War Drums (Another Zombie Fanfic)

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I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING! "Zombie!! Work on Disrupting the Balance!! And what about The Leagueocalypse?!?!" Well, the problem with Disrupting the Balance is that I've heard they are going to change the Kinkou's lore and it would anger me to no end until I get it as lore specific as possible. Also, the introduction of Zed really complicated it and I'm going to wait for the lore changes to work on it. As for Leagueocalypse, I can't find any motivation to keep it alive. It was a fun story, but there just isn't an sort of justification I can hang onto it for. A lot of it doesn't make sense to me anymore like it did before.

So, in the mean time, I decided to write this story for a few reasons.

1. I like writting in first person more than 3rd person. Simple.
2. Riven is one of my favorite champs and always will be.
3. I don't see a lot of Darius and I like his character (not the champion)

Anyway, here it is.

__________________________________________________ ________________________

The day I signed up my life in the service of Noxus, the clouds covered the sky. The sun barely penetrated the dark clouds that loomed over head. The smell of rain was apparent and it was obvious that a storm was coming. The air was cool and nipped at any bare flesh that was exposed to the winds that blew past us. My coat flicked as the breeze soared, just like everyone else in line.

I felt so out of place, and yet so at home. Although it was permitted, a woman joining the military wasn’t often seen. I had barely become of age to speak for myself and there I was, standing in line to give my life in service of Noxus’ strength. I felt a lump in the pit of my stomach. Nervous was how I felt as I listened to the announced “Next!” in the front of the line. Each call of the word and we all moved one step forward almost in perfect synch.

It wasn’t until I had approached the middle of the line that the rain began to fall. Each of use pulled our hood over our heads and wrapped ourselves deeper within our coats. The pitter-patter of rain striking cloth became louder as the rain fell harder. The announced “Next” became harder to hear over the thundering noise. I remember asking myself why it was raining so hard. Was it the cry of a god or goddess? An expression of sorrow from a higher being watching the young men and women sign their lives up for war?

Each stop brought me closer to complete submission. I would no longer have my individuality; I would be only a number, a weapon for Noxus. And…I was completely fine with that. In my young age, my talents were few. There were few things I was good at. My one redeeming quality was my strength and endurance. It rivaled those of the best athletes of my childhood. It was the reason I joined the military, to improve on my strength.

I remember being next in line and having the recruiter’s eyes fall on me as he called next. When I approached, his eyes scanned my body and I knew he was both surprised and pleased with me. He looked older than most of the military, grey hairs lining his head. He had an eye-patch and a face full of scars. Frankly, the first time I saw him, I felt a pang of fear. His voice was thick and deep like church bells ringing as he asked me the required questions.

After he finished his inquiry, his eye fell upon mine and he grinned widely before stamping my papers. “Welcome to the military,” he said before chuckling and letting me pass the gate into the HQ. Entering the chain-linked gate, I saw many soldiers in the training grounds honing their skills with weapons. An assortment of buildings all stood beyond the training grounds. I assumed one of them was the barracks.

It wasn’t until I felt a hand on my shoulder that I realized someone else was standing across the gate. His face was hidden in the shadow of his hood. He took the papers from my hand and starred at them. After a few seconds he handed me the papers and pointed towards a large rectangular building. “The unit you’ve been assigned to is just getting together. Go meet with them.” He said. His voice was much lighter than the recruiter, but it was just as intimidating.

Without word, I took my papers back and headed for my designated building. Upon entering, I saw a group of men all standing in a perfect line. Each of them looked my age or slightly older. All eyes fell upon me as I entered the building. The man who stood in the middle of the room scanned me with his eyes. The entire room was silent until the man standing in the middle of the room spoke.

“You’re late,” the supposed leader of the unit said to me.

“I was just accept-“Before I could finish my sentence, the man held his hand up to stop me from speaking any further. Without word he slowly began to make his way towards me. I didn’t even see his hand move and before I knew it, my right arm was twisted into an uncomfortable position, I was on my knees and his leg was planted on my back. Out of sheer reflex, my left palm planted itself against the floor to keep my body propped up.

