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Originally Posted by StrictLand View Post
Please tell me we you guys will release more Shadow Isles or Void champions this year. (Besides the current Void champion you guys keep mentioning.)

They both currently only have 4 champions each and are my favorite champions.

It's rather disappointing you guys seem to stay away from these kind of champions, but focus more on humanoid champions as of lately. Zyra, Jayce, Draven, Darien, and Varus are human like and have no features that are unique. You know what might be cool from the Shadow Isles? An Undead AD Carry or Jungler.
so jayce zyra and draven has no unique features...

and a undead jungler... i suppose hecarim is not undead nor a jungler

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Hey Riot,
Here's an idea, and those of you who played Ogre Battle on the SNES might remember, but there was a boss battle called the Gemini Twins. You can look look up the battle on YouTube. Basically instead of one boss to battle you'd fight against two individual characters that acted as a single unit for some of their attacks. For example, one of their attacks would be one twin would throwing the other at you for massive damage. I forget some of their other attacks, but I do remember they were very powerful and a very cool boss to fight against.

Maybe put this "Twins Fighting as One" concept into a champion somehow?

To be clear, they'd have one life total. Hit one champion, you hit them both. Kinda like the Ice Climbers in Super Smash Brothers Brawl if I'm not mistaken.

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Originally Posted by Lazersaurus View Post
ezreal this might sound kinda stupid but are NOT going to nerf ezreal right?,after the pfe release is getting used a lot and has a pretty high win rate,but let's not forget that he is absolutely fine and by no means overpowered.

you know sometime i have the odd feeling that you guys nerf or buff a champion depeding by the fact that he is fotm or not
He is getting his W nerfed in the PBE patch notes.

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@edit: Ezreal you don't need to answer the old question
a rioter said he is going to get a 0.2 buff and its great

Also the new question: would be great to know what do you think about the current situation of Ezreal.
I always liked him and endured people calling me noob when i played as him. now that he is fotm I'm afraid of nerfs

old question
Ezreal what do you think about the PBE patch notes (the AP Ezreal "nerf" specifically)?
I really hope its not just 0.1 ap buff. its not a fair trade for ap Ezreal. I understand his AD side needed a little change but it hurts ap more

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Pre Production Champion Designer

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Replies to pages 576-584.

As always feel free to check out my @RiotEzreal Twitter, as I'll always post in it whenever I post in this thread (just makes it easier to track).

P.S. I'll be at PAX for the rest of this week so make sure to drop by the booth and say hi if you find yourself in Seattle!

P.S.S. I added a link to the latest post on the front page of the @Ezreal thread.

Originally Posted by EmmerMonster View Post
As a solution for pet controls, how about holding the key that summons the pet (In tibber's case it would be R) and clicking to control pet?
We just implemented a system that allows you to control pets by using the key that summoned them (ala Viktor's Ultimate).

Though to be honest, I still use the old pet controls because I have gotten used to them. Can anyone out there give me some feedback on how the new ones feel?

Originally Posted by Deimus144 View Post
Dear ezreal

Is there a chance next champ is Kassadin's Daughter? PLEASE! I BEG YOU! TELL ME THE TRUTH!
Well, we still haven't found the perfect champion to be Kassadin's Daughter (though I have a solid idea for the future). That being said, we will not release a 'lore' champion unless we believe they add to the game more than just a nice tie in from a bio.

Originally Posted by ORANGEMAU5 View Post
I dont know if this question has been answered because 576 pages are a lot but hows the elemental hydra champ going Ezreal? I will buy it 100% for sure! It is the champion I am most excited about after Xerath. Keep up the good work! I LOVE YOU
I put a fair amount of work into figuring out how to do the personality to a Hydra and simply could not find a way to make him non feral / beastial. Think back to all the hydra's you see in games and media (except for Takhisis though she is more of a Tiamat/Dragon than a Hydra), they are all beastial characters that the hero fights against. Hydra's are not known as anything more than mindless beasts...though as I say this...I just had a thought for how this might work...ummmmm....I'll get back to you...

Originally Posted by Raofwind View Post
I have a few questions
1. What are your thoughts on a AD spell vamp Item for AD casters?

