Dungeons and Demacians: Third Edition

First Riot Post
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Want more fun? Try edition one!
If you need more to do, try edition two!
GD open up and swallow everything I give you. Captain's orders.
Also there's a glossary at the bottom of this post.

Attachment 659247 I'm ninety percent sure they're at baron. Group up and we'll counter-attack.

Attachment 659250 Hold on let me finish my core item.

Attachment 659253

Attachment 659247 Ez I am going to hit you but we'll talk about that later.

Attachment 659255 Right by the bush. You guys ready?

Attachment 659252 Go in, go in. We got this.

Attachment 659247Attachment 659250Attachment 659252Attachment 659255 CHAAAAAAAAAAAARGE!!!!!

Attachment 659248 Ok so I'm in combat now right? What do I do for fighting the monster?

Attachment 659251 Roll the dice.

Attachment 659254 And- Xin?

Attachment 659247 ....Guys. We aren't supposed to be playing in league matches. If the summoners see this they'll freak out.

Attachment 659257 Don't worry. He's going to player rage in a few seconds and start fighting us.

Attachment 659250 How do you know?


Attachment 659248 Oh...and uh....don't tell Vilemaw I tried D&D. We're pen pals.

GLOSSARY (First listed at the top of the page, last is at the bottom/last post)
Page 1.) Attack Baron, Handicapable, DM stands for Draven Master, Birds, Freljord D&D
Page 2.) Jabroni Ghosts, Poor Galio, The Glorious Evolution Part 1
Page 3.) Gimme dat Locket, An average session, Child-friendly D&D
Page 4.) Jarvan's secret
Page 5.) It's time to go, Memory Lane, Memory Lane 2, Nobody likes Brand
Page 6.) Super Hero D&D, A sword and staff,
Page 7.) Purgatory, Freljord is Jumanji
Page 8.) Speak English, Drinking game vengeance, Zilean cheats
Page 9.) Lonely Vilemaw, Urgot's lament, The Glorious Evolution Part 2, Star Wars D&D
Page 10.) More than meets the eye, Syndra is a *****
Page 11.) Your sanity reaches 0
Page 13.) The Glorious Evolution Part 3
Page 14.) The Shogun Commeth, Jaxicor and his Juniors
Page 15.) You're the best (around), Birds 2
Page 16.) The Glorious Evolution Part 4 (Final), Grab a translator
Page 17.) Music Master, Bias-shock, The Hidden Temple Trap Run
Page 19.) Spoiled, Nerf Brand, Brand is an idiot
Page 20.) Story Teaser
Reign of the Summoners
Page 21.) Part 1.1
Page 22.) Part 1.2, Part 1.3
Page 24.) Part 1.4, Jetstream Commercial
Page 27.) Part 1.5, Part 1.6
Page 29.) Part 2.1
Page 30.) Part 2.2
Page 32.) Part 2.3
Page 33.) Part 2.4, Part 2.5
Page 36.) Part 3.1
Page 39.) Part 3.2, Part 3.3
Page 41.) Part 3.4, Part 3.5
Page 43.) Part 3.6
Page 44.) Part 3.7
Page 45.) Part 3.8
Page 50.) Part 4.1
Page 51.) Part 4.2
Page 52.) Part 4.3
Page 53.) Part 4.4
Page 55.) Part 4.5
Page 57.) Part 4.6
Page 58.) Part 4.7
Page 61.) Part 5.1, Part 5.2
Page 63.) Part 5.3
Page 66.) Ebonmaw Guest Appearance, Part 5.4
Page 68.) Part 5.5
Page 70.) Part 5.6, 5.7
Page 73.) Part 5.8
Page 75.) Part 6.1
Page 77.) Part 6.2
Page 79.) Part 6.3
Page 84.) Part 6.4
Page 86.) Part 6.5
Page 89.) Final Battle Pt.1
Page 92.) Charming Intermission (Guest-starring Surfer Ahri)
Page 93.) Final Battle Pt. 2
Page 96.) Final Battle Pt. 3
Page 98.) Final Battle Pt. 4
Page 103.) Final Battle Pt. 5
Page 110.) Final Battle Pt. 6
Page 117.) Final Battle Pt. 7
Page 130.) Final Battle Pt. 8
Page 134.) Monopolowa does something with like. It's apparently about Game of Thrones. My B.
Page 135.) Final Battle Pt. 9
Page 139.) Final Battle Pt. 10
Page 148.) Final Battle Pt. 11
Page 151.) Final Battle Pt. 12
Page 154.) Final Battle Pt. 13
Page 156.) Silent Pete loves Dr. Who and GabeN. Lollypoppy doesn't though.
Page 163.) Epilogue Pt. 1
Page 169.) Epilogue Pt. 2
Page 183.) Epilogue Pt. 3/ The End.

