Kit Remake Contest Entry: Karma

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Here is my Karma submission for a remake contest and for your consideration. Below I begin with my reasons for choosing Karma, and then I discuss the remake and its implications. Enjoy!

Name: Karma, the Enlightened One
Champion Kit Remake Contest
Role: Mage, Support

Reasoning: Karma has long been considered a poor support, largely because she depends too heavily on items. She's also proved unpopular and impotent in competitive play.

Goals: I want to shape Karma's kit so she performs more flexibly as a mage or support, and has more impact in games. As her lore indicates, Karma is about balance: "That girl can not only weather a storm, but calm it." I aim to make Karma even more powerful under pressure and solidify the role of Mantras within her kit.

Base stats: unchanged. She has moderate stats all around with strong mana regeneration, and I believe that will work well with her remake.

Abilities' Changes Summary:

Passive: Inner Flame
Unchanged, mechanically. Will potentially shine stronger with the new kit.

Q: Heavenly Wave
Reduced base damage and mana cost. Increased missing-health heal ratio on Mantra Bonus, rewarding optimal defensive play.

W: Spirit Bond
Decreased low-rank damage and mana cost.

E: Soul Shield
Decreased low-rank damage and all-rank mana cost, slightly decreased AP ratios.

R: Mantra
Here is the meat of the remake. There are 2 significant changes I'd make to Mantra:
1) As Karma takes damage, her Mantras recharge faster. This fits well with her lore, and allows her more flexibility in using and combo-ing Mantra. It emphasizes her role of a mage you don't want to burst down without crowd controlling, or a support who grows in usefulness as she's focused.
2) Mantra-empowered spells go on a 1.5/1.25/1 second cooldown instead of their full cooldown. This is the reason for the reduced base power level of her spells, particularly at low levels. This allows for not only combos of QW, WE, and QE, but also multiple casts of the same ability, based on playstyle and lane/teamfight needs. Picture a Karma Spirit Bonded to 3 melee allies charging in to initiate a fight. Beautiful.

Ability Change Details:

Passive: Inner Flame

Q: Heavenly Wave
Ability magic damage reduced to
50 - 90 - 130 - 170 - 210 - 250 (+0.6AP)
70 - 110 - 150 - 190 - 230 - 270 (+0.6AP)
Mana cost reduced to
Mantra healing bonus increased to 6% of missing health from 5%.

W: Spirit Bond
Damage changed from
80 - 125 - 170 - 215 - 260 - 305 (+0.7AP)
60 - 110 - 160 - 210 - 260 - 310 (+0.7AP)
Mana cost changed to
Movement speed increases and decreases remain unchanged. Range remains at 800.

E: Soul Shield
Damage and shielding changed from
80 - 120 - 160 - 200 - 240 - 280 (+0.8AP)
60 - 105 - 150 - 195 - 240 - 285 (+0.75AP)
Mana cost reduced to

R: Mantra
The above changes are all due to the following changes to Mantra, so that Karma's early game mana costs and burst are kept in check.

Mantra maintains its 30/25/20 second recharge time and 2-charge maximum. It functions the same way exactly, but with two new effects:

1) Mantras now recharge faster as Karma takes damage. Shielded damage does not contribute to this recharge.

Rate: For every 1% max hp damage Karma sustains, she recharges 2% of her current charging Mantra. If she has 2 mantra charges stored, this has absolutely no effect.

2) Mantras now cause brief cooldowns (1.5/1.25/1 second) instead of ability base cooldowns. This allows duplicate spell casts, such as triple-shielding an ally or triple-bonding allies to initiate.

Soul Shield will not stack on a single ally, nor will Spirit Bond.

There are a few scenarios in which Karma will really shine with this new kit:
Early game burst/utility, even with the altered base damages and costs.
Anti-focus burst. If a whole team focuses Karma without CC, she could easily penta-Soul Shield for crushing magic damage and shield values. With enough ability power, health, and spell vamp, she could reach even more extreme numbers of casts with repeatedly-mantra-enhanced Heavenly Waves.