¿Se tiene la fecha del server latino?

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Originally Posted by LordNer0 View Post
Sir, i failed misserably to give a ****, oh and making fun of other countries it's sure funny if you are a Murican' that believes he is superior to others. I know not all Americans are alike, but yeah, the majority are closed minded.

How is saying "I am a jalapeño" making fun of other countries? I worked in a meet packing plant and was made fun of daily in Spanish. I learned all of the insults and swears rather quickly. Instead of getting mad I would just say yo soy el jalapeño when insulted, laugh, and move on. You, sir, need to get rid of that chip on your shoulder and stop being so sensitive.

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Si bien es cierto que hay dos servidores LAN y LAS, aún no hemos dado información oficial sobre la ubicación de los servidores ni sobre las fechas del lanzamiento de la Beta.

Actualmente nos encontramos realizando pruebas en la fase Alpha Norte y próximamente continuaremos con el Alpha Sur. Estas pruebas nos permitirán mejorar la calidad final de ambos servidores, por lo que agradecemos la paciencia que están teniendo.


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Originally Posted by PretzelBagel View Post
I was just being playful, no need to get nasty. Also, making fun of USA won't get you much love around here. Hint: This is an USA made and operated game.
Fix that for you, America is a continent not a country, the country is call USA.

It seems USA people are making fun of the Latin America.