2.So a lot of people want Kassadin daughter any change we will ever see her?

3.What would you subject about how to make Orianna better? Because as a ori player my self I only have 2 things about her that frustrate me her range on her q and how slow the ball is.

4. I here you based Ezreal off Udyu from bleach that true?

5.I hate how all the pets in lol are disposable and don't last long there just there for a little bit more damage. Do you think we will ever get pets that stay with you and mean something to you in lol?

Thank you for reading
1) I personally like it, though there are a number of reasons to avoid items like this. For example, we want them to be used on AD Casters...though they are just as good if not better on Fighters. We opted to go down the 'lets make it and test it for awhile' route for this item.
2) Perhaps, but only when we find that perfect fit. And only if the players demand it loud enough!
3) I believe she has gotten a suite of feel improvements and buffs since this was originally asked.
4) The character Ezreal is based off of a number of different sources, as are all of our champions.
5) Absolutely =-D, though I bet you can't guess what type of pet it will be...

Originally Posted by Bestower View Post
An AP Carry that's played like a ranged AD carry.

Autoattack damage scales with AP instead of AD.

Traps with various effects:

Bleed, poison, blindness, cripple(slow), knock up, knock back.

A trapping champion whose kits is entirely made of traps.

Could be a jungler but is played as a counter gank jungler instead of a ganker.

Traps placed around lanes to prevent ganks from opposing team.
I think we can make an AP who primarily uses auto attacks, though I question why you would want to place traps on the kit. That just sounds like either a trapmaster (which feels like a jungler), or Caitlyn.

Originally Posted by Fomorian27 View Post
Hello Ezreal! On the topic of making autoattacks feel unique to each champion, I just want to say that you guys have done a great job with the last few champions. Both Lulu and Nautilus for example have AAs that are really unique from others. I've also heard of plans to make AAs even more unique; with champions whose AAs have no travel time and look like arc lightning like the archon, champions who have no AAs and instead passively damage nearby enemies (I believe it was you who mentioned this one), etc. Are there any plans for a champion whose AAs deal pure magic damage? It's a pretty simplistic idea, and I'm sure you guys have covered it, but is there any reason it hasn't been implemented yet? I've always wondered why champions like ryze and morgana, who are throwing balls of energy, are doing physical damage. These two in particular would benefit from magic AAs since they also have spells that reduce MR. I can think of one reason why it wouldn't work: Autoattacking towers, since you can only do physical damage to them.

Also, are there any plans to make an ability like the Ricochet that Vanquisher has from torchlight? It's an amazingly fun ability, but does the terrain allow for this kind of interaction. MF's double is close, but not quite the same.
Well, in Ryze's original kit he had a toggle that swapped his auto attack to magic damage. Unfortunately we didn't have great itemization for that type of character, we also didn't really know how to make a mage who focused on auto attacks. This is a problem that I am sure we could solve with our current level of knowledge.

We have also tried the 'ricochet off of terrain' ability, albeit only internally. It ran into a number of problems... First off, it was really difficult to make it understandable to the player (i.e. where the shot is going to go). It also had the problem requiring an extended range after bouncing off of terrain, lest it bounce off a piece of terrain, travel 200 units and putter out. We also found a cooler way to do an ability like this, we just haven't found a character that it would fit on well yet.

Originally Posted by Shelo View Post
Hello Ezreal, do you require a map?
Nope =-P.

Originally Posted by ashxu View Post
When a champion is created, is competitive viability a factor in their design? Or do you guys just focus on how fun the champion is and let the community decide if they're viable in serious play?

Also, does Riot have any plans to improve champions that have "flopped"? (Sejuani, Hecarim and Yorick to an extent)

Not to hate on Riot but I feel those champions had good concepts but they just missed the target completely, with the result that not many people play them.

sorry if these questions have already been asked. Feel free to ignore them if they have already been answered.
There are a number of goals we keep in mind from the inception of a character. For example, a ranged carry that requires 0 CS is simply a no no. After we get past those simple requirements we tend to let the designer go crazy for a long time. Then, as we start finalizing the kit we do a serious balance dive into the character to ensure that they are viable to some portion of the playerbase. That being said, new champions are not 'required' to be competitively viable, though we would like them to be.

