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Summer Wars

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Dis necro....

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Do you know why Janna has 475 aa range? it just seems kinda weird its not like she has tankier bast stats like morgana or karma.

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Originally Posted by gantz1990 View Post
Dis necro....
Not a necro... Ezreal is responding to questions.

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Originally Posted by gantz1990 View Post
Dis necro....

He still answering questions so don't mind the bump.

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Hey Erzeal,

Will there be a concept similar to Link and Toon Link, Pikachu and Pichu being in Smash Bros? Like Older version of Annie(that many wanted) and pre-mechanized&rebuild Urgot. They can have similar skills or same but more powerful but lacking in aspects that their younger/previous counterparts have and vice versa, etc. If not as a released champion but as skins?


edit: YAY! For looking over J4's ult bug!

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Hey ezreal, you've answered so many questions, and I really appreciate it. I want to ask you a question that I CANNOT find the answer to anywhere.

Why was ap lulu so nerfed? She was op, but now ap lulu mid isn't considered viable, and I remember specifically hearing that ap mid lulu was supposed to be preserved.

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What was that creep name from magma chamber ???

Also are you guys planing to revive this creep for future maps ?

Edit: I really want to know name of that creep.

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309 of 320 Riot Posts

Replies to pages 606-610.

As always feel free to check out my @RiotEzreal Twitter, as I'll always post in it whenever I post in this thread (just makes it easier to track).

Also, I'll be at the LoL World Championship Qualifiers on Thursday and Saturday, so be sure to say hi if you see me!

P.S.S. I updated the way I show on the front page of the @Ezreal thread to state last post date and pages answered.

Originally Posted by Gadu Bear View Post
What do you think of an AD carry that uses yo-yo-like weapons? Yordle or otherwise?
A yo-yo would be a very lol unique champion weapon that could definitely work. Though, before we go with such an off the wall weapon, I would probably start with something more innately cool like a whip or a chain + sickle.

Originally Posted by XxPlayerSlayerxX View Post
Hi Ezreal (some random questions for you)

1. Will there be more items exclusive to certain champions?
2. If there was one champion you could re-design, which one would it be?
3. (Not sure if asked already) Are there any plans for more game modes?
4. Could bots ever use different skins?
1. YEP!
2. Urgot and Yorick, no competition.
3. None are currently announced.
4. I would love to see bots get skins if we ever make advanced or expert level bots.

Originally Posted by Splinterheart View Post
Hey Ezreal,
After doing some research, apparently it was you and Guinsoo who designed Ashe the Frost Archer. (AMAZING CHAMP). I just recently picked her up as I play the AD carry in my team, and was looking around for her playstyle's and stuff, and found out that the community seems to really dislike her passive, which people consider useless throughout the whole game. Many are calling for a rework or buff to her passive (Personally I'm neutral)

I'd like to know your thoughts on Ashe's passive, if you'd be so kind.
Well, I believe the passive is slightly outdated at this point, though worked fairly well in original league of legends. Rather, the passive allows Ashe to do major damage whenever she enters a lane, be it to start laning or to start a gank. This allows her to start off with a nice advantage whenever she joins in the fight. Unfortunately, she falls behind in the steroid category in the current meta which requires attack steroids.

If I were to remake it I would likely change it to: Every attack increases your crit chance by x% (10%?) until you crit, which resets this modifier.

Originally Posted by AureaBellator View Post
Probably many people have asked you about the design of the characters, or that's what I think, and maybe the fact that someone else ask you again you seem tedious, but still, I would like to revisit that issue asking you a favor instead of making you a question, and this favor is as follows ... Could you change the character designs such as Caitlyn, Lux and Warwick? Or at least the first ... because Caitlyn skins are fine, I accept it, but the original design! I think it looks horrible ... And I have seen very beautiful Chinese designs for Caitlyn ... So please change that picture because I can not believe that there is one best and leave that. Thank you.
I am afraid that the design team has no control over which splashes we show in the game.

Originally Posted by Mirana Arashi View Post
Hi Ezreal

Thanks for answering these questions , sorry to bother you with this but something is really getting me impatient badly.

Since last year It has been said that Soraka was up for a Remodel , and I have been waiting and waiting.

Ashe's remodel came around May I think , and then It was said that Soraka's remodel was comming after her's.

Now Katarina relaunch(including a remodel) , came on this last patch , and the latest thing I could read was that Soraka's and Katarina's remodels were being made in parallel , so Soraka's should come pretty "soon".

All I keep reading is "soon" "Pretty soon"... No more hints yet , no dates , nothing , I've been waiting since last year.

Could you give me any Insight , please? Thank you.
Well, the Soraka rework just came out, so I get a freebee on this one!

Originally Posted by Sarusta View Post
Ezreal, I have a couple of mechanics that I came up with, and wanted to see what you thought of them as far as validity and possible implementation goes.

