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Originally Posted by Tentaquil View Post
THIS, A HUNDRED TIMES. i'm from Araucania and i would love this SO ****ING much.
Apparently, the idea of a Mapuche-themed champion is getting lots of support, so I thought I could throw out an idea.

@Ezreal (you are awesome),

A South American Indian-themed champion would not just be cool for diversity's sake, it would also be a chance to try out a new weapon. The Inca, Mapuche, and other nearby people used bolas for hunting and warfare (a bola is that thing you throw at people's legs to trip them up: It is a pretty cool ranged and/or melee weapon and I think a champion that fought with bolas would be awesome. Do you think it could work well in a fighter's kit?

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Originally Posted by Froghl View Post
I would like to know if in any near future riot would release skins for yorick and skarner
I agree, Skarner does need new skin's though he is a pretty recent champion.

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That Ranger Dude

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A friend of mine and I were having a discussion a little while ago about Morgana's ultimate and using it to stealth detect. Is this something that was intended for Morgana, or did it turn out to be just one of those, "Oh, that's neat!" sort of deals?

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Pre Production Champion Designer

170 of 320 Riot Posts

Replies to pages 471-475.

Hey Guys, time for another round of @Ezreal Updates. Here comes another 5 pages worth of responses. Keep asking questions and I'll be more than happy to answer as many as I can! The shorter the question the more likely I will be able to answer it.

Also, I always tweet whenever I finish a post in @Ezreal (Twitter: @RiotEzreal) (should be easier than sifting through this thread, oh, and does anyone know how I can look at the 'last' rioter post on a thread?).!/RiotEzreal

Originally Posted by Zidanic View Post
@Ezrel, awhile ago they said there was still going to be buffs for AP Ezreal (wider W better CD on W mana cost etc) are there still going to happen because they were put off being released because a tournament was being held at the time(From what I've read.)
We held on them for a few reasons. The main one was the tournament, however, that was not the singular reason we held off on the buffs / feel improvements. The live team was getting numerous reports that Ezreal was 'overpowered' in other nations. He also had a fairly high win ratio, which was not in line with what most players were preaching. So we opted to not make the changes. I'm sure a few of the changes, especially the feel ones, will make it in eventually.

Originally Posted by 3v3ryone View Post
@Ez is there any chance for some strong items that have high trade of? like very high stats and some penalty like - "X" % movement speed or "-X" % dmg etc.

let say that i want play support and buy strong support items (like aegis of legion but with 2-3 x better stats) the diffirence would be penalty which decrease dmg dealt by like 80% (so i sacrifice my power for being strong support) this way it wont make other classes OP (there was similar problem with locket back then)

Everyone would still be able to buy this item but penalty would make it balanced.

2. What do you think about removing RNG from criticals? making it similar to caitlyn passive (double dmg every "X" hits, like 10% crit chance = 1 critical every 20 attacks (since attack speed is capped at 2500 but it can be easily countered by items like frozen heart and various abilities so imo 20 is more balanced than 25)

It can even have some special animation like cait bonus dmg so it will make countering it easier early-mid game.
1) I'm afraid that item would either be unusable or overpowered. You would only purchase the negative attribute if you didn't care that much about it (i.e. dealing damage as a support). So the bonuses garnered from the negative aspect would be worth more than the negative aspect. Making it overpowered, or, if we balanced the power with the trade off in mind, not fun.
2) I'm generally a fan of removing most RNG from games, but even competitive FPS's have some soft 'RNG'. Think about those times where your weapons kickback accidentally knocked your sights up to get you a headshot. I think having a small amount of RNG adds flavor, we just need to keep it manageable.

Originally Posted by D E Merry View Post
CLG used Sona + Soraka bot, Karma mid, Janna top, and Taric jungle as an all-support team and defeated Riot Games (who had a normal team), and that's why I believe there have been so many nerf-remakes and nerfs for supports.
Haha, that has absolutely zero impact on our nerfing supports. That was a for fun game between ridiculously great players, and whatever rioters were around to play the game. They were super nice and gave us a fighting chance by running a really sub optimal group.

We have been nerfing / nerf remaking a number of supports because we believe it will make the game more fun to play and watch (check out some of my earlier posts if you want more in depth reasoning).

Originally Posted by Frostoad View Post
Is Chaos Witch Queelag in the creepy category?
Haha, oh yes it is. Think of it this way, if the character would literally make you shudder at the thought of kissing it, then you've probably gone too far. For the extra mile, if you would want to kiss it, and shudder at the concept of that, then that might be even worse =-P.

