AFK/Disconnects in ranked

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I just had a game where someone was disconnected from the start. Never bought starting items, never reconnected, we ended up losing a 25 minute game (we didn't surrender at 20 for the hell of it).

Now I lose just as much elo for this game as I would have if we lost an actual game.

It's horrific.

You can say that we all report him, then AFTER-THE-FACT something will happen. It won't affect me directly, though, because chances are I will NEVER get that player in one of my games again. But I might get another.

And those who have played this game for awhile knows there is a huge afk/disconnect issue, especially in ranked. We all take advantage of it when it's to our favor. And when it's not, we have to sit there and try to try for 20 minutes, getting our faced rolled in.

Some suggestions: if a player does not connect, game ends before minion spawns, he losses more elo than he would if he just queue dodged (like, 10x more?) all of the rest of the players go home with no penalty.

This is especially needed in solo queue, when it's not like my friend will just not connect to the game hoping not to play versus the team composition or for the fact he didn't get a champion of his choice.

Too many games are we, the player, punished for something outside of our control. It's things like this that make so many players say we have not met our elo we think we play at (it's evident for many), i.e. without compulsion you are losing from afks, disconnects, intentional feeders, etc.

This is one of the easy ones to fix, though. Nobody should be punished for playing 4v5 right off the get go. I want to just leave the game but I worry I will be the one punished.

Many games have features like this... it's an inconvenience to the team who has all 5 players, and went through the entire character selection, but it could have happened to them.

If I get no response to this, it'll be utterly inane because I don't know how a problem like this can't be solved.
if(player != connectedfromstart) {
end game;
playerelo - 150;

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Any insight?