[Champion Concept] Morticia, The Metallurgist

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I was playing a random match where we had a Mordekaiser up top. He made a comment about his champion needing a supporting accomplice, a lieutenant or girlfriend. We laughed and we chuckled for a bit about characters and what not, but from that conversation Morticia was born. The Metallurgist is a personalized class I’ve used in some RPGs and have given to some protagonists in a short story or two. Essentially the Metallurgist is a lot like Magneto from X-Men, however their power can only be used on a handful of mystical metal orbs that have been attuned to the wielder.

Fun Facts

Morticia was originally going to be Mordekaiser’s second to whatever army he commands. However, in development she switched roles to be his adversary.
Her selection quote is a reference to the novel ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’.
The following quotes are song references: ‘I bid you farewell’ - To Bid You Farewell by Opeth. ‘Take no prisoners!’ - Hell’s Bells by AC DC. ‘I’m not down with the sickness.’ - Down With the Sickness by Disturbed. ‘Subject. Check. Location. Check. Desire. Check. Vengeance. Check.’ - Murmaider by Dethklok. ‘Ain’t that shame.’ by Fats Domino. Not metal, but it works.
Her second joke is an Addams Family reference where Gomez says ‘Tish, that’s French!’. “This. This is Metal god love!” is a reference to Jack Black in Brutal Legends; “I’ll be back, covered in Metal God love.”
Ulting and then having Lulu cast her ult on Morticia with Baron buff would make her the second largest champion after Cho’Gath. She’s naturally 7’8ish.
When in avatar form her shoulder drapes (I.e. the chains, ribbons, tendrils, nets and towel) become her “hair”.
Revealed Version

Morticia, the Metallurgist


Attack: [X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X]
Health: [X][X][X][X][X][X]
Difficulty: [X][X][X][X][X][X][X]
Spells: [X][X][X][X][X]

[X] = 1 point. Max is 10 points.


Carry, Ranged

Item Recommendations

Attachment 617759Attachment 617761Attachment 617762Attachment 617763Attachment 617764Attachment 617765


Metalweaver (Passive) -

Morticia's passive initially gives her one metal orb, giving an additional orb every levels and capping seven orbs. If all orbs are spent then Morticia suffers a debuff until an orb returns. If all orbs are spent her last auto-attack causes a bleed doing magical damage for each missing orb. Attacking again will cancel the bleed. Orbs return to Morticia three seconds after the ability is used. Auto-attacks also converts some of the damage down into a shield that absorbs physical damage.

Ruin -

(Innate) Gives permanent attack damage.
Morticia forms a metal spike that comes from the floor to deal physical damage. Having additional orbs will make Ruin available to use again, each spike coming from a different angle and doing less damage with each use. Cool down starts after first use, if additional spikes aren’t used after three seconds it goes on cool down. If all spikes are used on one target they receive additional damage and doubles the passive damage. Using this ability during her ultimate causes three spears to erupt from the ground repeatedly, causing true damage to enemies who get knocked into the air for 1 second.

Encasement -

Morticia shields herself, gaining a bonus to armor and magic resist. If cast on allies it only gives armor. If cast on an enemy it slows them for a few seconds. Morticia can only target herself OR two champions. Used in Avatar form it turns her target into a Metal Minion. If it's an enemy, they fear their allies around them and allies receive defensive bonuses. When the Metal minion dies it blows up, dealing magic damage.

Shattersphere -

Morticia throws orbs in a cone, those hit receive physical damage and gain the Wounded debuff which gives them a slow effect for two seconds. If the orbs do not strike a target they explode on the ground, leaving shards behind that slow any enemies that walk over them as well as doing a small amount of magic damage. Using this ability in avatar form causes Morticia to lunge at up to three targets. Doing physical damage per strike. Shattered blades causes a bleed effect doing magic damage over time. If a target takes all three hits, the slow and bleed turn into a stun.

Avatar of Metal -

Morticia temporarily consumes 4 orbs to turn herself into a metal juggernaut with a significant increase in attack damage, armor, armor penetration and magic resist. While the other three orbs they turn into shards that spin around Morticia doing magic damage every second enemies near her.