The first is a potential mechanic/skillset for League's own Invoker-styled champion. (I posted about this before, but you must have missed it =< ) Essentially, Q, W, E are simple spells that don't have many effects. Let's say Q = Skillshot, W = Buff, E = AoE. Upon activation of R, the player is given an additional menu which imbues their next spell cast with another effect. The menu replaces the normal skillset, Q W E are 3 different types of effects, R cancels it. A sample casting of a buffed spell would be something like: R W E, which would open the menu, select W, and cast E. It's a fairly simple combo that doesn't require too much memorization (and neither does the menu).

This is similar to the original Invoker in that there are a large array of spells, but in this case, there are only 3 methods of casting (Skillshot, Buff, AoE). This simplifies the Invoker's plethora of spells which each are cast uniquely, making him much easier to play. However, it still maintains his unique complexity, with up to 9 types of effects available on all his spells. Rather than having Invoker's ridiculous amount of spells where the player is constantly mashing button combinations to cast as many spells as he can, this League-Invoker would be based more upon his vast utility, having many different effects that will be useful in different situations.

The second mechanic is a variation on the traditional skillshot, what I'll be calling a pseudo-skillshot. Essentially, casting it is the same as Caitlyn's Ace-In-The-Hole, without the long channel time. It is a targeted ability with a high range, high projectile speed, but its' pathing is blockable by enemy minions/Champions. Rather than being based off the player's aiming, its' effectiveness is based off the player's positioning. It's not meant for enemies to block (it has no cast time, and moves very quickly), it's meant to advocate good positioning.

Good candidates for such an ability would be assassins and burst casters, who are naturally very positioning-dependent.
1) Unfortunately I have made more posts on what does and doesn't work about the Invoker style kit than I can take any more. Perhaps I'll get back to it in the future. Though I did want to post this thread to answer #2.
2) I think this is a great idea that we have underused so far. In fact, I hope to test out a character that uses this 'theme' a LOT. And yes, this character would either have to be positioning based or capable of opening holes in the enemy line.

Originally Posted by The Switzer View Post
Could you look at melee assassins more? You mentioned Rengar, but he's UP atm, and we haven't seen where he'll settle in balance wise. Almost no assassins are even viable at high elo/competitive play and the ones that are are VERY easily countered.

Akali: underpowered since dominion came out, not even Westrice plays her often
Evelynn: not an assassin anymore, we know what happened when she was.
Irelia: designed as an assassin, became a bruiser
Kassadin: if you're in draft pick or the enemy just knows to switch lanes, not good
Katarina: We'll just have to see about that. But you did leave her UP for a long time...
Nocturne: same boat as Irelia
Shaco: Probably one of the best on the list, only really countered by generally good gameplay decisions
Talon: Up there with Shaco, both are never seen competitively, Talon only really seems to be used to counter mid champs
Xin: same boat as Kat

None of these champs have fundamental design flaws (besides old Xin and Kat) and most have been viable before, yet all of them have been nerfed until they are either never played high elo or are very easy to counter, and I haven't seen any rioters talk about possible buffs. They all sit in that perfect zone of balance you guys seem to love where no one really thinks they're good, but they aren't bad enough for the players that like them to have enough to make a big thread about it (see Malzahar post-dreamhack). Also it's a pretty short list.

Will you guys please do something about this?
Assassins are not used in highly competitive play not because they are UP, but rather because it doesn't match their playstyles as much. Competetive players generally go with safer plays, with champions who can get their intended results reliably. Assassins simply have too much variance, and often die going after their main objective. So while assassins can go big and get 10/0, they can also easily not snowball and become weak at the end of the game. Furthermore, assassins prey on bad plays, and make their enemies pay for being out of position. Quite frankly tournament players make these play mistakes much less often than the average player, making assassins less viable in competitive play.

Additionally I would comment that there are a LOT of very good assassins out right now: Rengar, Kha'Zix, Kassadin, and Katarina (and I guess Irelia since you classified her here, though I wouldn't necessarily call her an assassin).

Originally Posted by Razoris View Post
What is your favorite Ezreal skin?
Well, pre PFE I always mained Frosted Ezreal, he is awesome!

Originally Posted by ShawNuff View Post
Are there any playstyles (not kits necessarily) that you want to introduce to the game that aren't here already?
Haha, there are a ton of new concepts in our back pocket, though unfortunately I can't really reveal any of them at this time as it would tip our hand to future releases.

Originally Posted by Lolgibby View Post
Hey Ezreal, when are you guys going to buff/rework items that no one uses in any champion's builds?
I.E: Cloak and Dagger, Eleisa's Miracle, Emblem of Valor, and Leviathan.
Are these items not just a waste of space in the shop, or can we expect to see see a Maw of Malmortis type upgrades from one of these?
We want to buff / rework / remove items that we find to be a waste of space in the game. Quite frankly if no one ever buys a Tiamat then we should either find a way to make it into an awesome item or remove it. Because yes, items which aren't used are a waste or space and act as an additional barrier to entry when trying to learn the game.

