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Hey ezreal, i know you guys are already working on a support (thanks for answering my previous question) but i just wanted to give you some of my ideas for a support champ so that maybe the next one after will come to us faster or it could give you inspiration for the current one.

If you base yourself on what supports do, you can easily invent good abilities for them.
-Get gold without killing minions
-Place wards, have vision
-CC ennemies and sustain allies
-Have something useful for teamfights

So based on these here're my ideas for a kit:

Passive: While immobilized for 2 seconds or more, champion gains bonus gold/10 sec.
[This way he has a certain advantage for not moving in lane and in fountain, and enemies will be tempted to force him to move to reduce his income. The amount would be small, like 2 or 3 gold/10 sec. just enough to make a nice difference but not too low that it'd be better to just move. it's also not enough to buy a single potion by waiting the whole 1min30 before minions spawn.]

Q: Non-skillshot Non-scaling ability. A chain reaction stuns the targeted champion for 1.5 secs, dealing magic damage for 4/8/12/16/20 times its current level (360 max dmg for lvl5 skill + lvl18 champ). It then slows all surrounding champions in an AoE around the target by a % of the original target's Movement Speed for 2 secs and damages them the same amount taken on the original target as Pure damage.
[So this one is complicated. It's basically a scale-free skill that rewards you for targeting the enemy carry. The more fed the carry the more damage and slow the rest of the team take. Hard CC for early game and also an AoE slow and dmg skill late game.]

W: Places a visible ward on the ground, Max 1/2/3/4/5 at a time. The ward cannot be attacked and does not have HP. If an ally walks over the ward, it is healed by a flat amount and a small % of missing health, that same ally cannot be affected by this skill's effect within the next 20 seconds and the ward's lifespan is reduced by 20 secs. If an enemy, including minions, walks over the ward it is consumed and it slows and reveals that one enemy for 1.5 secs. Ward duration 150 secs.
[A pretty complicated ward. It's useful in both the sustained laning phase and teamfights in lategame. The effect CD make up for the multi-use of the same ward for it to be over time to a maximum use of 4 times in 60 secs before the ward dies, if you time it perfectly. It can also be used to ward like normal wards and have a small reveal and slow like teemo shrooms. A ward in your jungle can help your jungler when he passes by in early phases. It's a perfect retreat in a team fight since your 4 teammates can run through the same ward and all get healed, killing the ward in the process though due to the reduced lifespan per heal.]

E: Cleanses all CC and debuffs on yourself and dashes forward. Fixed CD and range increased per level.
[most likely would have high CD, like 50 secs, so that it couldn't be used twice in a teamfight, but used as either an initiate/chase or escape. The smaller range in the early levels would keep the move from being too good early game.]

R: Channeling Ultimate. Targets an area a short distance away. A wave strikes the area every second, dealing 3/4/5 % of max HP as magic damage and shredding 20/30/40 Armor and MR. Every consecutive wave deals an extra 1% damage and shreds 5 extra Armor and MR for a maximum of 5 stacks. 7 secs max channel time. Armor and MR loss lasts for 3 secs after being hit.
[To be clear, the dmg% stacks count as 5% first wave, then 6-7-8-9%. while the shred would count as a max shred like 40, then 45-50-55-60. So that if you stand in the 5 waves you get 40+5+5+5+5, but if you step in only on the 5th wave you will lose 60 in one blow. Now then, this skill gives the enemy a reason to CC you because if they let you channel too long they will suffer significant sustained dmg and shred, but doesn't take out the possibility of still activating it while knowing you get CC the next second because you will still get the Armor/MR shred for 3 secs. It can be used in combo with the Q skill.]

I know it's a little more complicated than the usual kit, but i think it can really define a balanced, true support champion.

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Based on the ward support:

passive: for each ward placed(by any champion), the champion's gold/10 sec increases(to a maximum of 3 gold/10sec, each ward increases gold amount by .25). also, each ward within his casted abilities increase its effectiveness.

Q: Have him place up to a few wards(up to 5/8?), his main ability of course. upgrading decreases cooldown and increases

W; Allow him to "activate" the wards, doing so could increase a stat (ie. Orianna's ball can inc. movement speed.), or hamper with opponents. However, to activate it, he must be close by. upgrading increases speed buff/debuff.

E: Summons swarm at a target location, giving a shield to allies or shredding opponent's armor/magic resist.

R; allows the player to teleport to any ward within range. each ward the player teleports to removes debuffs on ally champions within the ward (once every 2 seconds). long cd itself of course.