No one is entirely sure where the entity known as Morticia came from. All that is known is that like the similarly clad Mordekaiser, she unexpectedly appeared during a solstice. Emerging in the middle of Demacia's Midsummer Festival, she was greeted by a shocked crowd who first mistook her for the Master of Metal. After revealing herself more to the crowd they found her to be a fearsome, yet strangely welcoming sight. Entirely unlike her counterpart who only brought fear, dread and pestilence to those around him.

Within seconds Morticia was already demanding to be taken to Mordekaiser. It was during the trip that the Demacian guards filled her in on his whereabouts and his participation in the League of Legends. Slightly annoyed at what was needed to be done, Morticia eagerly marched to the Institute of War. After arriving she then demanded that she join the ranks of their champions giving no other reason than her simply wanting to. After careful consideration, the council agreed. Though when she turned to leave she left them wondering if Morticia had come to hunt the monster or join her master.

Champion Tips

Playing as Morticia

Be careful not to use all of her orbs at once as they are her life blood. When all are out she has no way to successfully attack until one returns.
Remember, Morticia is just as effective defensively as she is offensively. Keep your teammates in mind when unloading some of her abilities.
Avatar is a great initiation ability that gives her a large and ominous presence on the battlefield. She does damage just by standing near enemies!

Playing Against Morticia

Keep an eye out for if and when all of her orbs are out of use. If all orbs are sent out then she has left her open for a counter attack and cannot defend herself.
Careful that Morticia doesn't use her allies as bait as she can perform a last second save and quickly turn the tides.
When avatar of Metal is active do not stand near her if it can be avoided. It is best to either focus her or simply run away to prevent her from doing too much damage to your team.
Complete Version


The sound of cheering citizens and exploding firecrackers filled the streets of Demacia as the Midsummer Festival kicked off with a blazing start. Just as the sun began to peak the crowd went quiet as they eagerly waited for the shadow of the sundial to move into place. The crowd began the countdown as the shadow ticked away. Just as the dial reached its pinnacle the crowd was swept away by a loud pop.

People furthest away cheered in excitement while the participants closest to the sundial screamed in terror. They were horrified as someone, something appeared in the center of the large sundial. As one the crowd shifted, stepping away from the unknown entity. With some effort the guards pushed through the crowd and encircled the creature that appeared to be a huddled mass of cloth and metal. Just as the last guard took position, brandishing his weapon, the creature stood up.

"Mordekaiser!" roared several members of the crowd.

Upon hearing his name, the creature's head shot toward the people before it. The guards recoiled as they peered into the darkness that hid the creature's face. Standing to its full height the creature easily towered over the guards that surrounded it. Only then did they realize that this was not Mordekaiser but a female that bore a striking resemblance to the Master of Metal.

"Where is the one you call Mordekaiser?" she said in a cool, commanding voice.

The guards shook uneasily as the crowd waited in silent apprehension. Like Mordekaiser there was a certain aura about her that spoke of a high ranking member of some unknown force. The difference between the two was that although her armor and tone matched the mysterious alloy of the Master of Metal there was a significant difference between the two. Mordekaiser's presence brought corruption and illness where as this newcomer made the guards around her stand up straighter, feeling a strange sense of strength course through them.

"He's in the League," said one of the guards, as he crept closer.
"You shall take me to this League," she said as she walked towards him.

Rumors circulated behind her as she cut through the crowd. They dubbed her Morticia due to her similarities to Mordekaiser. They said that she was easily one of the largest people that they had ever seen. Her presence alone brought more questions than answers as to who the two foreign entities were. They could tell that this newcomer and the Master of Metal had be cut from the same cloth, but what kind of cloth no one could truly say.

Morticia was escorted by the Demacian Guards via carriage to the gates of the Institute of War. From there her very presence left those within her sight cringing in fear as they sized her up to one of the champions already associated with the League. It wasn't long before the giant of a woman, clad in unknown metal armor was staring back at the council through two orbs that floated ominously against a shadowy mask. The sound of them shifting uneasily in their seats filled the room around her.

"I demand to take part in your contest," she said in her cold tone. "I want to participate in the League."
"Why, if I may ask?" came a voice from a faceless figure.
"The reasons are my own," she hissed at them.
"We need more than just that to even consider you," said another faceless voice.
"You need only what I give you," she said coolly. "I give you my word that if you do not allow me this you will regret your choice."

