Fury Of The Jungle -Poem, A Verbal fan art by Iridium Devil.

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Iridium Devil



Behold, my friends, the jungles.
Wild and untamed.
Within are foes, wild and true.
They bring to foes instant struggles.
A foe is maimed.
This is the fury the jungle knew.

A quiet dignity surrenders thee,
Unto fearsome might.
A battle cry will shake the tree,
From there within you strike.
Let none question your lethal grace,
Let none disbelieve their eyes,
Let none blame you to save their face,
Let non hear their lies.

Your glory is breathtaking,
A sight to truly behold.
A ward, a sentinel, A guard.
Your speed is truly team making,
For strategies so bold.
We look to our jungles standard.

Watch the skies pass over head,
Hear the quiet coming storm,
Watch the fools not know they’re dead,
Until from fear they morn.
Such is the role, of our hidden friend,
Providing more in absences,
Then we in presence,
We, they fight, to defend.

Where would we be,
Without you here,
Scouting out new paths and foes,
Facing the lonely cold,
Without a single fear.
And now, for you, I finally see.

A short poem by Iridium Devil.

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