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Blade Angel Sub Project
Welcome to my drawing board!
Original post
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I found it hard to trim my original post since there are SO many content. So this post shall serve as my drawing board and I will port the finished product in to the original post.

If you like this, like the original post! Thanks in advance!
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Originally Posted by Mirage Night View Post
While we are at it here are her original Quotes: Any Ideas for updates?

Upon selection

"What is broken can be reforged!"


"Violence to end the violence."
"To serve the greater good."
"A necessary strike."
"It must come to pass."
"For those who were lost."
"So much death."
"They've crossed the line."


"Burdens of the past."
"Choose your own path."
"A sword mirrors its owner."
"What conflict awaits?"
"So long I've wandered... "
"Learn from your mistakes."
"My hands are stained."
"My spirit is not lost."
"How should I proceed?"

Upon using Blade of the Exile

"I am awakened."
"There is no other way."
"They cannot go unpunished!"
"The time for talk is over."
"I know my purpose."
"A moment of clarity."
"No more hesitation."
"Leave doubt behind."
"No looking back."
"Sacrifices must be made."


"A broken blade is more than enough for the likes of you!"

Taunt when using Blade of the Exile

"You are beyond redemption!"


(Sighs) "I knew I should have sprung for the blade warranty."

Joke when using Blade of the Exile

"This is why I spend so much time sheath shopping."
Thank you, Mirage Night, will be looking in to this and add to this section.

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Hi i like riven so much she is my main and this skin is like WTF too good for be real!
She will need some new quotes that fit this skin.

first of all she will be a good or chaotic angel?
i think she will be a good angel but i'll make quotes for 2 i'm not good with it and got a bad english, very sorry hope some ideias can be used.


good-Violence shall end! chaotic-Violence will bring your end!
good-For god's sake! chaotic-They shall remain forgotten!
good-Their lost soul will be punished! chaotic-Their broken soul shall be mine!
good-My spirit will remain untouched! chaotic-My spirit is thirsty for blood!
good-Glory to all remaining angels! chaotic-More dead souls to oblivion!
good-Death is no salvation! chaotic-Death to the weak!
good-My redemption is near end! chaotic-Chaos approaches!

good-I seek salvation! chaotic-I seek destruction!
good-I march to my resolve! chaotic-I walk in darkness!
good-My sword has the light of my soul! chaotic-My sword swallow darkness!
good-I move where my faith lead me. chaotic-The darkness call me.
good-Faith and valor is my shield. chaotic-My valor is broken.
good-My spirit will be reedeemed. chaotic-My spirit sink into oblivion.
good-Let god lead me to battle! chaotic-The battlefield wait my arrive.
good-Evil is near i can feel it! chaotic-I can feel the thirst for blood.
good-Glory to all. chaotic-Oblivion awaits.

blade of exile
good-Their judgment is now! chaotic-They will know pain!
good-No mercy for the evil! chaotic-Come to oblivion!
good-Hope will bring peace! chaotic-Darkness shall rise!
good-Demons shall be punished! chaotic-My sword is your death!
good-No one can escape god's wrath! chaotic-You shall not escape the chaos!
good-My sword is justice! chaotic-No one shall escape my wrath!
good-My spirit has ascended! chaotic-My spirit burn in darkness!
good-Their rampage end's here! chaotic-Their life end's here!
good-I'll test their faith! chaotic-No pity no mercy. Only cruelty!
good-The end is near! chaotic-Apocalipse now!

in death
good-To the glory i ascendchaotic-In darkness i'll rise



good-My broken blade will cut your broken spirit! chaotic-See it? it's broken like you'll be!


good-The final judgment burn like my faith! chaotic-Fear my blade and sink in darkness!


good-Broken sword, broken wings ahhh i hope i don't break anything more or i'll need retreat the battle chaotic-broken? i'm not broken this is a flesh wound!

good-now i feel much better! but why can't i fly? chaotic-good but who shut down the lights? (because of the dark aura it should have)