Togglable MP Damage Floating Text Shown Only One Tick

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Description of Problem:

With "Mana Damage" floating text activated in game, the mana costs of spells as they are used is shown in a floating text icon. As far as I can tell, when a toggable spell that costs MP to use is activated, it will only show the MP damage/cost for the first tick of the toggle. A good example of this is Singed's Poison Trail or Annivia's Glacial Storm.

It shows up especially well with Annivia's, because her skill ticks every half second, so it only shows up half of the shown mana per second.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Enter any game.
  2. Choose a champion with a toggle-skill that uses MP.
  3. Make it to the actual game
  4. Go to options, then interface options, and make sure the "Mana Damage" option is checked.
  5. Obtain toggle-skill that uses MP.
  6. Activate toggle-skill that uses MP. The floating text will show up only once, for the first tick of the skill.

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Thanks for posting! We'll look into it.