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Cam we get a void support some time in the near future? I need it for my void assault team

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Some thoughts @Ezreal

1. Leblanc has no skins that change the way her abilities look. Maybe some cool effects when she lands, a different Q and E? Just sayin...

2. I think we really need a Zaun adc female.

3. More pirates please.


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As always feel free to check out my @RiotEzreal Twitter, as I'll always post in it whenever I post in this thread (just makes it easier to track).

Originally Posted by Altruisa View Post
Hey Ezreal,

Recently I had an idea for a librarian-type champ. I know it sounds boring, but in reality I think it could be quite fun.

Basically, we've seen a lot of Demacian military-type characters, but surely a nation such of theirs reveres knowledge, too? I was thinking about this, and decided that this could make a good concept.

Essentially, the champion would be a wannabe-author type champion looking for inspiration in the league of legends, but suffers from chronic writers block (this could be changed if it's too cheesy.). She would be manaless, but as she attacks and uses abilities, she gains 'Inspiration', and when she gains full inspiration she can add a chapter to her book, perhaps gaining AP or other stats in the process.

I thought she could have a passive called 'The Quill is...' then her Q could be '... mightier than the sword!'. Yeah, I know. Cheesy. Other abilities could be 'Cliffhanger', 'Plot Twist' and her ult could be called 'Flash of Inspiration'.

Of course, when she dies, she dies in a explosion of papers.

I was thinking of her being called Fleta, after a mythical Irish writer.

Good idea, or no?

PS: cat girl ezreal plz
I have to applaud you for such a unique idea. It has it's own flavor which feels very league of legends. I especially love your ability names (I can just imagine plot twist as an awesome ult). We actually concepted a paper mage for a while. There were a number of iterations on this character. It started off as someone who could manipulate words (using paper) to create effects. We then modified it to become sort of a 'rune mage', someone who could etch runes onto the battlefield and later detonate them.

While we loved the core concept, and felt that it was rather unique...we could never quite solve a number of issues on it. The first issue was the source of power. It ended up being such a unique SoP that most people just couldn't quite grasp it, much less guess what sort of abilities he would have. We also ran into the issue of making him look cool. And this is an area where the librarian would also get hit. Making a librarian look awesome would be quite a feat. That's not to say that it is impossible, but it simply added one more issue to the champion. These issues, along with others, made us move away from this concept.

Originally Posted by The only Zee View Post
Hey Ezreal,

I was wanting to ask you a few questions and hope you'll look them over!
1) What happened to the old 3v3 map?
2) Will riot ever bring back that old map design?
3) Will there be a new map/game mode coming in 2013? If so, what would it be like? (capture the flag, free for all, etc.)
and aside from questions, i had an idea! Maybe instead of getting rid of the old 3v3 map you could set it as a choice to choose from when you go to the 3v3/5v5 setup and have it selected as either old 3v3 map or new. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
1) We strive to make the best experience on all of our maps. So we only release changes when we believe they are the best possible variant. So while we do hold on to the files, it is not likely that we will ever re-release old Twisted Treeline.
2) See above.
3) I'm afraid I have no insight into new maps.

Originally Posted by Mad Prospector View Post
Hey Ez,

I read your last posts and questions about bushes.
What if there was a champion that used large scissors as a weapon? He could throw small scissors or something as a move and remove bushes (or made them look half cut so characters are visible and targetable) temporarily like you mentioned. Then it could have a hidden passive with Cait referencing her old build or headshot.
We have discussed the idea of using scissors as a weapon. It is a very anime trope, which does have a LoL feel. I love that scissors, despite being small in nature, have a certain dangerous quality to them. Using that innately dangerous quality and sizing it up adds uniqueness to it. It actually reminds me a lot of skarner. Turns out making small dangerous things large makes them a ton scarier. The ability works as well, nice idea!

Originally Posted by Pautato View Post
Hi Ezreal,

Will there be upcoming Tank champions? Everytime I queue we always get faced with the question: "Who's going to tank?" and such. It would be really cool if there were Tanky champs too
We are striving to hit multiple of every class each year, so yes, we have a tank in production. And the next one...gah...I have to hold back from giving any spoilers. But he is really, really, really cool!