The voices without faces murmured amongst themselves though Morticia could feel their eyes trained upon her. She could feel them shifting nervously as they discussed her and her demands. It was a few moments before they went silent as a group. She saw the council lean towards her.

"It is done," they said as one. "Morticia, the Metallurgist."

Morticia nodded as she turned to leave the room. Her cold, expressionless movement did nothing to cull the uneasiness that her presence had left behind in the Institute. However, it did bring up discussion amongst her new peers and colleagues. They couldn't help but wonder if this newcomer had appeared to hunt the monster they know as Mordekaiser or if she came to join him.
League Judgment

Morticia's heavy steps echo through the marble hallways of the Institute of War. Her presence is ever commanding, making those that pass her look back several times as she passes. She seemed to either not notice or not care as their eyes lingered after her and long after she had walked out of sight. Her face was as telling as her stance, leaving nothing but mystery to be questioned.

Something was pulling her through the Institute. It was calling her, demanding her presence and it was a feeling she had to feel before. After what seemed like hours of walking she finally stood before two large doors with a etching of a panther carved into each one.

"The truest opponent lies within," she read quietly aloud. As she reached up to place her hand on the door it slowly opened, showing her the empty darkness inside. Without question or hesitation, Morticia stepped inside.


The world around her shifted to a familiar scenery. It was the vault in which she should have been guarding. It was the place of her greatest victory though it also housed her greatest dishonor and the betrayal that built up to it. But there before her, an ancient amulet sat perched atop of a pedestal. Disbelieving this was real, Morticia reached her hand towards the item she was sworn to protect.

"The Amulet of Agromun, Master of Metal," she whispered.
"Yes, it is," came a familiar voice. "Have you forgotten already?"

Morticia spun to face the owner of the voice, going down to one knee before him. It was obvious that this entity held a significant age over the younger guardian who was now honoring him. He motioned for her to rise to her feet. She did as she was commanded.

"No, Elder," she bowed her head before turning back to the amulet. "Just honored to be standing in its presence."

They sat in silence for a moment, eyes set upon one of the few heirlooms of their people. After a time the Elder straightened himself up and smiled at the woman who remained transfixed on the relic. He stepped past her, planting a clawed hand on her shoulder. Silently, he motioned for her to follow him. She did so without hesitation.

"Morticia," the Elder spoke as they walked. "My time is coming, much sooner than I would like it to. It is for that reason that I am leaving you to uphold my vigil as the amulet's next guardian."
"I am unworthy of such a task, Elder," Morticia paused. "Mordekaiser would be better suited for it."
"It is because of that reason that I wish you to do it," the Elder chuckled before growing solemn. "The ones that believe themselves to be ready, unworthy, are the ones that should be entrusted with such a task. Ones like Mordekaiser eventually grow out of the desire to protect and succumb to the desire of wanting to harness it."
"I do not believe he would do such a thing, Elder," Morticia looked back at the elder who smiled at her.
"I wish I could say the same," sadness entered his voice. "But, alas! I must begin my final watch before I pass the torch to you. Go out, celebrate, enjoy yourself. I fear the next century is going to be a long and dreary one."

He chuckled lightly as Morticia bowed before him once more. By the time she had lifted her head the Elder had already taken his place in front of the pedestal. Morticia nodded and turned to leave the room. It was just past the doorway when she heard a sickening crunch break the silence in the room she had just left. Turning as quickly as she could she ran back in only to find a gruesome sight awaiting her.

In a bloody mess of mangled flesh and metal was the remains of the Elder. Looming over him with the pendant in hand was none other than the man she had only recently defended. Rage immediately overcame Morticia as she rushed towards the one she had once called comrade. Although she could not see it she could tell that Mordekaiser was grinning at her. Gripping the amulet tightly he took one swing at Morticia with his large morningstar. The collision sent her spiraling into the wall. By the time she recovered the new Master of Metal had vanished.

Holding her wounded sides she crawled over to the mangled elder. She knelt before him, cradling his head when he violently coughed and spat up some bile. With heavy breathing and jerking movements he grabbed hold of Morticia's arm and looked up at her. He gasped for air as she held tightly on to him.