Absolutely, we want to go back and improve all of the champions that we feel have not hit their full potential. Yorick and Sejuani in particular require a good once over.

Originally Posted by Cyrus Blackmoon View Post
Wow. This thread is humongous.

1) Will hybrids ever become viable? I used to play Ezreal as a hybrid champ, and now that I'm picking him up again (due to the buffs to his mana costs and of course, Pulsefire), playing pure AD just seems awkward. And since items like gunblade have been nerfed, and there are more champs that are focused on singular stats, it doesn't seem likely that it will ever happen.

2) Could you have someone look at Viktor? His death ray seems to be bugged, in that it doesn't go the full distance, or goes invisible so neither party sees where it's going.
1) League of Legends has the tendency to go through phases. Heck, even individual champions go through phases. After Pulsefire Ezreal came out we found that Ezreal was actually one of the most powerful AD Carries in the game! This was after everyone said that he was dramatically underpowered. So my hope is that someone will find the perfect hybrid build that will bring characters like Hybrid Ezreal back into competitive play.

2) This is a known bug (and a difficult one at that) that we are looking into.

Originally Posted by Caporai View Post
Looks like both you and RiotSilver has Pulsefire Ezreal as an avatar.

Only difference is that RiotSilver have armaments at lvl 16 while yours is lower than his.
Haha yea, I wanted the level 1 variant since you could see his face better.

Originally Posted by RiotRunaan View Post
Mr. Ezreal, what's the future like?
You stole my 300th response for you =-P.

Originally Posted by Ordosan View Post
I've been wondering more about speed 3 boots than anything. is there anything in making them more ideal for people to actually get? like maybe the avoid unit collision that you had on the orig remade ninja tabi? i think it would be a lovely aspect since if you got spd 3 im sure its for chasing in combat so why not make it an ideal chasing boots? its an ideal yes? its not like im trying to create another yordle stomper or anything
We have tried that out internally and it ran into the problem of removing more gameplay than it added. For example, a tank's job is to get in the way of the fighter or assassin who wants to get to the back line and kill their squishies. Positioning and bodyblocking is a large part of this, and quite frankly permanent ghosting removes this play.

Originally Posted by Caosso View Post
@Ezreal Did you ever see that Lux's Ult sometimes go through people without doing any damage? My team mates and enemies realized this like 5 times in the same game.
Another question, are you guys aware that nidalee's health bar when cougar form is 'deformed'? it looks like broken or something...
I don't want to be a jerk or anything like that, but do you have any plans of buffing evellyn just for a bit until stealth rework comes (someday in the FUTURE)? Just a small buff, to make her viable again
It is an unfortunate visual bug taht we are looking into.

I'll pass the Nidalee bug on.

And woo for the stealth rework!!!

Originally Posted by exe3 View Post
Ok here's a big question. What's up with the constant changing of American splash art to Chinese splash art? I get that some art needs updating but the generic anime style of the Chinese art just completely conflicts with the unique American style (even the cool one's like Alistar). Not only that but now you've crossed the line to changing artwork that is still great and completely in line with today's standards (imo) eg: Twisted Fate (which had ALREADY been updated previously), a ton of Caitlyn art (which now doesn't represent her personality at all anymore) and the epic Blood Moon Akali. Ignoring outright terribad artwork like the cartoony Chinese Amumu the Chinese artwork that is of a good quality like Fiddlesticks or Galio still looks completely out of place next to the Varus, Viktor or Lulu next to them due to the conflicting styles.

tl;dr Why are you changing the American art to Chinese art? The styles completely conflict each other and just makes the game look worse overall. Furthermore why change GOOD artwork like TF, Caitlyn and Blood Moon Akali?
We always want to improve the overall artwork of league of legends. Put yourself in our shoes. We don't have enough time to go back and improve the splashes of all of our old characters, and skins. And we have these amazing pieces of art that we are basically sitting on for those characters (calling them generic anime pics is just silly, imo they are superior to a lot of our own work from over the years). So we can either sit on a free improvement and keep the old janky artwork, or we can make our game look better. Perhaps the better question is whether we should go back and make new splashes when we do have the time.