For a shielding/"hugging" champion:

Passive: when an ability is cast, the champion recieves one gold.

Q: AoE: the player fires a wired beam(similar to karma's), granting a shield to itself and its target. any opponents within the beam receive damage, and if long enough, suppresses. Shields casted increases movement speed if still up.

W: draws a glyph into the ground, delaying for an aoe meteor to fall onto the ground. when the object is summoned, the player and allies within recieves a shield(the meteor), increasing armor. opponents caught in the blast are stunned.

E: skill shot: every unit hit within the skill shot gain hp and magic resistance. can be fired up to 3 times before going to cooldown. if an ally is hit twice, they recieve a banshee veil like shield for 3 seconds. if an enemy is hit twice, magic resistance decreases by a certain amount.

R: The champion "hugs" a target, becoming invulnerable for a short time. if it is an ally, magic resistance and armor is increased. if it is an opponent, they are rooted(similar to maokai) for a short time. while the ability is active, the champion can "jump" to another target in range.

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ho Ezreal!

I have an idea concerning Ezreal's passive Rising Spell Force

If it were changed to: Hitting a target with any of Ezreal's abilities increases his attack speed by 10% and his ability power by [3*]% for 6 seconds (Max Stacks: 5).

Currently, all of Ezreal's abilities benefit him regardless of his build...

Mystic Shot: provides AP with early game harass and a Lich Bane proc at long range
Essence Flux: provides AD with a decent AS debuff late game
Arcane Shift: strong mobility regardless of build
Trueshot Barrage: heavy magic damage, and even scales off of bonus AD

... but his passive only benefits AP late game if he ever ends up with enough AP to deal heavy damage to a turret.

tl;dr - what are your thoughts on the idea for this change to Ezreal's passive

Rising Spell Force: Hitting a target with any of Ezreal's abilities increases his attack speed by 10% and his ability power by [3*]% for 6 seconds (Max Stacks: 5).

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All what everybody need is place for wards. At least for one ward.
At Twisted Treeline this will be really helpful.

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Mindus Dew

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Hey Ezreal,

I'm a computer science major at Capital University interested in pursuing game design post grad school and was wondering if you had any tips for getting into the industry? I've applied for many internships at well known companies, but currently my qualifications aren't the best, as I'm only a second year student and am not actually pursuing a degree in game design yet. I do plan to go to a more focused graduate school and move out west, which I'm sure will open doors, but I was wondering if you had any other pointers. Thanks!

TL:dr College guy who wants to make games. Tips?


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Replies to pages 431-441

Hey Guys, time for another round of @Ezreal Updates. Here comes another 10 pages worth of responses. Keep asking questions and I'll be more than happy to answer as many as I can!

Also, I always tweet whenever I finish a post in @Ezreal (Twitter: @RiotEzreal) (should be easier than sifting through this thread, oh, and does anyone know how I can look at the 'last' rioter post on a thread?).!/RiotEzreal

Originally Posted by SoapAndRinse View Post
how about a shield that charges up over a set ammount of time? and maybe has an additional effect... idk just a random ability i had a thought on
It's an interesting idea that I've been working around recently. Basically I wanted to create a 'refilling' shield, a shield which can restore itself upon taking damage but can never exceed it's initial value. Unfortunately it has some problems with it, however, I've come up with four variations on the ability.
1) Basic Ability: Small shield (200 at max), that fills up by 25% a second [so you want to burst it down].
2) Ultimate Ability: Large Shield (600 at max), that fills up by 15% a second [though this is pretty bland for an ult...].
3) Passive: Small shield that refills over time [too similar to Malphite / Mordekaiser].
4) Basic Ability: Medium Shield (250 at max), that grants moderate health regeneration per 5 [goes away from the refilling mechanic, but still incentivizes enemies to focus the shield lest it heals the target].

Originally Posted by Biribiri UC View Post
Hey Ezreal

I am a fan of Lux, however she doesn't deal as much damage as the other AP champs and as a support she is bad and her passive isnt good late game as it doesnt deal that much damage and with her being low health she shouldnt be that close to attack to use her passive.

Do you have any ideas for a Rework or buffs in mind?
Well, as an offensive support, she probably shouldn't do as much burst as Brand, or have as much support as Soraka. What she should have is the capability to do well in both categories, and thus bring an extra level of utility to the team. She also has much longer ranges than most other mages. As for her passive, it isn't supposed to just be free damage, that is where she needs to take a risk.