My teeth gritted as the man twisted my arm even further. I almost cried out in pain but bit my lower lip to keep from making any noise. “Your first lesson you will learn is that I have no time for excuses,” He pressed more of his weight onto my back, pressing my body to the ground. I felt my shoulder wanting to pop out of its socket.

Just as I was sure he was going to dislocate my shoulder, my arm was let free. Instantly, it flopped to my side. I could feel the prickling pain of stretched muscles still lingering on my skin. Each breath I took inhaled and exhaled a large amount of air as I recovered from the twisting pain. “Stand up,” I heard him say and was instantly on my feet.

I finally got a good look at my unit’s leader. He was a big man, almost twice my size. His jaw was narrow, giving him a sinister look as he stared down at us. He had long, pitch black hair that looked like thick wire that ran from the top of his head to the back of his neck. He wore thick platted armor with a pair of claymores crossed at his back. I remember so vividly because when you see a man of that strength, you don’t forget him.

“Because you missed my intro, I will tell you, and specifically you,” The large man said. “My name is Captain Rodrick and I am your commanding officer. As you learned, I have no time for excuses and no patience for slackers. Do not expect any special treatment because you are a woman. I will gladly punish you if you do not meet my requirements. Sir will be the first and last words out of your mouth and you better speak them with pride. Now get in line maggot or I’ll step on your neck till your brain floods out of your eye sockets.” His tone was smooth even as he threatened me which made it all the more unnerving.

I slinked away into the line of soldiers in my unit, relieved to escape the spotlight of Captain Rodrick’s displeasure. Taking deep breaths, I tried to relax myself and keep a clear ear for my commanding officer’s word. “Now, because we had the pleasure of having someone show up late,” Rodrick’s eyes fell on me, “Everyone except her owes me 20 push-ups. Make them quick, we have a long day today.” Everyone shot me a menacingly look as they all fell into position and began doing the required exercise at varying speeds.

Captain Rodrick looked at me, the single figure standing, “Do you like being put on the spot, soldier?” He stepped towards me slowly, his large greaves made loud chinks as he approached. He crossed his hand behind his back when he was standing merely a foot away from me.

“Sir, no I do not, sir,” I replied as calmly as I could.

“Well you better get used to it soldier, because I already don’t like you and I am just getting started,” he said to me in a low tone.

Once the group of men was down with their exercise, Rodrick stood back in his position and scanned the whole line with his eyes. “Does anyone know why I did that?” Everyone was silent until, another soldier spoke up.

“Sir, to encourage unity, sir!” a boy barely younger than me spoke up. Rodrick looked at him, a slight bit of surprise on his face. He stepped over to the soldier and took a deep breath.

“What is your name soldier?” Rodrick asked quietly.

“Sir, Alexander, sir,” the boy replied.

“What is your weapon, Alexander?”

“Sir, I use bows, sir,” Alexander replied. Captain Rodrick smirked.

“Bows…eh...interesting,” Rodrick said calmly before delivering a massive punch to Alexander’s gut, making the kid instantly fall over, clutching his stomach, groaning and coughing in pain. “Defend yourself, soldier,” Rodrick said, standing over Alexander. The captain walked around the struggling soldier before stomping on his back. “Fight me!” Rodrick commanded. Alexander tried in vain to stand up from the earlier punch to the gut. “Hit me!” Rodrick took his foot off of Alexander and knelt down next to him. “You pathetic insect. You are no soldier!” Rodrick’s tone had changed from smooth to angry. He grabbed Alexander by the collar and lifted him off his feet. “You see, maggots, this is why archers have no place in our military,” his indifferent face had changed to one of disgust. “Once they’re caught, they’re dead,” his voice thickened, but became softer.

