Signed Skin (Rainbow Signed)

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I Speedkiller I

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Hi, fellow summoners I have this idea for a long time and I want to know your opinion on it and recently I wrote this message as a log to riot so.. you can put your input on hit too

Hi, riot I have been brainstorming a lot of skin idea's but so far one of the best skins I could think of would be "Rainbow Signed". In detail, his flip "E" would basically be a rainbow over his head,also his q would be obviously be a rainbow coming out of his backpack, and his "W" could be a water puddle with the reflection of the rainbow in it. For his outfit he could have a beret on his head, he could have a rainbow crayon on his backpack, his signature weapon in his hand could be a color pallet, and his suit could be a dirty robe with just colors all over him.For his ulti "R" I was not really sure but if you were to make it that his body could latterly change colors that would be cool. Another great idea for his signature weapon in his hand could be a painting of someone famous like mona lisa. Well this is only one of the idea's I have that I think is amazing so please reply on what you think even if you don't think its great I would love a reply - Speedkiller21