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I have to ask, are you satisfied with the "Pet" champions currently in game? Is there any chance that we could get one with a pet similar to a hunter pet in World of Warcraft ever? (That is to say, always present and at least partially controllable.)

Characters with pets/minions are my favorite classes in all MMOs and I'm really quite fond of Yorick (even though his pets aren't very cool (they don't feel like part of his kit, just kind of an added bonus to his abilities)) and have even gone so far as to start using Malzahar as my AD carry.

Also, if you are reading this I have to ask...did you create Ezreal? I know its a stupid question but I couldn't find the answer and he is one of my favorite characters. If so, what other characters have you worked on?

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Is Tempus still "lost in time", or might we see him within the near future?

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Pre Production Champion Designer

172 of 320 Riot Posts

Replies to pages 481-490.

Finally, with these 10 pages of comments I will finally be caught up again!!!!!!!

Also, I always tweet whenever I finish a post in @Ezreal (Twitter: @RiotEzreal) (should be easier than sifting through this thread, oh, and does anyone know how I can look at the 'last' rioter post on a thread?).!/RiotEzreal

Originally Posted by Metronomotopoeia View Post
Fling? Headbutt? I've never really understood the double-standard here, with regard to movement effects (i.e., being able to move an ally can be frustrating, but moving an enemy can't?).

Could we have a brief explanation as to why that's where the line is drawn?

P.S.: Thanks, as always. You should has a blog!or something
That is a great point, and honestly one that I should have pushed for more. While movement abilities are not as painful as straight up banishes (you might headbutt someone into ashe's arrow, or keep them in line with it, a banish will never accomplish this), they also cause problems. On that note, I would like to see a different form of banish, one which makes the target untargetable by physical attacks, but still susceptible to magic attacks. Perhaps we will test that out in the near future. Great comment!

Originally Posted by LakerManCody View Post
OK this will get buried with a lot of other questions that are most likely better, but I noticed Lux had one of her abilities "buffed" so that she can leave it there to have vision, now the thing I wanna ask is why can't gragas Q barrels get the same treatment?

The only thing they do different than maybe damage is the fact Gragas' slows attack speed while Lux slows movement.
Having Lux, the Lady of Luminosity, gain additional vision is very thematic with the character's core design, making it easy for players to both understand and embrace it. That being said, we are not necessarily opposed to adding this to Gragas as well. If he needs a buff, this might be a good place to put it. However, every buff requires the time to enact the change, and the time to test the change. We cannot make changes to all champions with similar abilities all the time, it is just not sustainable.

Originally Posted by Zerglinator View Post
Yo Ezreal,

What do you think of an entirely Ammo based champ?
Well, if you are talking about a champion who has ammo on each of his abilities, that would require too much micro management of their individual ammo numbers. If we are talking about a shared source, then this would likely work similar to the Energy system, just with a smaller number. In that case, why not just use the Energy system that players understand?

Originally Posted by Nethelli View Post
Day off.
Have you been eating drugs?
Hate to say it, but I've been able to get through 20 pages of responses because I have today off as well =-P. Do what you love, and I love giving back to the community!!!

Originally Posted by Prince Kassad View Post

We talked before about the possibility of an African mythology-themed champion, and you said you were open to the idea. I read another designer (Xypherous I think) say that the design team didn't really know much that they could use for inspiration for an African-style champion.

Can I make a recommendation? I do not know if you guys like to watch animation, but there was a Black Panther miniseries made by Marvel a few years ago. It was very good in my opinion and also well-reviewed. Djimon Honsou (the guy from Blood Diamond and Gladiator) did the voiceover for the title character, and the animation was phenomenal for such a small production. It is one of the only animated series to explore a black superhero as well as African lore. If you (or anyone else on the design team who might be interested) like animation and have any free time, I would strongly recommend watching this series or at least an episode or two! Thanks for listening!