Originally Posted by Great Owl View Post
Fortify was removed. Although I know its hard to notice

Do you have any suggestions of where to look to start modding? I've been checking some sites out, but most seem to put up a pretty high entry barrier, knowledge wise, in order to learn from them.
1) Haha, wow, can you guess how often I used Fortify =-P.
2) I always suggest StarEdit and WarEdit. I personally started off with Starcraft I's map editor, and moved on to Warcraft's editor. I've heard that Starcraft II's map editor is top notch, albeit more difficult to use due to it's impressive capabilities. I would suggest starting there. Maybe figure out which warcraft III custom game never made it over and port it into Starcraft II.

Originally Posted by Arc Krow View Post
Heyhey Ez!

1) Was the character design of Ezreal based on Link? They looks like each other so much... What about a Link skin for Ez?

2) Did you guys in Riot thought in a game mode surely aimed to combat? We see a lot of people in Classic who tends to forget the true objective of the game and focus only in killing each other...

3) Shyvana is awesome.
1) Not at all actually. Ezreal came from a number of sources, though he primarily came out of the concept of an all skill shot champion. We wanted to make a unique archer who could materialize his bow whenever he fired it. So we looked into other games, comics, and shows which have done this in the past.
2) Dominion was really supposed to focus on the small scale skirmishes. If you want larger skirmishes I HIGHLY recommend ARAB (all random all botom). It's a custom game where the entire team goes bottom lane in dominion. It's a ton of fun...I think I'll go play one after I post here =-D.

Originally Posted by TonyWin View Post

Ezreal is my favorite character, however I do not approve of his dance, and from your previous post, you think it was Shurelia's doing. Do you feel any underlying animosity towards her for giving your amazing character design such a dance?!
Haha, I've gotten more than my fair share of trash talking because of that dance. Though however much I have disliked it, I have found that it makes him more memorable. What other champion has gotten half as much publicity for their dance?

Originally Posted by SorsScriba View Post
I really believe that EZ would be a more recognized pick if his shift prioritized champions. A slightly longer AA ranged would be nice (a bump of 25 would be perfect), but the change to AS is almost required for him to have a more rewarding feel.
Honestly, I am starting to become more and more alright with that proposition. If the live team can be convinced, I won't block it (where I previously have).

Originally Posted by PainfulStupidity View Post
@Ezreal, as always!

Do you plan to work on any stealth champions before the rework?
We want to get that Stealth update out ASAP, so probably not because worrying about more champions utilizing it would only delay the release.

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whats the eta on that rework

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Any news about yordle in a tank champ and dog champ?

edit: also thanks :P

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Speaking of map editors, have you guys ever considered creating a map editor for LoL? I somehow never get tired of playing SR and the occasional Dominion, but being able to make your own maps for custom games would be pretty nifty.

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1. When will my little Evelynn get a rework ?

2. Your awesome man!

3. How did you feel after you made your first champion to League of Legends?

4. Again your awesome man!

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Pre Production Champion Designer

171 of 320 Riot Posts

Replies to pages 476-480.

GAH, this set of 5 pages had a ton of great questions!

Also, I always tweet whenever I finish a post in @Ezreal (Twitter: @RiotEzreal) (should be easier than sifting through this thread, oh, and does anyone know how I can look at the 'last' rioter post on a thread?).!/RiotEzreal

Originally Posted by Arisonius View Post
Hey Ezreal,

I had an idea about Bot Games, bearing in mind who they are for:

Beginner Games - I think you should allow players to see the champions in champion select, and be able to click them and view their abilities. This would give a new player the option to see what kind of opponents he/she is going to be up against, and give them further ability to cope and prepare, before the game even begins. I am not even sure if this is viable, however, because I am sure if the champions are selected post or pre human champion select. I also think that beginner bot mode should be limited to champions level 10 and below.

Medium bot games - To get new players into the feel of actually playing against humans, take away the ability to see what bots are going to be playing against you, much like they are now. Make these games available through level 30.

Hard bot games - I think you should make these "Draft Mode" games to prepare fresh level 30's for the rigors of ranked, and make the bots extremely hard. The bots could ban random champions, or perhaps champions that are popular ban picks so fresh 30s get a taste of actual ranked life. This option would open up at level 30, and offer full IP rewards per game.

Just some suggestions. What do you think? =D
1) Beginner Bot Games: This is a phenomenal idea, my hat is personally off to you!!! That being said, there are two problems with it, but I think it should still work. The first problem is simply getting the tech to do it. Though I think this would ultimately be worth it just for Draft Mode. The second is that it trains players to have a crutch that they won't have when playing normal games. This might throw some players off and make them not want to make the jump. I'll have to think on that one more. But again, great idea!
2) Med Bots: Maybe, same arguments as above.
3) I'm actually the least in favor of this change. I would rather just add a new vs Bots queue, Draft Mode vs Bots.

