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Just thought of listing some Quality changes I would like to see happen to some champs and some general changes in the game:

1) Lux and Gragas E and Q respectively can be detonated once they reach their target if you activate the skill again while it is on its trajectory, that would help a lot especially for gragas Q since it has such a low projectile speed, this also would help people with relatively high pings

2) Revert or reduce the nerf to the global ults cool-down, maybe not at level one, but at later levels, the S2 nerf was done to relief pressure off of other lanes, but I believe that late game these ults (Karthus's , Noc's, Shen's, Soraka's) should be available for every fight

3) Please have a tip that specifies that Pick order > call order ... this may not be of high importance at plat and diamond elo .. but at silver this causes so many problems and trolls

4) Buff sivir's AA range, it is seriously way too low now considering she has no dashes/ blinks, normalize it to 550 in line with other ADC's

5) buff oracles to 7 or 8 mins, nerfing oracles to 5 mins has made junglers which have fast clear times and rely on clearing wards to gank due to having minimal cc unusable( eg. mundo and shyvana) or reduce its cost to 250 to be in line with other elixirs

6) please give us the option to turn Chat off ( even from our team ) , obviously it is extremely important to communicate with your team, but sometimes you get in a game with a 4-man premade or even 4 soloQ players who are so toxic you just know you'll get dragged into a useless argument after seeing what they write in chat 3 mins into the game

7) reduce corki's mana costs ! .. they are way too high compared with other ADC's cost , and he goes oom so fast .. he is intended as an adc caster but his mana cost simply make him unable to play that role

8) return/ possibly rework FON, atm the MR options are abysal scepter or bulwark, or spirit visage, while spirit visage is really good the healing passive is useless on many champs, so a premium MR item is needed

I know its a lot in one thread but I think that most of these changes make alot of sense for the state of LoL atm

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Guess I'll give a quick summery of my opinions here.

1) They've been pretty stable with current systems for a while now. Gragas could perhaps use something small but that'd be way too overpowered on Lux. Keep in mind that her's already slows you. It's extremely hard to dodge if it's placed right.

2) Disagree. Of all the champs you mentioned, they're all actually very balanced atm apart from perhaps soraka, who is still situationally good. Perhaps she could use something but I don't think reducing the cd's on those spells is the answer. Some of them like nocturne/tf/pantheon/ziggs/ez/ashe/draven ults aren't that bad.

3) Agree. Although it's still not great to make it absolute. The main idea that should be suggested is to politely state your best roles. I usually get at least one of my top three desired roles when I do this 90% of the time.

4) I gotta agree here. Part of the problem is that her q has amazing range and damage though. Her range is just holding her back from being competitive or powerful enough to compete with the other popular carries. Perhaps toning down the q damage and buffing her range to 525 would bring her up quite a bit.

5) As I mainly play junglers, I would love to see this change. However even though I don't like where it's at right now, I have to admit it is actually more balanced than it was last season. Oracle is still a worth-while pickup mid game for certain targets or map objectives, which is what it was intended four. It wouldn't hurt to bring down the price a little bit in my opinion though.

6) You can turn all chat off, enable language filters, and mute team mutes all very easilly. If that's still not enough for you and you want to see team mate pings or something I think you can drag the chat box so that you can't actually see the text in it. Either way there's plenty of options.

7) Agree 100%. I think they might have to watch him a little bit but overall his mana costs are just holding him back an insane amount. He's still got other issues and the cd nerfs hurt him a lot last season, I think they can give him some mana buffs. Most agree he's a little weak atm anyway, so it shouldn't overpower him unless they go overboard.

8) I personally miss FoN, but with the health stacking meta it'd be a nightmare to play against/try to counter. Bulwark is obviously really good for MR (they're nerfing that though :c ), but actually spirite visage is really appealing now. It gives a ton of MR, some hp, and 20% cdr, which is great on almost everyone. Even if you don't use the passive a whole lot it's still a pretty impressive item. I think merc treads, bulwark, hexdrinker, grail, visage, BV, and stuff like that is enough. I miss FoN but they don't want something that easy to shut down magic damage with.

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I was going to plus one but I can't get on board with everything you said. One issue at a time! Clearly this is a why Riot isn't as fun for me anymore post