Originally Posted by Flana Scarlet View Post
Hey Ezreal!
I've got a few questions for a champion designer, if you have the time. First off, where do you draw inspiration for skill kits? Like, what all do you look into to find things, and how does it form together? Mythology, other games, literature, things like that, and how do you try and preserve the feeling of the original idea?

Second, how do you create multiple skills over a kit's life? Like if a champions Q and E changes one week, then the next it's a W remake, or whatever. How do you keep the skills separate? I'd love to know about this, I've always got a problem with designing skills in the TRPG I play where the "new" skill comes out too much like the old one for my taste. Would love to be able to just scrap a skill and look in a new direction for what to do with that spot.

Loved reading the thread, glad you keep it updated! ^^
1) We draw inspiration from all sources. In fact, a good mark for a designer is someone who is well read, well played, and well watched (tv, movies, anime, etc). For example, Riven came from a fighting game feel, while Ezreal might have a bit more of an anime undertone. It's also always fun to look at one of your favorite characters and figure out how to place their abilities into a game like LoL! The 'original idea' is more about staying true to form to whatever the final character is going to be. Just because we wanted to make a spartan didn't mean that we wanted to necessarily be true to history, we wanted to be true to the final character of Pantheon.

2) Good question, and it is a problem that plagues designers (new and old alike). We tend to come up with a solid paradigm the first time through (this character needs a shield). So when we decide that the effects on the shield don't fit, we might try different effects on the shield, or remove the shield and keep the effects. Sometimes you just need to pull yourself away from the topic and do a real retrospective on what you are trying to accomplish. That can often lead to scrapping abilities, which is NOT a bad thing. That's progress =-D. Sometimes we get it right on the first try, and sometimes we get it right on the hundredth try. Just keep your mind open to change, because the end product is the most important task at hand!

Originally Posted by AboIIa View Post
What do you intend to do about a slight error in grammar in your first post? "6) Recently I have been skipping a the posts that I often respond to."

Seriously though, will there be plans to include more situational champs? Since I believe that situational champs make players think about their and their enemy's team comp more, leading to more strategic gameplay based on the team as a whole rather than constantly picking X or banning X cause X is "OP, me no wanna face."
I hope to remember to do that after this post...

Yes and no (to the situational champions). We aren't looking at making purely situational champions because they lead to numerous problems. They are either overpowered in certain situations, or downright useless in others. However, we are trending towards a different path on the design team. We want to focus on stronger strengths and larger weaknesses on our future champions. Kog'Maw is a good example of this. If he is able to keep you at range then he will tear you apart. But if you can close in on him then he is finished.

Originally Posted by Awlsl View Post
Why hello Ezreal, first time asking a question

But Ive noted as of now, we have a Earth champion (Malphite) and a fire champion (Brand). Curious if there was ever an idea to finish it up and make a Water champion, or a Wind champion.

I think the concept would be nifty to have those elements in mind with some new champs
Well, we have a Wind element champion: Janna, though we don't have a wind elemental yet. Though I have to question whether we really need an elemental of sorts. I would rather see a cool variation on wind, like a Wind themed mythological beast.

As for water, we've all known that this is an element which is sorely underrepresented in the league. As such, we want to make sure that our first water mage is true to form and super cool. So we're taking our time on that one.

Originally Posted by Wanderer Iz View Post
I've got a few questions of my own! But befoe that thanks for your time to connec with the community. ALWAYS APPRECIATED!

1) what're some other crazy OP skills that were shot down immediately? I read about the Akali blink, wanna know if there're any others!

2) how do the designers decide what is fun for players, and how do you sort out your differences among your colleagues with different ideas of what is FUN - i.e. which direction a champion design should head in?

3) what do you do when you're not playing/designing LoL or replying to threads? beware that your answer will likely become an example for geeks everywhere, so be a role model! :P

Looking forward to your reply!
Thankya =-D.
1) Oh we've had more crazy abilities than you can imagine. Though my recent favorite crazy idea a global range skill shot that creates terrain in it's path.
2) At the end of the day all of the designers have different tastes for what is fun. But we can all agree on what is Anti Fun. As such, we're more willing to acquiesce to the other designers about crazier 'fun' abilities, while still keeping a close eye on 'anti fun' ones.
3) Play other games (currently playing Agricola, Batman Arkham City, and Kingdom Rush). Though the majority of my time is spent with close friends and my girlfriend, Mordekaiser (not kidding on her tag name btw) =-P.

Originally Posted by alilolibaws View Post
Hey Ezreal can u give us an update about the stealth rework because its been over a year since its been announced and what are the champions that are getting buffs/rework in the upcoming patches?
We deprioritized stealth to make way for what we thought were more fun, more impactful, and better for the game changes. Namely, we really wanted to redo the mastery trees and the updated jungle. Now that those major projects are out of the way, I'm sure you can guess what might be next in our lineup.

