@Meddler, and others who might be interested: A Guide on Urgot's Intricacies

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Platinum urgot main here. I really wish Urgot wouldn't get changed since I like playing him, but if he's going to get changed, I might as well as make it clear what makes him work.

My hobby is making unusual champions picks work in ranked. I don't read any guides, and I prefer to figure things out by myself. I'm a 30 year old man who prefers to tinker with unusual yet effective strategies in games, I have to get my jollies somewhere.

My top 5 most played this season are urgot top/mid, karma top/mid, gragas jungle/support, zilean mid, and brand jungle. And yes, I have a winning record in ranked with all of them, except Gragas, who is obviously a trash champ in need of a buff.

And among those, I've played Urgot the most this season, 169 game compared to my second most played, which is 53 games. My win rate with urgot this season is 52%, not too bad if I say so myself, considering that I started 10-20 when I first started playing urgot, figuring things out, and that record includes other experiments, such as urgot jungle and urgot support.

I think the main reason urgot is not popular because he's not easy to figure out to play properly.

Of all the "experiments" I've performed in league, Urgot took me the longest to discover his intricacies because they are not quite obvious.

Here are some of them.


1. Urgot's attack move cadence: The CD of urgot's autoattacks and Q is very similar throughout the game, if you go for CD item builds with no attack speed. You want to auto-Q-move, auto-q-move, cancelling the animation of auto with q, then q's animation with move. This will allow you to kite and chase much more effectively than just randomly auto attacking and throwing out q on cooldown. At least for me. My old man mechanics isn't good enough to get the most out of animation cancelling Q and autoattacks separately while moving.

2. Lvl 3 all-in: Urgot's Q damage at skill lvl 1 and skill lvl 2 is night and day. Urgot's Q at lvl 1 might not even be worth its mana cost in many situations. At lvl 2, it's much much better. In fact, urgot has a ludicrously strong lvl 3 all-in, with 2 lvls in Q and 1 lvl in E. I've gotten first blood many times, killing somebody from 500 HP, flashing in, landing E, ignite, couple of autos, and 3 guided Qs. They often flash away when they suddenly realize they are about to die, but they just waste their flashes as the guided Qs are long ranged enough to finish the job.

3. 1v1 Dueling: You want to use your ult early. If the enemy shows a sign of doing an all in on you, use your ult, especially if you're sure if their jungler is not near. You want to use your ult early on because it gives a massive MR and AC bonus, but that bonus will be useless if you're at 100 HP. Try to use your ult when your auto and Q is on cooldown, then the 1 second disable on both yourself and the enemy works entirely in your favor.

When your W and E are at low level, and thus at high cooldown, it is unlikely that you'll be able to use them twice in one duel. You want to save using them, rather than using them early and hoping to use them more than once in a duel. Save W to bait the enemy or when they start running, for the slow. Your E at skill lvl 1 doesn't do much damage and the armor reduction isn't too important at low skill lvl and when they don't have too much armor early on. Save it to chase them when they start running, or finish off the fight, unless the enemy is mingling with your minions, making it impossible to land your Qs without E.

Also, when an enemy melee champion gapcloses on you so they are barely outside of your tower range, you can flash backwards, then ult them into tower range. This forces them to use their flash, if they have it, to get out of tower range and duel you. Very few champions can duel an Urgot who used his ult at near full HP, after they took some tower shots.

4. E-ult trick: You can guarantee landing your E by throwing your E out then immediately using your ult on your target. As your ult is an immediate suppression, they will not be able to dodge your E. This trick has won me many late game team fights as an enemy squishy who is in the middle of your team with 20% of his armor gone with a few acid hunters coming at him is dead meat. This trick is also handy on towerdiving a low HP enemy. There's nothing worse than trying to land E on an enemy with nothing to do but run in circles trying to dodge E under their tower.