Watching this act unfold disgusted me. I had been in that unit for a measly ten minutes and I hated my captain. Perhaps those are the best leaders, the ones we hate. I watched as Rodrick threw Alexander to the floor and punch him again. “DEFEND YOURSELF!!!” Rodrick shouted. Alexander could do nothing against the onslaught of strikes coming from the captain. I felt anger build up inside of me. Clenching my teeth, I could not contain it anymore as I watched Rodrick beat on the boy.

“STOP!!” I shouted, standing out from line and facing towards Rodrick. “Stop hurting him!” Rodrick instantly stopped his barrage and looked towards me. His eyes were as piercing as rapiers. He shot me a quizzical look before standing up. A quivering Alexander held his hands to keep from any further abuse by the captain. Rodrick’s eyes were locked onto me and I could feel a knot welling up in my gut.

The captain stepped up from pounding on Alexander and approached me quickly, placing his face merely centimeters from my own. His face was alit with anger. “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TALKING TO?!?! I GIVE THE ORDERS AROUND HERE!!!” he shouted. “WHAT MADE YOU GROW A PAIR?!”

I gulped before I spoke, “Sir, we’re a unit. We stand up for each other, sir!”

The captain paused before responding. “So you fight for maggots, is that it?” Rodrick inquired, his face slightly less angered and he had his smooth tone again.

“Sir, if that maggot is key to my success I will fight for it as much as possible, sir!” I retorted. Rodrick’s face turned into a wicked smile before he whispered a few words.

“Defend yourself,” he said quietly before throwing a punch my way. Instead of receiving it to the gut, I managed to deflect the strike. When Rodrick threw a kick towards my shin, I dashed backwards, ready for more combat.

Rodrick’s lips curled into a satisfied grin. “Very good soldier, very good,” he commented before turning towards Alexander. The captain lifted Alexander and dragged him towards where I stood, shoving him into me. “She is now your superior, she will provide you with everything you need. You will report to her, you will take orders from her and you will bunk with her. She is your new mother, momma’s boy. Is that understood?”

“Sir, yes sir,” Alexander replied before getting into line next to me. I could tell he was slightly annoyed, but relieved he was no longer getting beat on.

Rodrick stepped away from the two of us and looked at the unit. “I think that is enough drama for today, kiddies. Spend the rest of the day getting you’re self comfortable here. Since one of our soldiers showed me that there is hope among you sleezballs, I’ve decided to give you the day off to thank her.” Rodrick’s eyes fell on Alexander, “Especially you.”

We all watched our captain walk out of the barracks before relaxing. I didn’t realize how tense my muscles were till I relaxed them and found them to be slightly sore. Alexander made no time in hopping on his bed that was just above mine. I didn’t care about him to be honest; it was Rodrick’s abuse of power that made me stop him.

I stripped down to only pants and an undershirt, putting the rest in my footlocker, before slipping into my bed, ready to prepare for the ruthless day ahead. I could hear the pitter-patter of rain on the walls of the building. It was calming and I almost felt at ease. It put a small smile on my face.

“You didn’t have to stand up for me,” I heard above me. Alexander’s voice was quiet and I barely heard him, but he must have made sure I heard.

I sighed, “Don’t try and explain that you had everything under control because we both know how big of a lie that would be,” I responded.

“No…I’m grateful you did, but you didn’t have to. You had no reason,” he replied. I decided to not keep the conversation going. This made Alexander sigh before he spoke again. “If I’m going to be your slave, I should at least know your name.”

I paused for a bit before looking up at the mattress above me where Alexander was lying down. I hated my childhood name. This, however, was a chance to start anew. A chance to start a new life as a new person. Many moments passed before I finally told him the name I wanted.

“You will call me Riven.”


Alternate Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8698915/1/War-Drums

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I like it so far. Keep it up zombie. And dont let it die.

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Where are the zombies???

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The authors name is HuggableZombie, it's not actually a story about zombies =P

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Originally Posted by TheSalmonOfDoubt View Post
The authors name is HuggableZombie, it's not actually a story about zombies =P

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Originally Posted by Prozn856 View Post
He does have a fic about zombies, but as said at the beginning it has been discontinued, still worth a read