Originally Posted by Gentlemane View Post
Ezreal, here is my question: when will Riot make the necessary changes and nerfs to last year's/legacy champions in order to make them as balanced, fun and thematically-wise like this year champions?

Example: Sion's stun seems unfair for a champion that easy to use (specially if you go AD because of that much shield and lifesteal) while Brand has to chain 2 spells of more to get a stun on his skillshot. If Gangplank needs a slow to follow and kill someone hell he CAN, while Sejuani... literally falls behind.
We will continue making improvements to our champions each and every patch. You can even see how the Live Team has been doing a better and better job by looking at the champion viability in tournaments (4 months ago roughly 50 champions were picked or banned, now over 70 are picked or banned).

I'm afraid individual abilities can have differing power levels based on what champion they are placed on. A 2 second stun on a champion like Sion is acceptable in our opinion, though you wouldn't be able to place that on an AD carry. Take for example Brand, he has a ton more range, damage, and harass. So it doesn't matter if he has to take extra steps to achieve the same stun duration.

Originally Posted by Rthx View Post
Ez, 2 questions:

Why did you make Teemo so cute?

Would you guys mind giving him 25 extra AA range so he can be kinda better as AD bot lane? I've played him a lot in that role and he is very strong thanks to his kit, but I cant help but feel that 500 is too short for a champion with no blink, no survivability (like Graves' passive) and such a global taunt.

Thank you very much for all your answers so far, you rock!

Honestly if his range is only 500, then we should probably increase it to 525. I'll look into that.

Originally Posted by reaxz View Post
Hey, ezz
Just a qucik question if are u planning to make another sinister champ like nocturne or some dark champion
We really should work on a Dark Mage champion, give it time.

Originally Posted by Jmastersam View Post
1. Who do you think are the most underpowered and overpowered champion right now, and if you can reveal who will be getting a nerf/buff?
2. Do you believe the meta will change soon (im tired of banning kassadin and shaco)
3. I know you have been asked a billion times about ezreal and his buffs, but any new info on slight buffs towards cait and ezreal? Too me there not underpowered but for sure 2 of the weaker ad carries (not including twitch)
4. What do you think of this new Urgot bot lane?
5. Why you so nice
6. Some top lane champions are slowly falling apart, Chogath and Singed, any news on them?

I wish i could ask 1000 questions but ill hold myself from doing that. Thanks for your time, ill be sure to comment again.
1) I honestly don't have a great answer for you. I think Evelynn might be the weakest champion right now...and...perhaps Blind Monk is the most powerful... I'm really not sure, this is all personal preference.
2) What part of the meta requires a Kassadin and Shaco in every game?
3) No updates for now.
4) Honestly, I really dislike Urgot, so I'm not a big fan of seeing him in tournament games. Though the recent tournament game where he 2v1'd the other team was pretty amazing to watch!
5) Common misconception =-P.
6) I haven't heard of this, though I have wanted heavy sustain champions like Cho'Gath to fall out of the meta. Why do you think this is occurring?

Originally Posted by Teekink View Post
Hey Ezreal,

Long time Mundo player here. Classick said that some of my ideas for Mundo were well done. But, I think that a big part of playing Mundo, and a big part of playing against him, is ignite. It doesn't really feel fun to play against sometimes, especially when the enemy champion normally gets ignite anyways, such as LeBlanc or Annie. I'm fine with having counters (even if they are somewhat binary counters, like the old dodge/SotD counter mechanics), but giving them to a champion from the very beginning of the game seems unfair.

Is there any chance you will add more items that have healing debuffs while removing the healing reduction on ignite?
I have been pushing for that for months. I would love to see morello's evil tomb become a caster's anti healing, and go back to old executioners calling (passive rather than active). Here's crossing my fingers!

Originally Posted by Bubury View Post
Why does riot buff champions that are already considered viable (olaf and ww) but they dont do anything to champions that are crushed in the current meta game like sejuani and katarina?
Some problems are answered easier than others. Katarina, for example, is not an easy problem to solve. If she becomes too powerful then she becomes a pub stomper, if we change her too much then she doesn't retain her feel. I'm afraid I don't have a better answer for you.

Originally Posted by Lúst View Post
Ezreal, what ever happened to the short range dash that was being talked about back before S2 started.
Fill me in, what short range dash are you talking about?

Originally Posted by Dirty Foot View Post
I got really excited when I saw you respond to this. Then I got really sad when I saw absolutely no suggestion that you were going to address any of them.