Link to the Wikipedia page for Black Panther:

Link to the first episode on Youtube:

P.S. An African inspired champion wouldn't have to be a shaman, although that would be cool. African mythology is very rich and there are a diversity of video game archetypes that actually have their roots in Africa.
Haha, my close personal friend Johnny Romita Jr actually did the art for that series. It is wonderful and I highly recommend it. This is an area which we will consider and look into. Good recommendation.

Originally Posted by Eserine View Post
From the massive number of posts I have collected on the subject on what players would like to see in a black champion (in addition to several other non-represented ethnicities) , there emerged a free online A-Z African god and mythology reference encyclopedia, along with several past book, film, and game recommendations.

Further information on these gods can be found from sources like Wikipedia, the Encyclopedia Britannica, image-searches, Google Scholar, etc.
Great site, I'll check it out later this week when I'm back at work. Posts like these really help out, thanks again!!!

Originally Posted by Caporai View Post
Will there be more stance champion like Nidalee, Udyr and Sona?

Especially Nidalee for the part because she got 7 moves, (3 basic for human, 3 basic for cougar and 1 for swapping between them.)

I did a champion concept here (Stance/Swap champion like Nidalee, although he can switch stance by using basic abilities):

He got 7 moves, 3 for offense and 3 for defense and 1 ultimate that both can perform:
Absolutely, in fact, the champion I have been excited about for the past year is potentially going to be a stance swapper. These characters have the potential for a tremendous amount of play and optimizing. Hope you look forward to it.

Originally Posted by Extinction1337 View Post
Ezreal, How disappointed are you that your legendary skin isn't out and we received no announcement about it on your birthday?
Well, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who wants Pulsefire Ezreal to release as much as I do. He'll be out, as soon as we can get him. I'll keep waiting with the rest of the community, because he's going to be legend...ary!

Originally Posted by Cryypter View Post
Would you mind expanding on this a little? How was it implemented? (range, ally use mechanism, targeting mechanism, etc.) What "awesome experiences" happened? What happened the rest of the time?

I (relatively) recently posted a champ suggestion that had a portal ult which could teleport multiple people, so I'm interested in what went wrong with your implementation of a similar spell (and hopefully think of solutions).
The portal ultimate was mostly confusing for most players. Namely, when to use it, why to use it, how to get allies to go into it, and how to use it in combat. There were a few good uses (blue pilling back with your carry and using the ult to get him back to the lane quickly), using it to defend dragon and nashor, and a few other quirks. The awesome uses were when teams were about to engare and Lulu changes the location of the battlefield (sometimes pulling her team behind the enemies, where they never expected them). Unfortunately, these cases were difficult to figure out, and often led to the negative cases (not wanting to teleport, telporting and dying, etc). The best version of it was a single cast that created two zones, where allies could stand in them for x seconds to swap between areas.

Originally Posted by BatLad View Post
Hey Ezreal, great thread.

Has anyone in the design team considered a stealth pet based assassin, perhaps something from the void? The key abilities would be the pet which can drift in and out of stealth (the champ can't). The ability to trade places with the pet (maybe only once it becomes visible again?). And some bursty abilities + maybe minor pet damage. Perhaps the pet could latch onto enemy champions debuffing or damaging them and this would alter the way the trade places works dealing good damage to the enemy champ.
Stealth pets are neat, but need incredible micro management. Unfortunately our pet controls aren't up to snuff to be able to grant the player a smooth enough experience to allow for this type of champion. Perhaps we will reconsider it when our pet controls are improved.

Originally Posted by ConnIsGay View Post
Just wondering how you feel about "immovable" lanes (usually top) like Cho'Gath or Warwick or Singed. Generally, you need to absolutely destroy them early and then snowball your lane solely to shut these champions down, and if you don't, they'll freefarm, avoid ganks due to sheer tankiness, and then offer similar (actually, generally more) teamfight utility into the lategame.
I'm generally not a fan. Immovable lanes are stagnant and boring, and for the most part simply PvE farm lanes where you ignore your opponent. I hope we move away from this sort of play in the near future. We have started down this path by nerfing lifesteal items life Wriggle's Lantern.

