Just a little question!

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Lazy Jake

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Why is kog listed on the higher side of AD while looking at his overview and janna is on the lower side? I ask this because without items janna has more ad then kog.
Im not saying one in UP or OP im just asking why list it as he is higher in the ad side of things when hes really not and janna would scale just as well but the abilities are the only difference.

Kog Base AD 46 (+3 per lvl) total at lvl 18 no items = 97

Janna base AD 49 (+2.95 per lvl) total at lvl 18 no items = 99.15

im just asking is all not expecting to get bashed saying one is fine or what not because to be honest i think they both are and just want to understand why the overview says what it does!