Originally Posted by Tamly View Post
Hey Ezreal i don't ever comment on posts on the forum but today im feeling courageous anyways

1: Can we please have global taunts for first blood? this would only make the champions who make us feel like BAs seem more... BA! lol

2: Is there any chance we could see a champion use a whip as there weapon? pref an adc since getting crits with a whip would be sick!

3: Also can we have a witch doctor type champion? i mean there is a place called the Voodoo lands...
1) Honestly global taunts are pretty obnoxious. While it feels pretty good to do the taunt, it feels terrible to be taunted. It also leads your teammates to feel negatively towards the taunted player. The overall positive to negative value of the feature is likely not worth it. An alternate variant that would likely feel better is a global woot upon making a pentakill. It would be rare enough, and it would make the person and team who got it feel awesome. And the other team would at least see the awesome happen, and doesn't have a single individual to get mad at.

2) I could see this happening in the future. There are a number of whip based variants that are just begging to be used in our game.

3) It's pretty tough to make a truly amazing witch doctor. Though I would love to see a few examples if you have any!

Originally Posted by Hitkitsune View Post
Any hints of the next champion? =D
She has a falcon...


Originally Posted by Lykurgus View Post
Hey Ezreal, was tossing around some ideas last night for a champion Idea.

Do you think League of Legends will ever see a true Rogue? Someone you would not want to meet in an ally way. Plays dirty, back stabbing a-hole. Which got me thinking, how would a meat shield style of ult play out? You grab your enemy and any enemy damage to you is instead done to your meat shield, then when the suppression ends you dash backwards dealing damage if the target is still alive.

Against this idea though, it would probably be really anti-fun to have your own allies do damage to you, but I thought it could be an interesting idea.
The meat shield idea has too much anti fun surrounding it. The amount of harassment you can have on allied characters would make this ability unacceptable. Players could attack the target not minding if their ally is taking damage. Heck, even if they did it accidentally, it would still feel like griefing. So while it is a cool idea...which it is, it still leads to too much griefing potential.

Originally Posted by GraveMaker17 View Post
I'd first of all like to say thank you for doing this! It's always refreshing to see reds come out and discuss future plans with the player base

But, for my question, I'm wondering how you feel about Anivia? I've been picking her up for my team recently to great success, and from watching recent tournaments, it's quite apparent she is VERY strong. She requires a great deal of skill and positioning to use, so is it more okay to you that she's on the stronger side? Thanks in advance!
I wouldn't say that Anivia is any more powerful than other champions, her abilities either have high amounts of counterplay or are difficult to use. To elaborate, take Flashfrost ability is exceedingly slow, and requires timing to utilize well. The ability for enemies to avoid this ability allows us to make it a ranged aoe stun. Another example is her wall, Crystalize, this ability requires a good understanding of placement and timing. Additionally, many enemy champions can get around it via movement abilities. This allows us to place a bit of extra power on skills like this.

Originally Posted by Thunder Manatee View Post

In your last answer thread you mentioned a psionic champion. How do feel about a dampening field of some kind? Projectiles that pass through it deal less dmg and enemy champions inside of it deal less dmg and are slowed for its duration. I think this would make some very interesting counter-play and area denial (Finally! a counter for Nid spears).

I would be interested to see how the tech design team tackles this issue as well (from a code standpoint).
I have always loved the idea of making a zone which slows down projectiles (especially skill shots). In fact, I wanted to work this into an old, no longer being worked on, champion named Tempus. Unfortunately this ability would feel great fighting against skill shots, but wouldn't actually do anything but delay the damage on single target abilities. This would make it too situational, and not work as well in LoL.

Originally Posted by EnmaTheRedBane View Post
Who are you currently in a relationship with?
Is it Jayce?

But that is just because we named the character after her screen name.