Originally Posted by DoubleJungle View Post
Hey Ezreal,

Have you thought about adding a champion that is all skill shots who's passive was that he gained mana/mana regen for successfully landing them?
That's a solid passive for a skillshot champion, or simply a solid passive for a skill shot.

Originally Posted by Hazzaman123 View Post
G'day from Aus Ez,

I just have a quick and simple question. What is your thoughts on an expansion of the jungle. At the moment when I look at the jungle I see three options. Either its afk farm all day, with the occasional gank, and participation in neutral objective fights. I see an early gank that suceeds, game snowballs ect. Or Jungle invades that snowball purely because your jungler is stronger than the other. I think the solution for this (purely opinion). Would be the creation (and yes i know this is hard to implement) of a smaller neutral objective. Something that although not team fighting for, would give the jungler a small advantage over the other, and adds a new level of difficulty in maintaining jungle. It also gives junglers somewhere to go besides the other jungle after they have cleared camps and all lanes are pushed.
Just my two cents.
Well, that objective exists in two forms currently. The dragon is the neutral objective, albeit it does call on the team's support. The sigils are another objective, albeit you've talked about counter play via counter jungling. Adding an additional objective would require new space in the map to place it, as well as a mechanic to make the laners not simply just come out and take it. For example, would could place a 'mini dragon' in Nashor's area until he spawned. And have it be solo / duo'able. However, monsters like this are weak enough to be killed quickly without any form of counter play.

Originally Posted by themufinman View Post
Hello Ezreal,

Im just curious now that im getting really into the game why it is that certain champs arent addressed in a more rapid manor.

By this i simply mean that almost any non premade or competitive game you see the same 6 champs being banned. Rammus, Morgana, Shaco, Kassadin, Shen and then a rotation between Sion, Tryndamere and Karthus.

I do appreciate that with many of these champions they are banned based on their kits making them to mobile aka, most of them can get across the map in a few seconds (shen rammus) or have some type of skill that gives the a free flash every few seconds (shaco and kassadin).

My question is, these champions are constantly banned because they are anti fun or just way too strong in some cases. So why arent they nerfed to a point where they arent permaban status. I know that you have been nerfing rammus the past few patches but the core reason hes banned are not based on his stats. And next patch your BUFFING the number 1 anitfun permabanned for life Shaco? Why? i dont get it, then theres other champs like morgana who havent seen changes in forever.

Hope i get some insights, thanks!
We constantly attempt to nerf these banned champions while also not over nerfing them. Rammus is a good example of this. We could just hit one of his abilities to oblivion, but then he wouldn't be played at all. As it is, most of our champions are balanced within a +/- 5% win/loss ratio. Making overly large changes aren't required to champions like this.

Additonally, some of these champions are primarily banned because of the state of the meta. Take Kassadin for example. We don't believe that Kassadin is overpowered, we believe that he will be seen as balanced as the state of the meta evolves over time.

Originally Posted by Dudoes View Post
Any thought on a champ that was based around the ability to toggle from ranged to melee?
Well, Nidalee does this now, and we might do it again in the future!

Originally Posted by Okohana View Post
Dear Ezreal,

I feel as though Evelynn has become pretty much a joke of a champion, I think she is now a days picked even less than Karma. I really liked to play Eve when she had that stun, but when she got nurfed and her stun got taken away, I found myself getting stomped pretty hard when ever I would play her. So will she be getting some much needed buff anytime soon? I feel like Riot is treating her rather poorly when she is one of the older champions in the game.

1) Eve buff will it happen?
2) Can we see a new skin for champs that only have 2 skins, (i.e. Swain, Cass, Karma)
3) Excited about the Karma remake, give it to me now!
1) Evelynn will gain a lot of power when the stealth changes are implemented.
2) We want to give all champions new skins over time. Just give it a bit more time, even Urgot got a skin recently!
3) Soooooon.

