What if shyvs ult damage was reduced to 1/3rd, but you could activate it 2 or 3 times

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Originally Posted by xzarion View Post
No one uses her ult for the damage unless they're horrible. Taking away the damage from her ult is the same thing as removing the damage from Blitz hook (ie, you don't use it for the damage you use it for the utility).

I play AP shv and use her ult for damage. Also AP blitz and use his grab for damage.


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Originally Posted by Duke Br0heimer View Post
Where's your usual disclaimer stating that you're not a dev/member of the design team? :P

Kinda become your trademark man.

Yeah... but... 3 chances to interrupt spells? You can be a dragon in the fights, being all dragony, and then just fly again to stop that Katarina/Nunu/Malzahar/Anyone with a strong channel ult that you miss timed before?

Disclaimer: I am not a game designer, but this change would still be OP.