Originally Posted by Fierach View Post
Hi Ez. Will Master Yi's kit ever get reworked/changed/altered in the near future, so its not nearly as chaotic as it is now? Like some other champions, he's just not very competitive as a melee dps. I mean, even his apprentice Wukong can defeat him. Thats just not right
There are no plans for it now. Though I would like to see us remove the randomness from Alpha Strike, and simply make it do massive bonus damage to minions. That would help him have a more consistent game, get more gold, and snowball like we all know he wants to.

Originally Posted by Thryale View Post
Oh yeah, ez, when will riot get off of this tanky dps kick? It is really annoying how every other champ or so is tanky dps/just plain tanky. What happened to mages like Annie/veigar or carries like yi/tryn?

It is rather unfun when you can't kill a champ cuz they are too tanky, yet they still have the dmg output to kill you.

Another thing I'd like to ask is why is riot so afraid of long matches? For the past year riot has been making noticeable efforts to reduce the average game length. But i really dislike games that only go on for 20 minutes in SR. And with riots efforts, the possibilities of a solid turnaround are quickly vanishing.

Why is riot putting so much focus on the early game? To the point that if ppl don't have a good la ing phase they give up on any chance at winning? I'd like to see some more emphasis on mid and late game gameplay as well.

Well, I'm sure you've noticed the recent rush of mages coming out lately. We realized that our pipeline was full of fighters and started changing it up a few months ago. You'll see the results of these changes in the next few patches (as well as the last few).

We don't hate long matches, but we do like the ability to close out a one sided game quickly. Players want to be able to fit in more games at any given time, so we like keeping the game length at a manageable place (20-40 minutes) (or 14-24 for Dominion). As for turnarounds, I like to joke around that I'm a late game champion because my team usually starts off poorly but turn it around at the 25 minute mark.

Hmm, we are putting focus into the early game because we think it has become too stagnant. It has become a bit too safe, and that is less fun to play and to watch.

Originally Posted by Avalasion View Post
"Now on that note, I would love to hear your notes on TT if you have a couple of high level problems with it."

One of the biggest problems with TT is that the small jungle camps are random. That means that one game you get double golems and are able to gank right away, vs. another game where you get wolves and can't get to level 2.
Great point, I'll bring it up!

Originally Posted by LunarNall View Post
hey Ezreal! I just wanted to ask a few questions.

1) do you think there will ever be another melee carry (not tanky dps) in the future? When riven was announced, I thought she would be a melee carry like master yi and tryn.
2) how would a skill that prevents any beneficial effects on a target ( self cast or not) work on a support? would it be too op? too situational?
3) I wonder if this upcoming champ will have a christmas skin in a bundle
1) Yes =-D, we want more melee carries and fewer fighters.
2) Sounds annoying. Take for example grievous wounds, we put it at 50% (rather than 100%) because players who used heals would feel as if they entirely wasted their spells.

Originally Posted by Yami No Kokoro View Post
So Ezreal... Kinda new to LoL; I've only been playing for about a month and a half to two months. Finally made it to level 30 around a week ago, so I'm new to the ranked scene... XD Anyways, hope you don't mind if I ask a few questions!

1. Regarding Ezreal, I wanted to know, isn't around 8% of damage lost per enemy it passes through a bit too much? Wouldn't say 5 - 6% be a bit more reasonable? And also, (I love Ez, so it pains me to say this) while channeling for his ulti, Malzahar's (and maybe others, not sure) silence doesn't stop Ezreal from launching his Ult... is that supposed to happen? The silence still affects him, but the ult still launches and said silence has usually warn of by the end of his channeling. Next; Ez's W isn't THAT bad... but one thing that him that ruins him is his squishiness. Would a slight hp/armor buff be plausible?

2. Any recent news on the development of Nine Tales?

3. Last, this is revolving around Zilean. I don't really use him, like.. EVER (I'm more of a Ezreal/Shaco/Xin/Xerath guy) but, just a HUGE punch in the dark he, wouldn't it be epic if his ult, instead of reviving his fellow champion AFTER he dies, simply teleported his fellow champion back to the base once they reach critical health?

4. *EDIT* Do you prefer AD Ezreal or AP?