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You still on those drugs, Cap'n?

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Good Job as always

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Phreak the Jangler: Don't worry, I got this....

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Call Me Tonight



Originally Posted by CaptainMćrvelous View Post
Attachment 659248 Oh...and uh....don't tell Vilemaw I tried D&D. We're pen pals.
incoming "Meanwhile in Twisted Treeline" story where Vilemaw plays D&D as well

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Guys I'm going to hell for this one.

Attachment 659259 Ok guys. Welcome to the first meeting of DD&D: Dungeons and Dragons for disabled people. I'll be the DM.

Attachment 659263 But...you can't see?

Attachment 659259 It's ok I have twenty sided dice in braille.

Attachment 659261 I'll roll up a Sssssssssssiren.

Attachment 659260 ....

Attachment 659262 Sona'll be the bard. I'll be the archer.

Attachment 659265 Varus, Viktor, why are you guys here? Seriously, you guys are FINE. Cass is too but she can swing not having legs and having to use ramps and a wheelchair.

Attachment 659263 I am literally like, ninety percent robot. Trust me, there are things I cry about every night. Like rust. Oh god rust.

Attachment 659262 Look I got this infected curse zerg-creep all over me and in my blood. Let's just get going because there's a good chance most of my organs are failing as we speak.

Attachment 659264 Koggy bulimic. Also Koggy want to be dog! LET KOGGY BE DOGGY!!!

Attachment 659259 Ok, so, your party all meets up at a wheel-chair accessible dungeon, The Dark Lord quite evil but making sure you all are equally treated unlike how it tends to be with the League.
__________________________________________________ ________________

Attachment 659261 Ssssssssssssona, you haven't roleplayed one bit. Do ssssssssssssssssssssomething.

Attachment 659265 Hey, relax, Sona doesn't have her own dice and can only communicate with that etwa...etta...the soundboard thing. Lee, can you roll for her?

Attachment 659259 Sure....um...it's a twenty. So you can be all bard-y and play something heroic to inspire the party. Pick something good though, something that'll make everyone -really- want to to keep fighting and save the day.

Attachment 659260 \m/

Attachment 659263 How....how do you do that with only your fingers? Are your fingers -that- good with-

Attachment 659260 ♥~wink~♥

Attachment 659263 O-Oh....O-OH. OH OH OH. U-Uh...S-S-Sona I um...

Attachment 659259 No, wait, I read that braille wrong. You didn't score a twenty. It was a two. My mistake, I mistook a corner on the dice for an extra zero. Tune it down from "Heroic Anthem" to "Oh god not this again"?

Attachment 659260 -sigh-

Attachment 659260 :\

Attachment 659262 So we wipe right?

Attachment 659259 I think, let me check the encounter sheet. I left it like...right here. God, this braille hurts. I should really practice reading it more.

Attachment 659264 Lee why you keep rubbing a cactus?

Attachment 659259 ....Good point. Someone call the hospital and tell them it's Lee. Number forty seven this time.

Attachment 659265 Well this session is derailed.

Attachment 659261 And I didn't even get to ssssssswallow sssssssomeone.

Attachment 659265 I, uh, y'know I'm not -really- into that thing but I mean if you want to hang out and maybe we could-

Attachment 659261 I sssssssssssssaid sssssssssswallow ssssssssssomeone, not give myssssssssssself indigessssssssssstion.

Attachment 659265 ...Right....Vik, can I borrow your robot girl invention again? I want to be told I'm loved.

Attachment 659263 Kinda busy. Um. Sona's wink made me uh...I uh...I'm just gonna put the bowl of chips in my lap. Sit here for a few minutes...

Attachment 659264 KOGGY WANNA EAT CHIPS!

Attachment 659263 Trust me, you don't.

Attachment 659262 Ok when the hell did I get stuck with all the beta males? Is it because I always need a support? Well...one beta and one like...what's the last letter? Omega? Yeah, Urgot's lower than that...

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I'll go to heaven for this one though.

Attachment 659269 Your party stumbles through the draven caverns.

Attachment 659270 I cast my Draven spell, dravening the caverns a little.

Attachment 659271 Roll for Draven.

Attachment 659272 Same.

Attachment 659269 Natural (Draven) 20.

Attachment 659273 Draven the Dravening Draven looks left and right, making sure there are no not-dravens around.

Attachment 659274 Draaaaaaaaaaaven the Draven is probably going to roll to cast Draven's grace.

Attachment 659269 Suddenly a not-Draven bursts through the Draven caverns wall. Roll to Draven the Not-Draven.

