custom summoner icon,off -topic.

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majestic chode

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me i personaly would like the ability to customise your summoner icon, recently i bought and antuique gun tbh looks like gankplanks gun very cool and i would like to display it as my icon, further more a great idea would be to browse through all your photo files and pick one mabe or yourself or a special item like me.
or even your fav champion mines gankplank (going offf topic) mabe new maps mabe a cool idea everyone starts at level 18 with 30k gold and then real teamwork will be displayed and counter picks to everything and with saying that even a draft mode to ban even some items and players eg: (frozen heart, galio, banshies vail) things on those lines so if your team if full ap you can ban magic resist items instead of a player witch will add more counter picks to everything.
as i go on id like to say this is my fav game, please forgive my bad english and take only in my points not grammer, please leave a like if you did and feel free to talk ingame to me i would be more than happy also share with your freinds if you liked that much.
=) LoL>all