5. *EDIT, AGAIN LOL* Have you ever thought of making an advanced/legendary item's active a silence/stun/fear? I could imagine the price for said item, but we see any like that in the future? :3
1) We tried out lower numbers and it helped him farm too easily (it also was too painful with AP Ezreal when he opened with his ultimate in a team fight). As for the silence comment, silences don't interrupt abilities which are already being cast, they only stop new ones from starting.
2) She shipped =-P.
3) NOOOOOOO, that would be such a, excuse the phrase, but blue balling experience. Haha, we actually considered doing an effect like this in the past (inspired by the Onos special ability in the game Natural Selection). But it was just too painful to play against.
4) AD personally, though I would like to see Hybrid come back into style some day.
5) Probably not in basic SR, that is just too much power to add into the game. We added AP scaling to ensure that casters already had a great way to scale later in the game.

Originally Posted by Talon Silverwing View Post

Have you ever considered doing a "strafing" ability? It would allow the character to move and they would shoot wherever the mouse cursor is currently pointed for a certain amount of time.
Yep, and they've been pretty awesome, though they haven't fit on the kits that we've tried them out on. Expect to see one some day.

Originally Posted by DaFront View Post
Will the pulsefire ezreal skin have a better ingame model than the original?
YES, and it brings a tear to my eye =-D!!!

Originally Posted by 3v3ryone View Post
Hey Ez, is there any chance that we'll ever see more source of dmg? i.e fire, water, earth, wind and ofc similar resist.
Doubtful, differing damage types create too much of a barrier to entry. And it would be weird to conceptualize the difference between magic resist and fire resist. For example, would Annie's fire be mitigated by magic resist, fire resist, or both? If most players couldn't get it right on the first try then we probably shouldn't add it!

Originally Posted by DreamsOfGrandeur View Post
Hello, Ezreal.

2) The Support+Carry meta

Simple question this time: How's Riot doing on the whole project to dismantle the Support 0-CS meta?

I feel this lane-role lock is actually restricting more then just the support's enjoyment, but also team comp availability for tanks. Alistars currently, are forced to play support instead of true tanks, and champions like Amumu are often playing second-fiddle to Lee Sin.
I feel Tanks are losing their place in LoL, as they need farm almost as much as Carries, but lack a solid location to receive it ever since Bottom lane was reserved for Carries and the other three spots got dominated by Tanky DPS and Casters.
1) Sorry to cut off your Kog'Maw question but it was too long to answer. As an aside, if we changed anything up on Koggie I'd love to change his Caustic Spittle into a skill shot with much higher range (I think that would make everyone happier!).
2) While we haven't come up with a true solution, we've changed direction a bit to help assuage the problem. We want to increase the net risk in the bottom lane. We will do this by reducing the overall sustain in the bottom lane (minotaur heal cost, soraka heal amount), while also increasing the harass that these characters bring to lane (reduce minotaur's offensive spell costs, increase soraka's Infuse damage and attack frame). This still has to go through testing, but the basic idea is there.

Originally Posted by Thryale View Post
Double post, but this is worth it.

Woot! we have achieved 1,000,000 views!!! Congrats Ezreal! you have achieved one of your 2 goals!!!
Le woot!!!!

Originally Posted by Caporai View Post
Do you mind if I like to share some cool ability ideas to you Ezreal?

I like to suggest an ability that champ sends out an object to a location that can attach to target if they touch it. (similar as Fizz ult, but different.) If the object is out to a location or it got attached to enemy champ, the user can either blow it(by simply detonate it or let the timer run out) or use another spell that can teleport to that object.

It was just a suggestion but i hope that you designers can pull it out somehow because we love to see some unique mechanics in the game.
We are crafting an ability that is very similar to that, but is a bit cleaner. It's actually an ability that I originally wanted to put on Amumu.

Originally Posted by Caporai View Post
Its funny isn't it. how Ahri got her passive got the name of Nasus passive. and you created both of them
Yeaaa, I kinda had a derp moment on that one =-P.

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1) You were talking about a Wind Element representative, how about a Griffon(Gryphon/Griffin) as a mythological beast for that job? It's a creature that seems lacking from the league in the first place, and the first thing I think of when i think mythological creature and wind...

2) Can you shed anymore light on a third Egyptain themed character like Nasus and Renekton, specifically if it's going ahead, and if it's based on a particular egyptian god? (i.e. Horus)

3) Love your work, just sayin'

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one of the most insightful threads on the forum. bump for great justice.

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1,000,000 views thats nice ^___^

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164 of 320 Riot Posts

Replies to pages 441-445.

Hey Guys, time for another round of @Ezreal Updates. Here comes another 5 pages worth of responses. Keep asking questions and I'll be more than happy to answer as many as I can!