Unfortunately I don't have a good answer for the individual pieces of 'good' artwork.

Originally Posted by Refizul View Post
Hey Ez,

I know that the Project, Rob Blackblade the Dashing Rogue, got scrapped but I was wondering, if you are working on a simmilar Charackter ??

I think the League needs a Humanoid Rogue-like Charackter
Haha, Rob Blackblade is probably the single worst character we have ever made a model for. I for one am super stoked that we looked at him and decided he was not league of legends quality.

As for the league of legends rogue...that would be Talon.

Originally Posted by Aurora Hycan View Post
Are there any plans for a map with more player capacity than 5v5?
No plans currently.

Also, just to give you a history lesson on LoL, we actually started out as a 6v6 map in pre alpha. It sounded like a cool idea, every lane could have 2 champions (no jungler at the time) so no one complained about getting the solo lane. Unfortunately we encountered a major problem...teamfights were FUBAR. There were too many particles going on, too many moving characters, and most of all...too much damage. Players simply died before being able to do anything. Imagine adding one more AoE ultimate to that AoE Ult meta, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Originally Posted by M0nkAX View Post
Ezreal are u guys thinking of creating an other champion monk style(fists,kicks and things like that)?
Well, we already have a pretty quintessential monk champion, Blind Monk. Perhaps if we went down a different route, like a Chi Master, or an evil monk villain (think Cobra Style).

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305 of 320 Riot Posts

You stole my 300th response for you =-P.

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Yo Ezreal,

My friend and I have noticed a bug with the Pulsefire Ezreal skin. Occasionally, when you get a last hit on a minion, it will not register as getting the kill and it will just sort of die without any recognition of a gold gain. (We've tried this where it's the only minion around with nothing else to steal the last hit and it still bugged out) Is this being looked into?

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Hey, thanks for doing this!

1. Would you guys ever implement a "Paragon Level" type of system where you gain experience after level 30? The levels would provide no gameplay power.

It would provide ways to implement more customizations, and reduce the frustration of losing a game, as there are additional rewards for finsihing a game, so players always feel like they are progressing. The Tribunal could even be used to reward experience which could improve the community!

2. If there isn't a strong choice for an AD Caster item, why not switch the AD casters into scaling with Ability Power, as there are more itemization paths/options.

Renekton would become the Lizard Wizard!

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F5 Tartarus

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Renekton's dash has an extremely long cooldown, perhaps the cooldown could be halved if he didn't use the second dash. This could add an interesting choice to his gameplay; use both dashes for extra damage/distance or use only one but have it available again much sooner. I just find that it's often on cooldown when it's required.

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Hey ez, about the artwork question you replied to; I feel like (and I'm sure others will back me up on this) it's not about the quality of the artwork. I fully understand riot's desire to put their best foot forward when it comes to art. But let's face it, the chinese art, despite all of it's quality, is a completely contradicting style.

Take any chinese art and match it up to any american art. You will see that the chinese art is too realistic and detailed compared to the american art.

To be honest, I would rather you keep the 'janky' old art rather than give us the over done chinese art. And here is a reason why: how many times have you gone to the instore shop, looked at a champ skin, and felt a strong impules to buy that skin purely because of the epicness that was the splash art?

I know I have. Frosted Ez was my very first skin, I saved up my rp and waited for the day it went on sale so that I could buy that skin because I loved the splash art for it. That was the -main- reason I bought it. It made ezreal look like he could kick butt. But now that you changed the splashes, I have lost the reason I purchased the splash in the first place. To put it simply, I paid money so I could have access to that splash art in the loading screen so that everyone could see how epic ez is. And riot has not taken that from me.

Now, I don't really care to use the skin anymore. I don't like 90% of the chinese splash arts as they are out of place compared to the american stuff.

As a final note, I was seriously contemplating purchasing the bloodmoon akali skin a while back, but decided against it because I sucked with akali. But now, no matter how good I get with her, I don't want to buy that skin anymore because I don't like the splash.

Could you just give that some thought? It's more than merely presenting the best art you have. It is also about conveying the champ's personality through the art, and I do not believe that the chinese art does this nearly as effectively as the american art.