issue to get around regarding this mode. If you have any ideas for this or other aspects of the mode, feel free to post them. =)

~The Game Mode Itself~

This mode will be a robust hybrid of Summoner's Rift and the Howling Abyss, in terms of strategy and execution. It will retain the same basic premise: Push the enemy towers to the inhibitor, farm gold, kill champions, etc. but will also feature a:

  • Faster, more immediately satisfying games
  • Level 3 start and enhanced gold start, a 'la ARAM
  • New lore intensive, striking battlefield.
  • Host of new map interactions, including a new announcer and npcs to minimally interact with. (think the 'urf ghost' of harrowing past)

The sequence of events to start a match will be as follows:

Stage 1: Players are matched with those of the same faction and enter the lobby.

Stage 2: Characters are chosen in accordance with draft rules. There are no bans, to prevent the crippling of a smaller faction's champion pool.

Stage 3: Players vote on which 'team passive' they wish to use for the match.

Stage 4: Players enter the Fields of Justice!

~Experience Lore as Never Before~

Immerse yourself in the rich world of Runeterra with unique interactions between characters and npcs- on a stark, diverse battlefield. The world is in conflict, and it is up to YOU to forge Runeterra's destiny!

~The Rewards~

Banners and Icons for your dedication to your chosen faction are just some of the possible incentives to play this mode, get out there, and have lore-oriented fun!

~What do You Think?~

Love it? Hate it? Do you have suggestions for a faction ability or feature? Post away; I will review every comment and would be happy to discuss the idea with anyone who is interested.