Also, I always tweet whenever I finish a post in @Ezreal (Twitter: @RiotEzreal) (should be easier than sifting through this thread, oh, and does anyone know how I can look at the 'last' rioter post on a thread?).!/RiotEzreal

Originally Posted by Maglad View Post

I actually like the new sivir. Good job! I will forever miss the old w, but thats just my love for originality speaking. It had to suffer a bit in order to make her more playable overall, so... cest la vie!

I just hope her w mana cost will get fixed soon. 40 is already too high, but the cost is actually 46, for some reason (tested it a LOT and yes, its 46 and not 40)

Does Rammus taunting Riven like that means we wont ever get her bunnygirl skin? if so, Im sad ;_;

When will we see a new Sona skin? will we see her xmas skin come out soon? I got 5k rp way back on octuber just so they could sit there waiting for that skin to come out!
Yea, I'll miss that old W as well, but the new one is pretty good. I'll also have the live team look into the mana cost bug. Oh, and I'm glad to say that we finally came out with a new Sona skin, I've been waiting for this one a long time!

Originally Posted by WerewolfTrey View Post
Why does everyone assume Viktor is the gravity champion because he has one gravity skill? Couldn't that one skill simply be leftovers from the Gravity Champ they were creating? I thought the Gravity champ was going to have a full gravity based kit? Did someone confirm that Viktor is supposed to be the gravity champ somewhere? Am I missing something, lol? Could I possibly ask more questions?

Anyways - on to my questions for Ezreal!

Ez - I believe different people work on game items than champs, but I still thought I'd ask - any plans to put in more AP/HP items? Perhaps just minor ones, like another Haunting Guise type item, or perhaps use Haunting Guise to build into another item? Seems like more champions are coming out that would enjoy AP/HP, but you really have to go Rod of Ages and Rylai's to make use of those two stats together.

Any ideas on this?

Also - Ezreal, I really do like the idea of stealth champs such as Twitch or Eve. So I'm obviously interested in the stealth rework and their upgraded kits - is there any chance we'll be seeing them before the new year? Or perhaps, soon after? I've been looking forward to it for a veeeery long time, now. I'd REALLY love any news on this.

You rock as always for taking the time to answer our questions. Thanks!
Ah, just to clarify, we put the gravity champion on hold awhile ago, though she might return some day. Suffice to say, Victor is not 'the' gravity mage. He has always been our Hexmage.

I could see another item coming out soon... Though I'm not sure which one we would want to do first. That being said, I think Dominion is in need of some extra caster itemization.

The stealth remake is still going on, we want to make it perfect, and it's not ready yet.

Originally Posted by Poki3 View Post
1) Ahri's Charm has... unpleasant interactions with Rylai's Crystal Scepter, slowing the enemy on top of the skill slow. is there any chance to make this skill an exception and not apply Rylai's?

2) Shaco box nests need to go. They're really unfun to play against and give Shaco an unfair advantage in the jungle during spawn. Heck, at the time I'm writing this he can setup boxes on red, and then go do blue. The boxes kill red for him.
I'm seriously thinking that they should apply a non-stacking 0,5 sec DoT, or channel a non-stacking DoT onto a single enemy, instead of just shooting damage.
Teemo shrooms can't stack. Why can the boxes? I read many posts by Rioters stating that they don't want to stack a minefield because it's unfun (usually in response to people wanting to stack mines like one of the Dota heroes.) Please lobby for some kind of change here. Thanks.
1) All of our slow nukes additionally slow with Rylai's.
2) We're looking into it.

Originally Posted by Prince Kassad View Post
Hey Ezreal, you're awesome! As an Akali main, I love assassins. That said, I got a question:

1: Ahri is the third champion billed as an "assassin" that has true damage. The first two were Vayne and Irelia. Why give true damage to assassins, since isn't their role to quickly take down the enemy squishies? (true damage is an anti-tank mechanic right?) Please let me know if what you think about assassins, since I am kind of confused about the whole class right now.

P.S. Vayne ended up being used as an anti-tank ranged carry, and Irelia is often considered the quintessential bruiser / tanky DPS. Doesn't that prove that true damage doesn't make for a good assassin champ?
(I might be reading too much into their kits, but thanks for listening at least!)
1) Hmmm, I'm actually pretty iffy on calling either Vayne or Irelia Assassins... They don't follow the Assassin paradigm at all. They don't burst, they don't have hard escapes (well, as good as other Assassins at least), and they accomplish different tasks. As for why Ahri has true damage. We originally tested out that ability dealing double damage on the return throw. However, it just made the initial throw feel underwhelming, especially if you only hit with it. So we opted with a softer touch that helped her scale into the late game...and it just kind of worked out!