"Elder!" she cried out. "I have failed you, our people, before I could even begin. I told you I was unworthy!"
"No, child," he coughed and spat up more bile. "He has betrayed you, betrayed all of us."
"Yes he has, Elder," Morticia sobbed. "What am I to do?"
"Protect the Amulet," he sputtered. "Become the Avatar of Amonrun."

Morticia froze as she held her predecessor. As his life slipped away she could feel his strength, his essence seeping into her. She could tell that with his passing she had taken his place. She felt empty for a moment, despite the feeling of power growing within her. Then her emptiness was filled with rage.

"How dare you!" she hissed as she grabbed the elder's neck.

The elder's eyes bulged in confusion as her hand tightened around his throat. Then, without warning, the expression turned from that of being choked to mockery then went entirely blank, erasing the face from existence.

"Why is it that you wish to join the League, Morticia?" the words entered her mind.
"I believe you know the answer to that," she hissed. "Now let me out of your illusion."
"Thank you for the insight into your mind, Metallurgist," the voice entered her mind once more as she began to squeeze.

The elder melted in her hands and disappeared entirely. The room grew dark around her once more as the large doors parted behind her. With an irritated snarl, Morticia turned and left the room in haste and entered into the League.

Upon Selection:
Something from darkness, this way comes.

I got it.
One click. ONE. CLICK.
If I must, summoner.
So commanding.

A piercing statement.
You’re in my way.
They’re lucky I’m bound by you, summoner.
I bid you farewell.
Take no prisoners! Spare no lives!

Ain‘t that a shame….

Subject. Check. Location. Check. Desire. Check. Vengeance. Check.

I‘m not down with the sickness.
If someone says ‘Tish, that’s Demacian!’ one more time…
You like the orbs? They’re not just for combat!
[Takes three and turns them into a hula hoop.]

Rustiqua Tribal Fusion
0:44-:1:03 or 1:14-1:38 or 2:43-3:20 OR any combination of the three.

Health: 431(+89)
Health Regen: 7.2 (+0.8)
Mana: 0 Manaless
Mana Regen: 0
Range: 555
Attack Damage: 50 (+3)
Attack Speed: 0.723 (+2.8)
Armor: 13 (+4)
Mag. Resist: 32(+0)
Movement: 308


Carry, Ranged

Item Recommendations

Berserker’s Greaves
Phantom Dancer
Trinity Force
Frozen Mallet
Last Whisper


Attachment 491563
Name: Metal Weaver
Effect: Initially gives one metal orb, giving an additional orb every three levels, capping at seven orbs. Additionally, if all orbs are out she suffers from a blind effect until one returns.
If all orbs are spent her last auto attack lingers causing the Embedded debuff that does 10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50 magic damage per missing orb over 3 seconds. Attacking again will cancel the debuff.
Orbs return to Morticia 3 seconds after using an ability.
Autoattacks on the target converts 10% damage into a shield.

Attachment 491564
Effect: Morticia uses an orb and erects a metal spike that comes from the floor doing 25/45/65/85/105 (+AD) physical damage. Having additional orbs will make Ruin available to use up to seven times, each additional spike coming from a different angle and doing less damage with each use. Cool down starts after first use, if additional spikes aren’t used after three seconds it goes on cool down. If all spikes are used on one target they receive additional 50/75/100/125/150 (AD) physical damage and doubles the passive damage through Deeply Embedded for 3 seconds.
Passive: Permanently adds (+.3 AD) Attack Damage.
Avatar: Using this ability during her ultimate causes three spears to erupt from the ground repeatedly, causing 100/175/250 (+.4 AD) true damage and get knocked into the air for 1 second.
Animation: A metal spike comes from the floor and lingers on the target for a moment. In avatar form three spears line up horizontally in front of Morticia and then go into the ground and pop up in a waving motion towards the targeted area.
Cooldown: 6/7/8/9/10
Cost: None.
Range: 620