Originally Posted by In Sprata View Post
How did you get your name? :P
Well, I was in college and creating a name for the guild I was in for the game Shadowbane. And to be honest, I really liked the name Tyrael from Diablo, but I wanted to be sufficiently different. So I came up with Ezreal, and just held on to it since then.

Originally Posted by TROWAHC View Post
Hey Ez,

You stated in a previous post that a secret shot is a outdated concept, but what about a stash or vault. I generally main AP carries and Supports an have always found myself torn between going back to buy wards, potions or items, or going in for a fight or helping my teammates. Being able to buy these items before a fight then bing when I can to get them would be a big help. What are your thoughts?
Good games give players simple yet difficult choices to make, this is simply one of them.

Originally Posted by Foodhi View Post
With the pace of new champions being released, is there a point where you will increase the number of banned champions in draft mode?
We will increase the draft slots as they are needed. Right now I don't believe we 'need' any more.

Originally Posted by hitkilla View Post
Anyway that we could have a system that lets you vote on a skin for a map? I know the map skins are suppose to be for the holidays and all but just seeing green everyday for months ruins the game exp. a lil bit. or maybe have more map changes?
It's a solid idea that I can see Riot doing at some point in the future. However, any time you add the ability for players to choose minutia in the game, you actually split up the player base. This increases the time players spend in queues, so we have to be sure that players get enough out of features like this before we implement them.

Originally Posted by Yemathums View Post
Hey Ezreal, I had a couple questions for you about the industry. I am currently in school for game design, and was wondering how much of a place there is in the industry now for someone who is more of a designer and less of a programmer. I love design, art, and whatnot but I'm not a very strong programmer or mathematician. Are there still jobs for that sort of person, or is programming skill essentially required?
Most designers aren't programmers. Designers who have heavy programming skills are Technical Designers (like Brackhar). That being said, you should strive to get at least the basics. Learning how to script as a bare minimum for most jobs in the industry. I suggest StarEdit and WarEdit from the Starcraft and Warcraft franchises.

Originally Posted by BatLad View Post
Perhaps a hextech Skarner, with tank treads or some such, like an earth mover with a pincer instead of bucket scoop.
That was originally one of the launch skins planned out for Skarner. Perhaps a skin like this will come out some day!

Originally Posted by Catheryle View Post
First I just want to say thank you to your great works. Now for the questions/ "demands" (huehue):

1. I would like to see more a Disruptor kind of Support, not just an average Healer/Babysitter anymore. In DOTA terms it would be someone like Bane, who can put enemy to sleep, reduce their damage output blah blah blah. The direction u had with Lulu is great, she has one of the most disruptive spell in the game (polymorph aka hex) but I want to see MORE. Because shield is too mainstream.

2. A few pages back there is someone ask that Flash should not be able to activate when u have taken damage in the last x seconds, and u say it would be confusing. I believe otherwise as my experience with DOTA implies that the said effects make people thinks twice before doing something and prevent someone from going all ****** (before Blink Dagger can be activated whenever u can, people do stupid things, after they changed it, people complained a lot, even me. But after sometimes people get wised up and now only pro get Blink Dagger). An alternative of this would be the restriction that Flash cannot be activated when u are below x% of HP.

3. Give Taric some love plz. He falls off late game, can only CC one person in 5v5, dies fairly easy when built as a support + his heal is just terrible ( long cd + high mana cost, worthless late game).