Originally Posted by Dirge Farum View Post
Had I posted sooner when I opened the page I might of been able to just catch ya, lol. C'est la vie.

Anyways, to the question I had: Does Riot have any plans or wishes to make non-MOBA games based on either the League of Legends lore or a new original IP? Do you wish you could get the chance to work on something on the side other then just LoL? I always felt like a Campaign Mode to LoL would be fun.

Side Note: Are you worried that Cho'gath will become too OP when Pulsefire Ezreal comes out unless you manage to figure out the issue with blue robots exploding instantly when spikes hit them?
We have no announced plans about future games at this point. That being said, as a preference, I would like to build out the League of Legends IP. There is a lot of history in the game, and a lot of available options (I mean, just look at the void, it's just begging for an invasion!).

PS. Nice side note.

Originally Posted by Ciel toil View Post
Hey Ezreal,

1) What's your take on Yorick? I.E., his abilties?
2) Does Riot have plans to make more skins for less-used champions such as Orianna or Blitzcrank who only have two versus someone like Akali or Teemo who have a bunch?
3) I heard through the grapevine that there will be a rework on stealth characters(Evelynn and Twitch). Is there one planned, or is this just a rumour o.O?
4) Have you ever thought of the heal/damage ratio on Fiddlesticks's Drain a little too high or do you think it's balanced?

Thanks in advance,
1) I'm not a big fan of Yorick, I think he has one of the largest rates of Anti Fun on a champion. I think we need to hit his kit to make him less poke based.
2) We always want to add skins for all champions, some just get them more often than others. Also, some champions are more difficult to make skins for. For example, we want to add music to Sona skins, and there is a ton of extra work whenever we make Udyr skins (4x in fact!).
3) Still ongoing.
4) Hmmm, haven't seen him lately, so no comment.

Originally Posted by Erkv View Post
Hey ezreal

just one question. You guys come out with new champs so often that it feels like many get left behind. some have had the same gameplay and forever and its come to the point that we know exactly everything about them and its very unlikely that some older champs get changed at all, especially if theyre quite balanced. So why dont you add new items to the game?

I know it must be very hard to create a new item, considering how it will not affect only one champion, but potentially all of them, but that seems incentive enough to work through it. its nice that we get so many new champs so often, but because theyre all 6300 ip, it takes forever to get to experience this addition. sure we get to play against the new champs as theres always people that can buy them, but how much does it really change the game or move it forward? only as often as that champion shows up in the game.

However adding just one new item, while potentially taking a lot of work and time to balance, would add variety to the game for everyone, potentially every game. It could change the way people build one or more characters and give them more options.

While i probably know the answer, i was just wondering what your opinion is on why we dont get a new item every once in a while?
Well, I'm not sure if you can say that our older champions will remain unchanged. Our champions are constantly being updated. Teemo's shrooms went to the ammo system last year, and he got a move quick active. We've made various reworks of other champions such as Ryze as well.

You hit the item point on the nose, it takes a lot of work due to the shear amount of variables at play. That being said, we will continue adding items to the league, especially on alternate game modes such as Dominion. And you are entirely right that items add to the game experience more than any champion simply because they will be in every game.

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Hey Ez,

perhaps you've not read about it, which is why I'm posting it here, but there seems to be some issue with Ahri's Q's true damage portion, as in it doesn't deal the intended damage.

Keep seeing threads about it, so I thought I should post something in here, just in case nobody has yet.

Example of said thread:
(only one I have open in a tab right now, but it about sums it up)

In short, it seems like it works fine until a certain point, where afterwards the true damage seems to be decreased to some lower amount (speculations being the bonus AP the ability get, but I haven't done much testing to take any bets).

Thanks for your time!
Hmm, that's not actually a bug on Ahri. Ahri's return shot deals true damage, and true damage doesn't get the benefit of some masteries (I believe Havok). So if you ever have enough Magic Penetration to 0 out the target (effectively making the initial shot act akin to true damage), then the bonus from Havok will cause the first shot to deal more damage than the later. This is fairly edge case and has a very minor effect in the game, especially vs champions.

