Renekton needs you!

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Renektons passive is mainly just an explanation, because the actual passive is hardly used in teamfights and in laning. I have a suggestion to make it more noticeable, defensively or offensively:


For each 3% of health missing, renektons regeneration and healing effects are increased by 1%.

The max amount to be reached would be when you have 3% health, healing for bonus 32% more, 47% with spirit visage, would make him a Lot more sustainable and when people commit to chasing him low on health, he could easily turn the tide.


Everytime Renekton hits an enemy champion with an Empowered skill (ability with 50 fury) He gains 2xlevel attack damage for 5 seconds, stacking twice. (if a empowered skill hits more than one champion, it still only gives one stack.

Early game he would start out having 12 more damage after skills, and would change his presence in lane making him stronger, but maybe increasing cooldowns, or some damage would put him back, this will truly shine on teamfights where he spams spells.
At level 18 it would give him 36 attack damage with one stack, I agree might be a lot, but he has to use 50 fury to get it, and it has to hit a champion, and stacking twice would give 72 attack damage total.

Of course, spells might seem strong, but Riot bould easily test them and balance them if they are OP.
I do scratch my head thinking of a Renektion with the defensive passive and a karma combo... would not want to be against them. At least karma will be used again right?

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The increased healing effect is VERY interesting, as it would make him more tanky in teamfights where she will be able to get more health of his Q. But don't forget that Q does make a cap of how much you can heal, so that would need to calculate that into it.
(Besides it is NOT worth it getting spirit visage for only the healing effect, I once made the calculation and it is very dissappointing, you get more health by buying a dorans blade and using the lifesteal)

The offense seems to be a bit too strong in lane, but giving Renekton some incentive to autoattack would help him a lot later in the game.

btw I added your thread to the Renekton appreciation thread in the general area