Calling all fans to help create LoL related Youtube vids.

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This is going to be a brief and short message calling to all those fan artists of League of Legends.

*A few friends and I are looking for some fan artists that has potential to show off their artwork. *

We are planning to make LoL related videos for entertainment to the large community of loyal summoners.

We have voice actors and actresses but we are also looking for someone who can either do the voice of Garen or Nasus.

This is to credit you and allow you to gain recognition from others on YouTube using your artwork in videos and so forth.

One last assistant that we would appreciate is an experienced video editor.

I look forward from hearing from you friends.

I am an amatuer at videos and voice acting but I would like to experience being in a small YouTube production as a hobby.

So if you have free time and is willing to cooperate, please message me on my main account, Dearest.

Warning: I'm not so good at rank. Just ordinary like anyone.

Here is a small clip that I did on youtube, totally off topic, just for you to know who you will be working with.
Thank you.

Or you can say: AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT. :3

You can contact me @ or at

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