5. Perma W shield late game: Once you have 40% CDR late game, your uptime on your shield and CD on it is identical. There is no reason to not have it up all the time, other than the mana cost which should not be an issue with a mana heavy build like I suggest. When you engage when your shield is up and is almost done cooling down, you can effectively get an extra W during the fight.

6. If possible, land Q or auto attack with your shield up before trying to land your E. This slows them, and makes it much harder for them to dodge your E.

1. Building attack damage is a NOOB TRAP on urgot. His ad ratios are subpar. In fact, after obtaining muramana, mana is FAR more cost effective way to add damage to him than building attack damage, at least until the fight goes on for longer than 60 muramana procs or so, which it probably won't. Do the math if you don't believe me. Urgot also scales much better with CDR and tankiness (which multiplies the effectiveness of his shield and massive MR/AC bonus from his ult) over attack damage.

2. 30% CDR is a KEY threshold. About 28% CDR is when you can launch 4 acid hunter per one E duration if you get the timing perfectly (pure math suggests that you should be able to do that at less CDR, but in game, casting time and lag makes it impossible). 40% CDR is preferable since he scales well with CDR and it allows some breathing room to launch maximum acid hunters for E accounting for non-perfect timing and some CC from the enemy.

3. I prefer mobility boots over any other boots. Urgot with mobility boot with lvl 3 ult is a champion that punishes an enemy squishy that's even slightly out of position hard with his 850 range swap. Once a team with a tanky mobility boots urgot gets ahead, it is extremely difficult for the losing team to avoid a fight.

4. My usual build is flask, manamune, frozen heart, and banshee's veil. Add ancient golem if they have heavy CC. Replace frozen heart with spirit visage if they are heavy on magic damage. If the game is shaping up to be a long one, I add a second tear after I obtain muramana. You might say "that's retarded", but don't diss it until you do the math on it. Urgot obtains more cost effective damage from mana than he does from attack damage with muramana, and a tear adds mana more cost efficiently than any item in the game adds attack damage, other than maybe sword of the occult. After you max this second tear (which happens rarely as games seldom last this long), you can upgrade this to archangel's staff. AGAIN, don't diss it until you do the math on it.

With the 0.8 AP ratio on urgot shield and the massive shield active and AP from the archangel's staff with your huge mana pool, if you manage to get your 7 second CD shield used 3 times in a fight (which is easy if you precharge your shield with a tanky build, see in the Mechanics section), the added shield HP from archangel's staff AP and Active is more than 1000 HP. That's more than a warmog's armor. And the mana regen and the damage from 1000 Mana combined with muramana is hell of more useful than Warmog's passive. Do not upgrade your second tear into archangel's staff until it's near full though.

5. Black cleaver is nice, since your Q with muramana adds 2 stacks per hit, and your E adds 5 stacks during its duration and makes the stacks last for a whopping 9 seconds. HOWEVER, I only build it though if the team has good initiators other than the me-urgot, and our team is heavy on physical damage. Black cleaver is too heavy on attack damage, which like I said, is a noob trap on urgot, and it takes too much away from urgot's tankiness for him to be the great initiator he can be. If I get a black cleaver, I stay near my AD carry and use my ult to peel enemy tanks and bruisers from him, and land E on enemy tanks and bruisers going for him and shred their armor. Urgot's lvl 5 E combined with full stack black cleaver (which will stack in a second with urgot E and muramana Q) will take out 40% of their armor.

1. I prefer playing Urgot as a solo laner. I just despise bot lane as I hate having to depend on a stranger. Urgot as a solo laner can lane against just about anything decently. But he's very weak to ganks. He can go mid or blue side top lane, but I avoid purple-side top lane as it's far easy to get ganked (I prefer going Karma top on purple side, as she is harder to gank and can lane against just about anything like Urgot can).

