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Thanks for supporting the Forums outside of General Discussion, I really appreciate it. (Even if not all the posts are pretty, but then again GD is never pretty)

Now for my other purpose in this forum. Something I personally am struggling with is picking the right champion in match making. My current approach (strategy) is to have two of each role so that I can be versatile while choosing my champion. I am efficient with all of the champions, but what I'm wondering if I should just try to be more assertive about the role I want (what I think will be most effective against enemy compositions) or if i should continue to try and appease my teammates by picking up whatever they need or don't want.

I feel like it's a really important part of league, and that I should give it a strong amount of forethought to increase my chances of winning.

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Try and communicate with your fellow teammates. If you can choose the role you want then that's good but if you are the last one to pick and is a role that you don't want or can't do, tell them that. Negotiate to see who can fill that role instead.

However if you can play all roles efficiently, in which you said in your post, then always try be the first to pick. It's always been first come first serve. However, if there is a troll on your team who completely refuses to fill in the role since hes the last one to pick, then it is up to you to see whether your team can do without that role. If you can't then i suggest you to wait till the last 20 seconds to see if anybody changes to that role. If they don't then it will be up to your choice- you want a good game or a hard and challenging game due to the lack of say a tank or an ap carry.

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You're welcome! I mostly just like talking about LoL and strategy, haha.

If you're significantly better at a particular role or two, say that. If you're competent at most roles, say that. That way, your team as a unit can work everything out.

Every time I enter champ select, everybody sees the following:

RiotTiza: sup team =)
RiotTiza: I main ranged AD, but I can top/mid/support if needed
Then, depending on how much people talk, I'll either reiterate who would like to play what, or point out what roles are left and who hasn't called something yet, so something like:

RiotTiza: still need top/mid - can Summoner4/Summoner5 do that?
When in doubt, first pick gets priority, and I try to do what I can to make everybody happy. I'd rather give up my main role and avoid arguments in champ select than be stubborn.