Sven the Hacker

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Sven the Hacker

Support, ranged

Passive: Debuffs doesn’t affect him as long as he have over of mana

Basic attack: Throws small glowing disks at enemies

Q: Buffs:
-Ally: Gives them all buffs, but none from the bosses, but it only last half the time from the original buffs and can’t be transferred to the killer.
-Enemy: Gives them a random debuff that last for 5 seconds

W: Clone: Creates a copy of himself and can place it near any ally or turret. Yet it takes 1/3 of his health and that bit become the clones health. The clone stays planted and will die once it loses its health.

E: Distortions: Every enemy with a range around Sven gets shocked and slowed for 3 seconds. But if an enemy is attacked during any of the 3 seconds their speed instead doubles for 1.5 seconds. This move is his weakest and is supposed to help with escape, not to attack the enemy.

R: Money: He adds up the amount of the enemy’s current gold and takes the average of it (the number only! He doesn't not take the money, just the number!). The amount goes to the damage all enemy champions get and half of that amount turns into gold for ally champions

Ok I know its not complete yet, but I want to know what you players think of her so far. If it's worth finishing up and if you players have any idea's for her and what changes I should make.

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Q is a bit too OP. Depending on the cool down, you could potentially give your whole team a perma slow on hit effect and unlimited resource sustain + CDR.

W isn't really helpful, think about Wu Kong's clone thing, that one is much better and doesn't cost you HP.

For R, people generally find skills that can give massive amounts of gold to your allies extremely unbalanced and OP. Maybe you should make it like 5% of the damage dealt is returned as gold to Sven?

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What to do with it then? Just saying its too op doesn't help

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feel free to review mine as well!

though this is a ver VERY rough idea i see many problems already, even with just the name. The League of Legends lore, though extremely broad, is not in the realm of computers. the only technology they have is Hextech or Jayce, Viktor, that type of tech. if he were to be able to manipulate the Fields of Justice he would not be allowed in for just that fact.

Q) give all buffs? so mana regen, health regen, speed movenent, attack speed, life steal, spell vamp, and MANY MORE? unless they are all at .001% that is totally unrealistic. also debuffing for a random stat on your is unreliable and would never be used. in just regular and makes your champion completely out of the running for ranked play.

W) take a look at how LeBlanc and Shaco use their duplicates and go off of that, 1/3 of your health could be catastrophic if used to try and escape or even rush in.

E) you forget that minions dont care if you have a buff on them, thus you are giving your enemy a speed boost 90% of the time rather then the slow.

R) again too random becasue the gold count is changing every .1 seconds, and if someone is saving up for a Needlessly Large Rod or a B.F. Sword that can really mess them up. on the other hand if they just bought from the store and have 3 gold, your kinda SOL.

plus all of these moves do not help one another or give any sort of synergy that allows for fun gameplay. also you listed her as a support but where are the ally buffs, sheilds, or general helpfulness that a support gives? please think all of this through and make your champions awesome!

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Ok, you need some Lore, backbone of a champ.

I'm not sure about the name, Hacker to me is someone who uses technology to disrupt someone else. If he had moves that disabled turrets and stuff then I could see it but none of his moves really seem to fit his profile.

So that being said if you choose to keep the name here are some ideas to help his skills fit his personality.

His basic attack should be pulses sent out of a laptop he takes everywhere he goes.

Q - like that guy said, it is OP consider switching it completely or completely revamping it, you shouldn't be able to randomly give your entire team buffs it would defeat the Jungler role, However if you made it so you could give buff you currently have on you to a nearby teammate, i could buy that.

I'm not sure I like the passive, being a hacker you should make it something like (When withing range of an Ally Turret it gains attack speed and when in range of any enemy turrets they lose attack speed)

W - again, not really a move that makes me think Hacker, you could tweak it to be so though and it will still retain your idea.

New W - (Virus) you become stealthed and create a copy of yourself that will auto attack any nearby enemies. If an enemy attacks your infected copy they will be stunned and it will explode dealing damage to a radius.

E - if you want to make your E an escape that sounds like a Hacker move then i have an idea, your current one is following the pattern of the others and sounds nothing like a Hacker, here's an idea:

E - (Sabotage): You quickly type into your laptop and send a virus to all nearby enemy champions Silencing them and slowing their movement speed for a few seconds. you could add a little bit of damage i suppose but that may be pushing it.

R - I suppose this sounds more like a Hacker, but it is much too complicated and will either be greatly under powered or extremely overpowered. instead try something like:

R - (Blackout): you send out a homemade virus to any target enemy champion or turret effectively rendering it shut down(stunned) for 2/3/4 seconds. Additionally, if the target is a champion it deals 200/300/400 magic damage(+0.3/AP)

Just some thoughts, if you want could you review my concept?
Eurus, The Approaching Storm

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passive: this seems a little strong. I would say at least, 3/4 of your max mana, maybe 1/2, otherwise this champ could go a long while without being debuffed.

q: this seems really.... I don't know. giving allies buffs, cool. but where would the debuff come from? himself? idk, this is a little tricky.

w: cool, but what exactly does the clone do? just stand there and look pretty? for this to cost 1/3 of your health, it should do something than just stand there.

e: seems like a good catcher ability, but its for escaping. I am not sure how often this would be used, because a lot of the time, the trouble is catching people, not escaping. maybe at later levels if the enemy team is really strong, but if you are dominating, then this ability becomes almost useless.

r: this seems like a gold steal, which generally, most people in this forum, including myself, frown upon. gold steal is something that I think can never truly be balanced because I believe it is not fun. you can easily shut down the enemies on every cast, not allowing them to buy items, and thus feeding your team to give them items. its just not fun.

overall: he seems less like a hacker and more like a trickster/thief. I am not entirely sure what to think about some of this stuff.

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iam PYR0

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Sorry this is my review... I don't mean to be harsh but delete all abilities keep theme restart when i saw this them i got excited and was expecting a well thought out champion and if not well thought out and complete at least thought out this champion fails all around in my eyes extremely OP and just makes me sad because this theme could of made an amazing champion