LoL Launcher has unexpectedly quit

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So, I've had League on my Macbook Air for a couple weeks now, since it was recently issued to me by my school. I started a LoL club, so I am allowed to have it, and it's been working fine. But recently, after the Pool Party Patch, it stopped working. The weird thing is, it worked for a couple days after the Pool Party Patch. But, around midday Wednesday, I think it was the 11th of Sept, it stopped working.

Whether I launched it from the dock (which I recently learned I should not have it pinned to) or my applications folder, it gave me the same thing over and over; "Lollauncher has unexpectedly quit, go to the logs for more info". I uninstalled the game and reinstalled the launcher, and I got the same error. Keep in mind that I have Parental Controls on this computer, so every time I want to move a file or download something from the internet, I need one of the tech guys from my school to enter the username and password to the Parental Controls. I a really have no idea what to do.

It was working fine for a while, but now that it gets an error as soon as I try to launch the launcher, whether it is a fresh download or not, it still doesn't work. Any help at all would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

P.S I just remembered, I can download and try again to get the error, and then I can post the logs if needed. I read some other threads, and I've seen people posting their error logs.


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Hey Moe,

In order for League of Legends to work properly it needs to be able to read / write / move / create files in /Applications/. It needs to do this in order to properly download and install the patches.

If you don't have the required permissions you may run into problems from patch to patch.
Consider having your administrator giving you read/write/execute permissions to /Applications/League\ of\

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im having the same problem
My Launcher wont stop quitting
i played a game today
then the launcher just stopped working
It opens, but just quits around the time im logging in, or sometimes before/after it