Originally Posted by Sleiphnir View Post
Hey Ezreal,

you said that youre not satisfied with the 0cs support bottom. I have two suggestion for this.
1) Make another support jungler like nunu.
2) Make a support which scales incredibly well with levels and items. Something along the line of riven, Ryze, Tryndamere late game power. Give him a low duration shield wich scales with every successful use. ( maybe 5 more shield strength, everytime the shield blocks dmg higher than 10% of the champions max health, making it useless to farm it up against minions)

high five for you are a godly champ designer

edit: also another good idea for a scaling support would be an ultimate that scales with his stats.
e.g. After a 1 second channel all enemy champions in an area around the caster have their armor,mr,ad,ap reduced by 20%( subject to change) of the casters armor, mr, ad and ap and all allied champion stats have their stats increased by that amount( 20% of the casters stats).
The support would be a late game champion which gets better with items and levels.
While I like your points, making new champions won't solve the current 0 CS meta. It couldn't unless those champions are present in every game, which would be far worse than what it currently is. We have plans to assuage this meta, but it'll take more time to figure out how to hit it harder.

That later ability is interesting, I wonder how it would play. Let me think on it a bit longer.

Originally Posted by Rezyk View Post
What is the purpose of organizing champions into roles (tank, fighter, assassin, etc)?

Are there plans to develop the design of roles deeper or differently than before?

To give some more context behind my questions -- I often like how Riot approaches things, but find it strange how underdeveloped role design seems to be, especially when it comes to champions that end up needing remakes. I'd like to know if I'm missing something, or if it's worthwhile to make arguments about where it is lacking.
Assigning roles is for the player. It helps them identify what role they like to play, and thus which champions they would enjoy the most. It also helps in champion select in making sure that your team has a bit of everything.

While we have no plans to change the roles, we do want to refine their weaknesses. Namely, we want newer champions to have bigger weaknesses in line with greater strengths. Go go more counter play!

Originally Posted by RCIX View Post
Wanted to toss out an idea for an innate passive:

When Rico uses 2 abilities in quick succession, the first ability's remaining cooldown is reduced to 0.5 seconds and cast costs are increased by 10% for 4 seconds (maximum 3 stacks).

(I use Rico in all my champion/skill concepts until I decide a name for the champ it's going on )

Any thoughts?

PS: love Ahri and Nasus, and while i haven't unlocked him yet, Ezreal looks like a really fun champ!
That's an interested idea that we tried, and eventually shot down. We wanted to use it on Xerath, to give his kit a mana dependency that ramped up his power. However, testing showed that this required too much mental math. And gameplay which led to oom'ing on all of your abilities was fairly annoying.

Originally Posted by Ayy Lash View Post
Why did Riot take out Dance walking?!?!?!!?
Because it looked buggy =-P.

Originally Posted by H4tersG0nn4H4te View Post

I'm a competitive SR player from EUW, but also play Twisted Treeline a lot (currently elo 1600). TT is a lot of fun, but it has a few very serious problems I want to list here.

Turtling: Even if you are like 15 kills behind and the enemy got no lategame champ like trynda, you can just chill in your base and farm for 20 min until you are equal again and win the game, which is a serious problem imo. I don't know how to solve this problem, mb change position of towers/nexus or nerf the healing power of the nexus.

Jungle: Honestly, twisted treeline jungle just sucks. There is nothing I like about it. Way too strong camps with way too much dmg in early lvls. Without a pull most junglers (expect udyr and noct mb) already die at the second little camp. The respawn times and with them gold and exp reward are also pretty low. I'd like to see some adjustments to the 5 vs 5 jungle here, such as banking system, way weaker camps, etc.
Another thing I dislike about the jungle is the dragon. You can kill him in a few seconds, but his dmg is just crazy. Buffs have exactly the same problem. Nerf the dmg hard but make them way tankier.
Not jungling at all while raping one of the enemies sololanes 1 vs 2 (with smite ofc) feels also more rewarding than jungling, since you can take the sololaner totally out of game (denying is way to easy). As a result, the sololaner is totally underlvled --> ganking is suicide.

I've also read some concerns about champion balance, but imo it's not a problem right now. I mean, you can't expect TT to be as well balanced as SR, and there are also not many crazy op champions such like trynda. TT is more about counterpicking and banning anyway.

TL;DR: Rework jungle (shorter respawn timers, adjust gold exp rewards, less dmg but tankier); nerf turtling while keeping team comps focusing on early ownage like Garen, Renekton, Brand under control.

I'd really like to read some feedback

I generally agree with all of your points, we'll have to look into all of them in order to make TT as fun as it deserves to be.

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Hey ezreal I really love your champ design. Ezreal and ahri are my two favorite champions but anyway my question is what are the plans for ahri. Will she be receiving any changes next patch?
Ahri is becoming a must ban champion, so she might get a few more nerfs. Only time will tell.