4. Jarvan buff plz xD. Tweak his shield and change the way his Cataclysm wall works (impassable but can be crossed by Riven and Vayne dash etc = real frustration). May be change the scalling from bonus AD to total AD also. I would LOVE to hear the Demacia shout in tournaments.
1) We have plenty of champions like this, we call them offensive supports. A few examples of this are Morgana, Fiddlesticks, Lux, and Zilean. We want to push more in this direction for supports in the future!
2) As you said, the audience capable of using Blind Dagger was reduced dramatically (to pros only). That is not something we want to do with our base summoner spells, abilities that any player can pick up. As for the % idea, unfortunately that just makes players have to use it defensive earlier.
3) I'm afraid I don't know too much about Taric right now.
4) We're going to look into improving 'created' terrain at some point in the future. I'm sure Jarvan will like the changes.

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Originally Posted by Ezreal View Post
4) Honestly, I really dislike Urgot, so I'm not a big fan of seeing him in tournament games. Though the recent tournament game where he 2v1'd the other team was pretty amazing to watch!
also, I go into quite extensive detail as to why Urgot has seen so much tournament play

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Wow never saw this long of a thread with this much longevity.

May I ask, why even bother balancing against pub stompers, there will always be some, like Shaco and Mordekaiser, and you'll break their kit long before you make them friendly for newbs, yet, those newbs can just use the Tryndameres and Evelynns and just get carries by whoever knows how to play the same way they already will.

Tryndamere and Mordekaiser will never be easy for newbs to play against, for the same reason easy bots arnt sensible since a false sense of difficulty will only blind them of the tactics they need to learn to beat them. if you nerf them they will just move onto complaining about Sion than after him they will complain about Fiora, than nerf her and eventually you ruin the variety of champions and disappoint a bunch of players, and those newbs you protected from pub stompers will just complain about Xin, and Ahri, Leblanc, Shaco, they will never improve, what they need is tactical awareness training in tutorial to actually disengage losing battles, hedge, and counter build properly. In the end the nerfs just come full circle and your back at square one, except you alienated many ppls mains and ruined the game for them along the way...

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Ezreal, Will we be seeing any changes coming to Renekton in the near future?
Also I hear he has a new skin coming out

I also heard rumors about a 3rd egyptian style champion thats Related to Nasus and Renekton. Any evidence or is this a hoax?

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Originally Posted by A Tryhardosaurus View Post
I'm sure everyone has been dying to know but:

Can we get an idea (by that I mean, no "soon") of when exactly we will be getting our hands on Pulsefire Ezreal?

It's hard not to wonder because he's been my main for a while and a new skin would give me something new to play with other than the usual Ezreal and summoner's rift. In addition, for players who can only purchase RP once in a while, it helps a lot in managing RP consumption (like say if I wanted to use all my rp right now to buy some current skins).
That's what their goal is. You sit on the RP. They release stuff, you buy it, need to buy more RP for Pulsefire. Business as usual.

Also, I believe your question can be more eloquently stated if you had said it as a simple "PULSEFIRe EZREAL WHERE"

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Sooooooooo everytime someone says PULSEFIRe EZREAL WHERE is it delayed another week?

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To Ezreal:

Any plans on Leblanc? she eithers gets uberly feed, or become useless late game.

Will Wukong and Shaco Clone bug get fixed?

About Kassadin:

Her kits revolves on negating the AP carry, which on competitive game he either gets countered or banned, usually he gets banned due to the enemy countering him.

This is due to Kassadin mobility + Mres passive + Long distance Silence, its a problem with the Kit, pretty much like karthus or Tryndamere.

This generates a frustation effect if you are on solo queue or makes you feel useless on draft.

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Hi Ez! Question;

Why can't we sell back runes?

I mean, I get the 'risk/reward' aspect of the rune combiner, but mostly it's just frustrating. You either get something completely useless to the champs you play or a duplicate of something you already have.

Example - I was buying crit runes, spent x amount of IP (alot) on a set of nine, only to find out that I had derped; I already had them. I now have 18 of the little *******s sitting there mocking me every time I open my rune book. I hear there laughter when I go to sleep at night.

Can you PLEASE install an option to sell these back? Even at half price it would be awesome.

Thanks! =)

(Going to spam this post until I get an answer!)