Even the item diversity problem just looks like you're going to throw us more aura or defensive items. It's not just the diversity of items we want, it's the POWER of them. I can tell by your tone that the balance department still thinks that creating more support items is the perfect solution (it's not), when you should be focusing on the game's economy in general. Someone over there has to know how to use a spreadsheet, why the hell do you still think adding more support items is the solution? If they're strong enough to make an impact, carries and bruisers are just going to grab them as well.

That isn't going to happen when you guys refuse to acknowledge that the 0 CS is a problem for many reasons. Trying to sidestep it is kind of being lazy. Lanes are generally stale and unfun because of 0 CS. Watching you guys keep try to downplay the strong correlation between the two is like watching an alcoholic struggle with admitting they have a problem; everyone knows it's there, they just won't admit it.
I don't understand what you're going for here. I think we have said straight out that we dislike 0 CS gameplay, and are looking for solutions to the problem. Saying that we aren't is just wrong. We aren't stating solutions because there is simply no perfect solution short of changing core game systems (which we aren't prepared to do). We have however found ways to lessen the pains that the 0 CS meta has given to us. More item selection makes supports more fun, less sustain and more harass makes those lanes more fun to play and watch, and adding more active/fun (Lulu) supports will improve their health. On top of this, there is a rather large subset of players who actually enjoy the non stressful playstyle of not having to last hit constantly.

Originally Posted by Pterodactyl Man View Post
re: talking about a new void champion

This wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that you were talking about Kassadin's daughter earlier as well, would it Ez?

Because let me be frank with you, releasing a void-corrupted lady is a fast track to getting RP from me. Bonus points if she's in a classy dress with a high collar not showing any skin. Because that's god**** sexy.
Maybe =-D, I hear she's a pretty neat concept. But who knows, only time will tell ;-).

Originally Posted by IntuitionaL View Post
Since you like quick choppy questions here is one.

How do you feel about visual/audio representations of skill leveling? To clarify, notice how Irelia's hiten style (W) glows when it is leveled up and upon learning silver bolts for the first time as Vayne, she will either say 'Silver of the moon', 'Purify with silver' or 'The purifying element'.

They give the opposition an idea of your skill leveling and although it's not a big of a deal, it is still a slight advantage.

Personally I like the little added effects but I wanted to know your opinion as a designer.
I think it's pretty awesome whenever we add it. True, it does give a slight amount of information to the enemy player, and knowledge is power. But we feel that this slight amount of knowledge is worth the coolness factor that it adds.

Originally Posted by Damie904 View Post
Ez do you think a champion who had a completely global kit would be overpowered?
For example, he has a hovering satellite(or any form of global weaponry) that can buff any ally, debuff any enemy, shoot down an aoe blast,shoot down a huge ray beam in a path, or things like that on any place on the map.
We have considered it in the past, albeit it was pre release. It is cool in concept, but has a number of flaws. Global abilities tend to require a certain, size, in order to make them understandable. Having an entire kit which requires you to explain what is happening on a global scale would be loud. Then there is the problem of power. Being able to have your abilities affect anywhere on the map is a large amount of power, one that we would have to balance for. This means we would have to trim power from the overall kit, making the champion less fun in that respect.

Originally Posted by firewill View Post
Hey Ez, love your champs, so I'd like to ask:

What's the main thing companies look for in a game designer?
did you do a carreer in 2D design, computer design, literature? ( taking a wild guess here)
did they pay more attention to where you attended college?, your portfolio?, an interview?
how do you communicate the looks and personality of your champs to the artists?

Im very interested in the matter, so Im sorry if it's a lengthy question and Im also sorry if some of them have already been answered, but as you might imagine, no sane person would read 480 pages.
1) There are a number of critical skills. Core intellect, problem solving, communication, and ideation are just a few of the skills we look for.
2) I was one of those lucky designers who stepped out of school and hopped right into game design (I double majored in psych and economics).
3) While going to a great college helps, it doesn't actually affect your capability of getting a position that greatly. You can be a great designer without having a college education. The interview is what we look at the most.
4) We hop into a room with a designer, creative designer, and two artists to go over what our collective vision of a champion is. It isn't just the designer, it's a collaborative matter.

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Can we get a slight remodel of the ingame shop interface?

Currently, we have one "tab" that is holding one group of items. Movement speed.

Can we perhaps remove this and replace it with a "utility" section? Place all the GP/10 items in there(maybe), all the aura items in there, all the items with actives and, all the movement speed items.

This makes it easier for support to get to their Randin's or Shurelya's Reverie or the Aegis.

Just something I've been thinking about for a while.