Attachment 491562
Effect: Morticia shields herself with two orbs, gaining 5/10/15/20/25% armor and magic resist. If cast on allies it only gives the increased armor. If cast on an enemy it weighs them down, causing a 15% slow effect for 3 seconds. Morticia can only target herself OR two champions.
Avatar: Used in Avatar form will cause her orb to become a Metal minion which chases down and attacks them for 50% of Morticia’s physical damage. Using it on an enemy cause them to turn into a Metal Minion aspect which fears surrounding champions for 2 seconds. Giving it to allies will turn them into a Metal Minion giving them a 10% increase to armor and attack speed. When the Minion of Metal dies it explodes, dealing 100/120/140/160/180 magic damage to nearby enemies.
Animation: Morticia and/or allies have a metal shield that floats in front of them. Enemies have “weights” appear on their feet and hands. Metal Minions are just that.
Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10
Cost: 0
Range: 400

Attachment 491565
Effect: Morticia throws up to three orbs in a cone. Targets hit receive 60/75/90/105/120 (+AD) physical damage and gains the Wounded debuff which gives them a 20% slow for two seconds. If the orbs do not strike a target they explode on the ground, leaving shards behind that slow any enemies that walk over them as well as doing 20/40/60/80/100 magic damage.
Avatar: Using this ability in avatar form causes Morticia to lunge at up to three targets. Doing 90/110/130/150/170 (+AD) physical damage per strike. Shattered blades causes a bleed effect doing 10/20/30/40/50 magic damage over 3 seconds. If target takes all three hits, the slow and bleed are consumed to cause a 2 second stun.
Animation: Throws three large ball bearing sized orbs in a cone in front of her. They explode where they strike, leaving shards embedded in enemies or on the ground. In Avatar mode she jumps at one target three times, 1 target 2 times and 1 target once or three targets once. First two strikes shatter her arm blades, while third strike is a simple punch. The shards return in an animation much like Vlad’s Q.
Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8
Cost: None.
Range: 500
Quote: Watch your toes.

Attachment 491582
Avatar of Metal
Effect: Morticia temporarily consumes 4 orbs to turn herself into a metal juggernaut with a significant increase in attack damage, armor, armor penetration and magic resist. While the other three orbs they turn into shards that spin around Morticia doing 60/80/100 magic damage every second enemies near her.
Animation: Similar to Shyvana’s ultimate, Morticia takes on the form of the Avatar of Metal which increases her already towering size. The unused orbs turn to shards that rapidly spin around her.
Cooldown: 160/145/110
Cost: 0
Range: 0, self. Attack range reduces to 145. The spinning shards only affect a 175 radius.
Quote:This. This is Metal God love!

Overview of Abilities:

Morticia is designed be a ranged carry and auto-attacks similar to Ezreal. Her orbs are her lifeforce, so to speak. If she uses them all at once she cannot auto attack as her method is throwing one of the orbs to do damage, even if it’s throwing the same one VERY quickly. If she is caught in a situation where she cannot attack then the Embedded debuff is triggered dealing magic damage over three seconds or until an orb is returned. The bleed is nowhere near as strong as Darius nor should be as threatening. It’s just a small amount that makes up for the times where she can't auto attack.

Although Ruin, her [Q], is her main damage it is advisable to max it last or as close as possible to 18. It is one of the few, if only, abilities that has its cool down go UP when leveling it. That’s because by 18 the ability can be used 7 times consecutively before catching up to the cool down that starts ticking away after the first use. Each hit after the first does less than the previous strike but still do a significant amount of damage, especially if it’s to the same target. If the same opponent is struck all seven times they receive additional blunt physical damage and receive a Deep Wounds bleed which does a percent of damage done as magic damage. Using this ability while in Avatar mode gives it a true damage attack and a knock up instead of a bleed. The knock up can hit multiple opponents if it crosses their path.

Who doesn’t like a little reinforcement? [W] is Encasement which can serve as an offensive and defensive ability. Morticia can gain the perks as well! But it’s best used when targeting an enemy champ as it acts as a second Slow. Or targeting allies can save them from a killing blow or assist in tanking for longer. Using two orbs this ability can be cast on two different champions at the same time but if used on the caster than it takes both orbs to give her full benefits. Now, the most useful way to use it is when Avatar is active. No matter the target they become a Metal Minion. Or even if there isn’t a target, Morticia summons a Metal Minion. All at the cost of one orb. Allies affected have increased armor and attack speed while enemies get feared at the sight of their companion being transformed. If summoned, it attacks until destroyed. Either way, when it’s gone it blows up doing a small amount of magic damage to enemies in the proximity.