Originally Posted by SureShotRhino View Post
Why not make it so that you can upgrade the item each time you upgrade your ult 6,11,16 or make it so you can add one of the other effects into the already bought upgrade like being able to buy power at level 11 after you already bought death or something along those lines, idk if this makes any sense but hopefully you get it :P
That is a pretty neat way of doing Viktor's passive, I'll pass the idea along.

Originally Posted by JohnnyBeggodd View Post
Ezreal, what do you think about a game mode in wich you choose a champion, and you get randomized abilities, except from passive, just for fun, in wich the map could be proving grounds?
There were a few games floating around in the Warcraft III days which would allow you to either play randomized champions, or make your own. It felt pretty neat for a bit, but lacked any real depth. Most games just ended up being luck of the draw. Sometimes you would get a character with no damage capability, and sometimes you would get a character with 4 stunning nukes. It was simply too variable to be fun consistently.

Originally Posted by matrinox View Post
Hi Ezreal, just heard bout the new champ, Thresher, from CertainlyT.

His passive is apparently an indefinite stacking buff that increases MR, Armor, and AP. Now, I heard that Morello said champs who can indefinitely raise stats have huge balancing issues, champs like Nasus, Veigar, and Sion.

Is this champ somehow exempt from that line of thinking? Or is Riot willing to allow champs with infinite scaling into the game?
We are willing to allow champs with infinite scaling into the game within limit. If we do it sparingly then it stays special. As for Thresh, he actually had a few ways of softening the problem. First, he lacks the base scaling for MR / AR that champions would normally have, thus making him focus on farming souls. Second, the benefit he gets from souls diminishes as he starts getting large numbers of souls. This allows the initial souls to be more impactful, while also softening the infinite scaling issue.

Originally Posted by NEXrevenge View Post
Why doesn't Zed's ult go through Zhonya's? (or explode right after)
He already has little damage, but this makes him downright worthless.
Any time you have two abilities say opposite things, one of them needs to take priority. Zed's ultimate states damage, while Zhonya's states don't take damage and can't be targeted. The don't take damage is simply prioritized over Zed's ultimate.

It is also a bit far to say that a single item that usually goes onto a single class makes a champion worthless. Try baiting out the Zhonya's with his other abilities. Or hold off on ulting until his Zhonya's is down. Also, his ult has a shorter cooldown that Zhonya's. So there should be periods that he can ult on her if he uses it on cooldown.

Originally Posted by TheEnygma View Post

had a weird idea for an ultimate which was inspired a bit by Final Fantasy VII. There's a limit break attack where you fire a beam at an enemy which then splits apart doing damage to enemies surrounding it but does reduced damage the more enemies are around. Do you see this working in LoL? Have it be range limited as well?
I have seen abilities like this in other games, and while it sounds cool, it leads to a best case / worst case problem. In the worst case, a 1v1, the ability deals next to no damage. And as an ultimate it is largely wasted. In the best case, a 5v5 w/20 minions, it instant pentakills. While we could bring these edge cases closer, there will always be a best case / worst case problem. Making the ultimate a waste some of the time, and overpowered the rest of the time.

Originally Posted by Valodor View Post
Hello Ezreal, The page about Champions on the LoL wikia has section about hinted champions and two of the hints seem to be the two newest champions so here is my questions
1) "A female champion who is "strong, non-sexualized, and heroic", initially designed to be male by IronStylus." is this Vi?
2) "A male support hinted by Ezreal." is this Thresh?
Thank you.
1) The strong, non-sexualized, heroic female champion made by IronStylus is actually Quinn and Valor, our upcoming champion.
2) And yes, the male support I hinted at was Thresh.

Originally Posted by GalaxyMarine View Post
Dear Ezreal,

Where have you been for the past 3 weeks?
I can only really answer this thread as thoroughly as I do every 2-4 weeks due to the sheer time commitment of it. Sorry guys.

Originally Posted by Rysan Marquise View Post
Isn't this because Malady works opposite the penetration improvements? It is a resist reduction, not a flat penetration increase, meaning it applies first. Functionally it is much worse than penetration (except it applies to your entire team) and takes much longer to apply.