Attachment 659276 Rolled an eightteen out of Draven. I throw my axe.

Attachment 659270Attachment 659271Attachment 659272Attachment 659273Attachment 659274Attachment 659275 Me too.

Attachment 659269 The not-Draven has fallen, dropping seven pairs of awesome Draven axes.

Attachment 659270 Snack break. Anyone want Draven-O's? Draven Dew? Maybe some Draven-brand Draggy Ice?

Attachment 659272 It's nice to finally play with some handsome people and play some well written, smart, brilliant encounters.

Attachment 659275 Yeah our DM is brilliant. Draven Master number one, best campaigns never disappoint. Hue-to-the-hue.

Attachment 659269 Oh stop it you guys.

Attachment 659271 Anyone up for an orgy later?

Attachment 659274 Think we -all- want to do that champ.

Attachment 659277 Draven, are you done in the bathroom? Did you take every mirror in the house again?

Attachment 659269 Shut up I'm busy.

Attachment 659272 Wow, that guy sounds like a tool.

Attachment 659276 Not everyone can be Draven man. With great power, hair, sexual appeal, skills, strength, speed, luck, facial hair, body hair, and an extremely above average length comes great Draven. And a little responsibility.

Attachment 659273 Here here amigos. Here here.

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Enigma Requiem

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That was beautiful.

I've been waiting for exactly that.

For four days.

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Guys animals are weird. Like this medication.

Attachment 659280 I say we go to the Bird cage tavern.

Attachment 659282 Check the Falconberg message board first. Might be a quest or something.

Attachment 659283 CAW CAW.

Attachment 659285 I agree with Valor, maybe we should investigate the bird seed warehouse before we do anything else. You remember what Fiddle said before? Might find something there.

Attachment 659284 "Parrot be praised." Stylucri said, pausing for her daily prayer to the God of Aviation, Orinthology and Beaks.

Attachment 659280 Right. So then, we'll-

Attachment 659281 They are looooooooking at us again.

Attachment 659282 Oh my god. AGAIN?

Attachment 659278Attachment 659279

Attachment 659285 Just shut the blinds.

Attachment 659279 Can we come in? We have sunflower seeds.

Attachment 659278 Rengar sssssh.

Attachment 659285 Go AWAY ALREADY.

Attachment 659284 Just ignore them. The door is locked.

Attachment 659281 Roll for door being loooooocked.

Attachment 659285 ...Fiddle no.

Attachment 659281 Critical failure. I'm going to go let them in.

Attachment 659280 NO STOP!

Attachment 659283 CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW!!!!!

Attachment 659281 I want to see your feaaaaaaaaaar.

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This post is topical.

Attachment 659289 Alright. Freljord night for D&D. Let's all-

Attachment 659295 Hey. Scoot over. I'll DM.

Attachment 659296 One side, one side.

Attachment 659293 HEY! Get out of here you two. It's Freljord night.

Attachment 659295 Read the PBE pal. That's us now.

Attachment 659287 ...Huh? But...you....

Attachment 659288 Ok seriously. This needs to stop. We're starting to get really crowded and nobody likes DMing large groups.

Attachment 659292 Well. As long as brand isn't here I'm game for whatever. I mean there is a limit to how many they can put in Freljord right?

Attachment 659290 I think you underestimate how well they troll. Trust me, I know. I'm a troll.

Attachment 659297

Attachment 659289 The hell are you doing here? You from Freljord now too?

Attachment 659297 No. I just came to tell you that you guys are going to need a lot more chairs.

Attachment 659287 ....Like...ten chairs or...

Attachment 659297 They may or may not be moving Icathia to Freljord as well as the Plague jungle to the plague glacier and the Shadow Isles are now the shadow-

Attachment 659291 Anyone want to go to the desert? Somewhere warm and underused?

Attachment 659298 I'm an ice scorpion now. Is it too late to join the Freljord game?

Attachment 659294 This is getting kind of-

Attachment 659288 If you say unbearable I will cave in your skull with my mace.

Attachment 659294 ....cramped.

Attachment 659288 Good boy.

Attachment 659293 Ashe, we are still married? Right? Riiiiiiiiight?

Attachment 659287 I -think- so but I'm not sure. Maybe. Maybe not.

Attachment 659293 SNAP. Do you have -any- idea how hard it'd be to find a girlfriend with a temper like mine? DO YOU REMEMBER OUR DATES?

Attachment 659292 Anger, dear Tryndamere, anger.

Attachment 659291 Y'know that was our D&D table. We don't have another table that size.

Attachment 659290 Anyone want to watch Ice Age? Heh. Get it? Age of Ice. It's hitting the League right now?


Attachment 659290 ....Ice Age: The Meltdown.