Shattersphere, [E], is mainly used for CC but has a nice attack damage added to it. Being orb dependent this ability automatically takes three orbs, or however many is left, to throw at a target or in front of a target to prevent from chasing or running, depending on which is needed. This switches from a ranged attack to her main source of damage in Avatar form. Used as the Avatar it can attack up to three opponents, one after the other, similar to Yi’s Q as it automatically targets the closest champs. However, the same champ can be struck multiple times and if they are it results in a quick stun. If it’s split, first two attacks cause a slow, which can stack and the third strike is just a high damage punch.

Her ult is not entirely unlike Shyvana’s. Avatar of Metal, [R], increases her size and stats by a good percentage. Doing so consumes 4 orbs during the time Avatar is active and three are used for abilities. However, she can still melee attack if all orbs are out as the arm blades she uses are part of the suit. She also goes from ranged to melee, essentially becoming a temporary tank. When not in use, the orbs turn into shards which spin around the Avatar, doing magic damage per orb to the champs closest to her. Similar to Nasus’ and Renekton’s ults in that aspect.

Overall, Morticia is a force to be reckoned with all on her own. The constant issue players will face is maintaining the orbs. After using abilities the used orbs need a few seconds to recharge and return before they can be used again. The shield gain is also a perk but not as effective as Mordekaiser’s is as she has more defense than him so the armor is not needed as much. It’s mainly there for survivability purposes but can be depleted rather quickly. I, for one, look forward to the day that this faceless wonder and juggernaut charges into battle on the Fields of Justice!

Morticia, The Metallurgist This is her default armor made of otherworldly materials. Avatar of Metal is the Avatar for this form.
Ascended Morticia This is a reference to Tyreal from the Diablo series. The orbs are golden. Ascended Avatar is the Avatar form for it, which is a reference to Protoss zealots from Starcraft.
Lady MorticiaEven women of battle can have some refinement! Avatar version is a recolored version of the first avatar above.
Shadowstalker Morticia Like Yi’s Headhunter skin this is a Predator reference. Associated Avatar may come later.
Summertime Morticia even the faceless Morticia enjoys a little fun in the sun. Sporting a towel and everything. The orbs are multi-colored.
ARAM Morticia There's more to the Metallurgist than meets the eye. Not only does she embody the hardened cold, smooth material she also holds its essence for battle AND great music.

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Riggs: "I'll be back. Covered in metal god love."
Ozzy: "Oh, god."

Bump for this Metallurgist!

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I edited a lot of things here. It was mostly grammar and spelling but I touched up her abilities a bit to give a clearer picture on them......but I broke the site when I tried to save them. So here's a bump while I try again.

....hopefully I won't break the site again. Sorry!

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With some of my more recent champs getting some attention I thought I'd bring one of my older ones up for some of the limelight. Bump!

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this champion is beautifully balanced, theres nothing i can say to improve the skills.

theres only 1 small thing with the passive: riot absolutely will not care for any champion that cannot autoattack. change it to blinded or something, if all her orbs are spent shes blinded. maybe even change the passive to metallic eyes or something :P

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The inability to auto attack is part of the character's mechanism of not wanting to unload all orbs at one time. But I see what you mean. I changed it to her suffering from a 'blinded' debuff. I guess the best way to do this (without making them metallic eyes :P) would be to give her a 'mock sphere' that does nothing but sit there to tease her when all of his friends are gone.

If you could, I'd like some suggestions to get rid of the X/X/X/X/X. I'm currently working on changing those myself, but I do have 10 champs with only maybe three of those with actual numbers in them. What would you say for 'Tish?

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Scratch that. I plugged in a bunch of numbers, scaling values, tweaked some of the tool tips and fixed some spelling errors.

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the reason why its hard to suggest x/x/x/x/x for others is because you cant have all skills of similar scaling, the owner (you) would need to come up with atleast one scaling for reference . also theres always one skill with alot more damage than the others, like q or e usually stronger than the rest. if you come up with one scaling others can contribute based on your scaling :P

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Oh, NOW you tell me. AFTER I did that. xP Did it for all champs but Pike, by the way.

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Updated ability icons. Also flipped W and E around.