Not only is it not very efficient, but it also doesn't build into anything later-game, making it an unlikely pick.
Ouch, I never really thought about it that way. It is interesting that resist reduction could actually be worse than resist penetration in some cases. I'll pass this on.

Originally Posted by Hostile Miku View Post
Aaaand you totally dodged my question

thanks for the 3 week wait
was really wanting some red insight on Sonas E

guess I shall have to write it again and HOPE you answer it

Sonas E is probably one of the weakest actives in the game, its mana cost is high, it does pretty much nothing for 3 levels, Jayce shoots it out of the water from his rank 1 E what is better then Sonas rank 5 E (better utility on a bruiser then a support by a loooong shot), the only thing keeping it alive is the powerchord

Please awnser this one...I kept it short just for you
Sona's E has four different aspects: It passively speeds up allies, it is a large area on demand speed boost, it charges up power chord, and it serves as a slow for power chord. Having so many different elements on one ability has diminished individual aspects of power. This is largely a flaw in Sona's design. If she didn't have the aura, then we could have likely doubled the power of the speed boost.

Now that all being said, it might currently be underpowered. As she falls out of the spotlight this seems like one of the first areas that we would boost.

Originally Posted by Seishin170 View Post
Hey Ez, how about an earth mage that uplifts an arena (like jarvan's ult) but instead of trapping enemys and allies alike... Rises an area of terrain with aura buffs/nerfs and enemys may choose between fighting on it or falling and taking damage and slow?
While that is a cool image, the gameplay is mostly identical to Thresh's ultimate. His ult is a ring that says, don't move out of it or else you'll be damaged and get slowed. The only differences are that parts of Thresh's wall breaks, and the visual differences (which are actually problematic, since any time you make something vertical you obscure everything behind it.

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Originally Posted by Ezreal View Post
PS. WOOOOOO over 2,000,000 views!!!
Next Dunk master?

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Originally Posted by Ezreal View Post
PS. WOOOOOO over 2,000,000 views!!!

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Idk if this is going to get read or not, but on the doctor idea, --- "Tamly - 3: Also can we have a witch doctor type champion? i mean there is a place called the Voodoo lands..." --- you could make it like singed's brother or something. I don't know if you want ability ideas or such but he could have that old bird mask that doctors used to wear so that they wouldn't get sick.

I'm not sure what lane he would be played in, but he could "prescribe" different pains and/or use the four humors (I think a mechanic like udyr's where he starts with all his abilities would be fitting here) as buffs to friendly champs and defects to enemies.

I know its simple and amateur hour quality, but I'm just trying to provide ideas to help because I think a doctor champion (not skin) would be great.

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Hey Ezreal, is there any way you could give an ETA on the next melee carry? Or perhaps a teaser of what kind of weapon he/she will have? Any information will do, really. Thank you!

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Ezreal please when is Pulsefire Skin going to become bug free? I really like the skin but won't use because how buggy it is.

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Hey Ezreal, (Don't skip question please)

I just was wondering your stance on Nunu’s ult. As we all know, while in a bush, Nunu’s ult is invisible, which can create some great “empire” moments. However, it also creates very frustrating situations for the opposing team (Hard to see, doesn’t inform the people that are in it well). Players should be able to see ability and be able to react to it.

In this thread Morello clearly explained that an ability should not be powerful because of lack of readability and he (riot) said (they have) no interest in maintaining that as a quality of why a skill is good - all skills should be readable and understandable.

Here is the post about "empire" nunu being a bug

So my question is simple, why do you keep Nunu’s ult invisible in the fog of war? I know that gives him power, but Riot should buff Nunu in other ways. Shouldn’t you be changing it like Cho’gath’s rupture? I would love some clarification. Thanks.

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My idea of scissors as weapons its something like a scissor disconnected by the joint and used as dual blades, that could work on a meele champ, and he connects the scissor when he uses his skills

Also, have you thought on the archetype of a shy/timid girl? Like with glasses and Jayce assistant, or Viktor's