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i just saw a recent post from Meddler (a riot designer) but is posted in the oceania server and im only in NA and LAS, so i want to comment it but i cant.
could anyone tellme if im doing wrong or can comment that post linking to this treath so it can be read?
link to the treath:

my message:

The must fix is the mana problems on Q (all people agree!).

I would Change Q & E to AP: Shield scales and easy to build MP5 & CDR.
Hello embrance ,chalice, ROA, relay, zonya: still tanky whitout ulti and later use better the shield

throw ulti and go back with half HP (-1 carry= fight 5v4), complement combo with zonya lategame

Other else, con sider (not all together)
a) Shield must scale with urgot HP than AP.
b) Q applying on hit and lifesteal (must for playing top)
c) consider ulti throwing enemy to you then you move just half the distance
e) just more range; adc with burst (hello lucian) (ulti still for 1v1, ganks or an enemy jumping on you in tf)

for the E mechanic, is true that sometimes becomes E or nothing but thats urgot in itself
maybe making it a linear shot (damaging all enemys passed trough). This changes his only target damage
to constant aoe poke-harass but on the other hand reinforce his "destructive warrior" side, making chaos in the tf
if someone could help me i will be so grateful!

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Hey lukkasnqn. Thanks for the feedback. There's an NA version of the Urgot thread as well if you want to join in the ongoing discussion too:

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Meddler meddling and digging threads E.E