2. Urgot's main weakness in laning phase, other than gank vulnerability, is his poor wave clear. You will often get pushed to tower and it will be difficult to punish the enemy for going back to their base because you can't push your minion wave to their tower. However, you can zone the enemy effectively if you get ahead. Also, I find that Urgot's late game is pretty good even if you go even, with his devastating ult and his scaling with muramana and mana. I know Urgot was considered to have poor late game when he was in vogue, but note that all his nerfs mostly affected his early game, and introduction of Muramana boosted his late game tremendously.

3. Late game, with a tanky build like I suggest, you're a devastating initiator. With flash if necessary (especially with banshee's veil so it is much more difficult for the enemy to interrupt your ult), use your ult on an enemy squishy, preferably one you know used flash. Especially characters like Malzahar and Fiddlesticks who depend on channeling their abilities. Let's see them channel their abilities in the middle of your team. Use your E-Ult combo I described above, and you probably won the team fight for your team. If your team is winning, you want to ward deep in their jungle. Catch out the enemy with your ult, which is pretty easy with mobility boots and flash.

This has been what I've learned about playing Urgot this season by myself. I don't want Urgot to change, so this is not a suggestion, but I'm going to take some guesses at what might change:

1. Riot doesn't like "hidden powers". My guess is that Urgot's passive will be reworked. Its effect is difficult to notice, yet it is a very powerful ability.

2. Riot doesn't like counterplay-less abilities. Urgot's ult has counterplay (interrupt him when he's channeling), but the counterplay depends on the victim's teammate, rather than the victim himself. I fear that the ult will probably get reworked entirely (I hope not since it's a unique skill). It might be changed that it doesn't give MR/AC when it gets interrupted. It might be changed so it would not be an instant suppression. It might be changed so it's not a targeted ability (though I can't see it being anything more than a much worse blitz hook in that case.)

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Ajax Oilid

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Well, platin-diamond Urgot main here.

He can build full ad. What4? You wont devastate anyone with only muramana+BC unless being ahead. If there's an ok enemy adc you will be not of much use cause Vayne (Urgot's supposed to shutdown her) with some core items will melt your teammates fast enough to leave you alone and get you 2v1 or even 3v1 after a fight.
My build goes like: Muramana->Yomuu->BC->LW->GA (or FrozenAss if they mainly hurting you with ad) OR (if a bit behind or enemy tanks got fed before you) Muramana->BC->LW->GA->QuickSilverSash. With these builds you mitigate their armor and have needed CDR (Yomuu+BC).
Situation1: teamfight starts, you are positioned at back lines and waiting to throw a good E +qqqq -> enemy initiator notices you melting faces 2fast and so he's forced to change his target to you. Voila! He's in your crab trap, you trun your W on + AA or Q to slow -> activate Yomuu to get the best kiting distance and simply destroy him in a second or two. (Yomuu also gives a chance o crit and from gained distance you will be able to AA more so your dmg output is almost twice as without this item)
+ Muramana+Yomuu early if ahead makes you just a guy who can rush into 3 half hp enemies and triple them instantly.

Would be op if you attached some pictures of how to abuse Urgot's Ult. Just because its the most frustrating thing for new Urgots. Like how you can escape a 3v1 gank at botlane if you are near enemy turret, etc.

Edit: also, the most important tricks how to land E. In example, wait till enemy adc wants to lat hit a minion and you can see him moving to it. + in teamfights there should be some "pending" time before you start your move just because in 50% cases enemie would be flying around teamfight randomly for first 1-2 seconds and so you need to save E.

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Ajax Oilid

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Also, someone already quote a korean Urgot main in diamond 1. From his recent games he was always rushing muramana+bc+lw+random tanky item.

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Ajax Oilid

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mang, downvoted me after i upvoted you just because my opinion is slightly different ...

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Could of been someone else? =P

In my opinion, I think both builds can work, but depending on certain circumstances such as team comp, enemy champions, and how far ahead in the game, etc.
The OP's build seems to me to be more of a tanky fighter Urgot who can survive a lot of damage and also deal quite a lot of damage over time, while yours seem to be more of caster ADCarry.