Originally Posted by Warkeiser View Post
Hi, Ezreal! I have another question, this time regarding manaless champions.

TL;DR for the sake of Ezreal's time - We should have more manaless champions that also have to worry about resources and get penalized for not doing so, like Rumble or energy champions. Why don't we?
I personally love the energy system and would love to find a new ninja that could use it. Perhaps I could hear a few suggestions here.

As for heat...well...I believe that this is a system that could work, but still requires a bit more finagling. We need to identify what is core and awesome about this system before necessarily attempting to make a new kit which utilizes it. So while we would love to see another heat based character, it will take extra rounds of iteration to ensure that it is awesome.

Originally Posted by MagicalVoice View Post
Hello Ezreal,

This is something that has been bugging me about League of Legends and the new champions that have been released for some time; what happened to fun and unique champions? If you are wondering what I mean by this, I mean champions like Amumu, Annie, or Lee Sin. Those are so interesting and quite fun champions. Really if you think about it, the last fun champion was Volibear and is kit is boring not to mention that it was an idea created only by high demand of players. I would like to see Riot go back to making fun champions that make you laugh a little as well as have a fun, unique kit. Maybe make a new AP champ that is funny like Veigar. Or make a fun jungler like Trundle.

I just think Riot has been making too many champions like Graves and Darius lately. They are fun to play, but don't have that originality or fun kit. Champions like Jayce and Zyra are cool and interesting, but don't have that fun Riot humor like a sad mummy or the tiny master of evil.

If Riot needs some suggestions, try using things from history. I wouldn't mind seeing a champion that is an AD ranged, but makes me laugh when I think about them. You could have an orge that throws rocks for basic attacks, or an old man champ that uses a slingshot because he wishes he was still a child. These are just things I came up with at this moment.


Why has Riot stopped making their funny, original champions?
We like to vary up the types of champions we make at any given time of our development cycle. Earlier this year we accomplished getting a few grittier champions, and recently we have been making more creature champions. In the future we would love to make a few kick back original champions. Give us a bit of time and I'm sure you'll be stoked to see the results!

Originally Posted by UberMEOW View Post
League needs more banana based weaponry! What do you think Ezreal? The more banana based weaponry the better right?
Banana Blaster Soraka!

Originally Posted by Dekorballord View Post
You know, I've been day dreaming a lot lately (and arguing with myself in my head, I think I might be going a little bit crazy) and thought a champion that is affected by the terrain would be really cool. Like, slight variations of the abilities in lane/brush/river and jungle. Possibly a skill shot that is a wave/knockback in the river a grass/snare line in the brush and a rockslide/stun in lane. I personally think that would be awesome, but maybe a bit too hard to design. I would REALLY appreciate it if you responded, and maybe gave a hint if you're doing anything like this. And on the remote chance you make something like this, or possibly similar, I know it's a bit much to ask but could I have a tiny piece of credit, possibly in the splash art? Thanks.
Haha, that is a really 'cute' idea. To explain, we use that terminology when talking about abilities that sound cool on paper but might not work out in the game due to technical or conceptual problems. I love the concept of having a rock slide here and an entangle there, but it just screws too much with the player's ability to use the spell that they want to use. The outcome of characters like this are usually a mishmash of abilities on their kit that accomplish too many goals...but still have a hard time using the right ones when they need them. Leading mostly to frustration.

Originally Posted by Dazschei View Post
Have you guys ever considered a champion that's like Wobuffet where it has no real damage output but is all about being a punching bag reflecting damage?
Unfortunately that doesn't really work in large amounts. Let's use Rammus as an example. He uses Defensive Ball Curl to disincentivize players from attacking him. However, as a tank, he innately wants enemies to constantly attack him. Thus, we had to put a taunt on the character, simply to make his core loop work. So the only way to really make a character like this work, while still being a tank, is to give him a taunt. Because think about it, if this guy is dealing no damage if you don't attack him, then why would you ever want to attack him?

Originally Posted by Iwinatlife42 View Post
So I saw you post about a champion long in devolopment, and a new assassin does that mean Tempus is finally coming? And is Syndra the long awaited gravity champ?
Syndra was actually the long development champion I was talking about. Tempus is still 100% in the icebox.

Originally Posted by Borunks View Post
Okay. I have a question. Season three is coming, and the same thing is on my mind as everyone else, what are the rewards for the season 2? Are there going to be rewards for being ranked at bronze, silver, gold, plat? I'm dying to know. Heh.
The rewards are pretty bomb imo, and I'm trying to go Plat in time for the end of the season to get the forum badge this year.

Originally Posted by Desaicedancer View Post
Ezreal, can I have a hug?
If you can find me at the World Championship!

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do you like waffles

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Just discovered the thread and bro I have to ask it.

I want a lasso, cattle prod, and 10 gallon hat.