Who Saw Amazing Cosplay at Worlds?

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Ahris Boyfriend

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Riot Morgageddon

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Morgageddon chuckles at the IronStylus pictures, very funny!

I'll make sure he sees them!

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Originally Posted by Ahris Boyfriend View Post
Please give these to Mr. Riot IronStylus for me!

Maurino the Parrot Lord confirmed. Abilities include:

Passive: Good Guy Maurino - Whenever any enemy within 10000 units casts an angry post, Maurino will teleport there and tank the hit (regardless of sleeping patterns)

Q: Trial of Text - Whenever an enemy lands a critical strike on Maurino's heartstrings, Maurino lashes back with an essay length reponse that invigorates nearby allies with inspiration.

W: Dazzling Hairflip - Maurino flips his luscious hair, charming anyone within 800 units, causing them to stand still and swoon for 4 seconds.

E: Iron Stylus Strike - Targets any female champion on the field of justice. If the target is egregiously underdressed, ISS puts armor on them and increases their appeal by 150%. Otherwise, ISS just increases their appeal by 100%.

R: Flight of the Parrots - Maurino summons his mighty parrot army from his home to swarm an enemy champion. They deal 300/400/500 damage and enternal fear of avian kind. However, if the target had caused damage to an ally Leona or Diana, he is instantly killed and his body left to serve as an example.

Maurino can described as a Forum Tank, fending off malicious posts at an astonishing rate.

Maurino fits best in bot lane, as a support to ADC Leona. He could however be used as a jungler so that he can stalk Diana in the mid lane.

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Hey thanks everyone for the awesome pictures. I saw so much good cosplay, but didn't manage to snap many pictures, so glad you all took up my slack. It was great to see all the photos, especially of the ones I didn't run into at finals. Awesome work to all of you cosplayers! Your dedication and attention to detail is amazing.

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This one wasn't at worlds, but I think it's worth noting that EW thought it belonged to you guys.