BASP (Version History and Thoughts)

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Blade Angel Sub Project
Welcome to my drawing board!
Original post
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I found it hard to trim my original post since there are SO many content. So this post shall serve as my drawing board and I will port the finished product in to the original post.

If you like this, like the original post! Thanks in advance!
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====Version History====

EDIT: I do not own the sample image(s) and music. I just picked the one that would express my idea the best off the net. Riven with wings IS my idea, the sample art(s) and music are not mine. If I do post original work it will be on this post but with iconic labels.

EDIT#2: It seems that people like the wing Idea but as for the feather sword, not as much. May need some feed back and ideas to build on to this skin idea.

EDIT#3: I have been checking my reddit posts and this post back and forth. It seems that people like Saber from fate/stay and would like to make it into a skin as well. Since this skin does not have clothes yet, I think it would be sweet if Riven has the frill dress for this skin, stockings and don't forget the lovely ribbons!

EDIT#3.n: Added LOADS of details.

EDIT#4: added sword ideas (check bottom of post)

EDIT#4.n: B.A.S.P. uderway.

reddit link:

Comment#1: 100 up votes! Thank you for your support and I will try my best to push this idea from imagination into reality

Comment#2: wow! 300 up votes while I slept for 7 hrs. Thank you!

Comment#3: 400+ votes! I would have never imagined this. Due to your support, I am working diligently to elaborate and expanding the skin idea. Please keep supporting this post so we can welcome this idea from the realm of imagination into the realm of reality!

Comment#4: WOOO! 500 upvotes! I am current working on the details to make this skin even better. Please bookmark this page and check back for details! Thanks again!

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Originally Posted by Great Lord Parry View Post
>OP makes a good idea

>trolls whining about a reference picture, thus OP is now -3 as of this post.

I expected better, GD. Jesus christ.

As for OP, I agree with your idea, thus, upvoted.
I feel that this thread is like the Riven Image that I am trying to make. It was run to the ground by trolls and it climbed its way back out from negative votes from everyone's support.

Angelic Riven will not only redeem but ascend!

Originally Posted by Capo Ferro View Post
I would use this skin every game. No lie, and I play Riven a lot.

Big +1!
Originally Posted by Vesh View Post
riot pls
Lets make it happen!