"Twas the Game Before Christmas" A snowdown poem.

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greetings, fellow summoners and gentle parrots. I'm just here to spread a little holiday cheer with a League of Legends holiday poem I wrote. I originally posted it last year but alas it didn't get much attention, let's see if we can get a red post this year! Merry snowdown and happy holidays to everyone! <3

'twas the game before christmas when all through the lodging,
the trolls were all trolling, and the pros were queue-dodging.
The keybindings were customized with uttermost care,
in hopes that their jungler would soon be there.

The carries were nestled safe behind their supports,
While top lane was feeding to judge by reports.
And Cait in her quicksilver and I in my veil,
Had just started roaming to countergank Kayle

When out in the jungle there arose such a riot,
Vi’s getting fed and must go on a diet!
Off to the jungle I rushed with my flash
And along behind me came Cait with her quicksilversash.

The fog of war was thick for their carry was graves,
And his smokescreen summoned a befuddling haze
As the smoke cleared away, what on my screen did appear?
But a christmasy manitee bursting with holiday cheer.

He sparkled with water droplets still fresh from the surf,
And I knew in that moment is must be saint Urf!
He pulled out his sack and began giving out presents
With a chuckle he said “are you shocked by my presence?”
“Yes to be honest” I said with chagrin
“you were killed by warwick, and he’s wearing your skin”
“oh ye of little faith?” the manitee replied
“ ‘Twas but a body that so long ago died”

“Manitees are magic do you not see?”
“I will live on, so long summoners hearts contain glee”
“For the magic of manitees is greater than death”
“I’ll be back each year so long as there’s carols on our breath”

“Now speaking of werewolves I’ve got a present for him”
“could you point in the direction of that little old grim.”
“sure” I replied “he’s our jungler in fact.”
“He’s probably at red buff, as he recently backed”

“Thank you young man, but now I must be going”
“But here is your present, it’s just perfect for slowing”
And with a grin on his face and twinkle in his eyes
He handed me a rod of crystal, they call it Rylai’s

And then he was gone like a thief in the night
Leaving me better equipped for my fight
Our counter jungle attempt went undetected.
The end of Vi’s spree was entirely unexpected

As we counted our gold and returned to our lane
The announcer said something we couldn’t explain.
“An ally has been slain” came the monotone warning.
Then over the chat came a profanity filled mourning.

Warick’s summoner name appeared alongside the rage-filled text
And you may have trouble believing what happened next.
Out of the jungle emerged Urf with a fresh wolf-skin pelt.
He then straightened his jacket and tightened his belt.

With a grin on his face and a twinkle in his eyes
Urf the holiday manitee said his goodbyes.
“merry showdown to one, merry snowdown to all”
“Please spread some holiday cheer in this holiday brawl!”

“Now I must leave for the end of the Snowdown is nigh”
“But I’ll be back next year, there’s no need to cry”
With that his nose lit up and he flew off into the night
And I heard one final goodbye as he passed out of sight.

“Now be good little champions and summoners too.”
“Or one day Urf the Manitee may come for YOU”

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My Little PonYi

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bump for christmas cheer!

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